Wednesday 30 March 2011

Project 10 Pan - 6 and 7 Down :)

Well it's official I really am on the final few legs of Project 10 Pan over the last couple of days I have finished not one but two make up items :)

First up one that has been there or there abouts for a little while now a little 28g jar of Laura Geller Spackle Under Make Up Primer

I have to say I have loved this primer - it's not greasy or siliconey and has a lovely cool gel/cream texture - My skin really liked this primer, it made my foundation last, without feeling greasy, or heavy and it didn't any breakouts

The tub I've finished here came in a QVC TSV it normally comes in a pump action dispenser. I think this is something I will definitely repurchase when I have used up my pile of primers :)

Next up item number 7, and surprisingly enough another Laura Geller product, my third of P10P so far. A 10.50g compact of Laura Geller Invisible Oil Blotting Powder

This was a product that I had always wanted to try but I never got round to it, that was until I chanced upon one of Cosmetic Candy's spectacular blog sales. I saw and as well as several other things I snapped it up. I have to say I love it it's really is invisible it actually looks white in the compact but once you've put it on your skin you really can't see it and it totally takes the shine away.  I didn't expect to finish this as quickly as what I did but I've used it pretty much every day, on its own and over make especially on my t-zone. It's another definite repurchase from the Laura Geller brand that is exclusive to QVC in the UK, that when I have used up the rest of my face powders lol

So I only have 3 items left to finish and I am feeling super confident that I am going to do it :) Next up maybe a foundation or a lip product, and I have a mascara that's on its way out so who knows. Thanks again for all your support and I'll keep you posted x


  1. Wow, you have used up a powder! I don<t think I have ever used up any powder makeup item LOL

  2. LOL Yeah they certainly take some finishing but I have used that one a lot - I really liked it - shame I can't repurchase till I've used up everything I've got


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