Saturday 30 April 2016

Trimming My Stash - April 2016 Edition - Empties And Mini Reviews

Hey Guys x Happy Saturday x I hope you're all having a lovely weekend despite the rather changeable weather. It doesn't seem as though it can make it's mind up at the moment, one minute the sun is shining and the next minute it snowing - oh please can we have some decent weather for once! Probably because of the drunken weather I'm full of cold again, and my voice today resembles someone who has been inhaling helium - squeaky! I had planned to record a couple of videos this weekend but I'm going to have wait until I can talk properly, so instead of the haul post and video I had planned I thought I'd get my April empties post of nice and early.

It's hard to believe that it's the first of May tomorrow, but do you know what I'm not complaining, May is one of my favourite months of the year because it's my birthday month. I have to say that I'm not really looking forward to my birthday this year but it's always a chance to indulge in some new beauty products, so it important to start making a bit of room in my cupboards and in my drawers x

Sukin Micellar Cleansing Water - 250ml
Make Up Gallery Well Polished Cuticle Oil -10ml
Benecos Natural Nail Care Pen - 2ml
AVON Mrs Frosty Spiced Cranberry & Orange Bubble Bath - 250ml
Bumble And Bumble Bb Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Sulfate Free Shampoo - 60ml
Benefit Bathina Touch Me Then Try To Leave...Cream - 140ml
Lush Santa's Belly Shower Jelly - 100g
Rituals Fortune Scrub Sweet Orange And Cedar Invigorating Body Scrub - 70ml
Molton Brown Eucalyptus Body Wash - 30ml
Total - 9 Items

I managed to finish 9 beauty products in April, including a sneaky one today to make April my best month so far. Again no make up but I managed to finish a skin product and lots of long standing body products including a few Christmas things.

1. Sukin Micellar Cleansing Water - 250ml

I finished this one today so it's a very late addition to April's Trimming My Stash list. I love my micellar waters especially when I'm in a rush or if I'm not feeling too well, so this one has been a godsend over the last month or so. This was a product that I chose for one of my regular My Pure reviews x I like it but to be honest my eyes don't, so personally I wouldn't go out and buy this one - it's a shame really as it's a decently priced, nasty and cruelty free product. You can read a full review here x

2. Make Up Gallery Well Polished Cuticle Oil -10ml

This is the first of two cuticle care product on this months list which probably tells you that my hands and nails are in a bit of a state at the moment. This one is from the Make Up Gallery range at Poundland, so believe it or not it was just £1 ;) For the price it's not too bad,it doesn't have any real scent and it contains Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil. It's not the most hydrating oil I've ever used but it's a nice cheap product, that you don't feel guilty for using liberally. I've got a few other cuticle products to use up but I've already bought another bottle.

3. Benecos Natural Nail Care Pen - 2ml

Another cuticle product and another product from My Pure. You can read a full review of this pen here. Given the dispenser and the texture of the product I think this is a great product for holidays and for your handbag but for me it just didn't seem to last that long for the price which was a shame

4. AVON Mrs Frosty Spiced Cranberry & Orange Bubble Bath - 250ml

Five products in and we've hit a Christmas product. This was actually a bubble bath that I got the Christmas before last. It was put away to be brought out at Christmas but what happened? Well the wet room happened didn't it, no bath and no more bubble baths. I'm trying to get stuff used up though so I pulled this out and I've been using it as a very bubbly shower gel. It had a slightly citrus, tart scent, and whilst the packaging looked very Christmassy, you could easily use it all year round. If you interested in trying this or picking up some very early Christmas pressies I have seen this in a recent AVON sale brochure x

5. Bumble And Bumble Bb Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Sulfate Free Shampoo - 60ml

I was originally given a bottle of this in a kit from the lovely people at Bumble And Bumble, and I have to say I liked it so much that I went out and bought another bottle. It was a lovely, gentle conditioning shampoo that gave the hair a temporary plumping effect. I have quite a few shampoos to use before I consider buying anything but this is something I would definitely consider repurchasing despite the scary £23 price tag for the full size x

6. Benefit Bathina Touch Me Then Try To Leave...Cream - 140ml

This one product probably shows why I need to do something like Trimming My Stash. Benefit Bathina Touch Me Then Try To Leave...Cream has been discontinued for many, many years now, yet I still had a open pot and rather scarily a sealed, unused one (now opened ;). The thing is this one wasn't a full tub in fact there was only about 2 tablespoons left so needless to say when I rediscovered it I used it up pretty quick. This is so typical of me I use a product for a little while, then I move onto something else so I end up having loads of half finished products that I just seem to forget about - slaps wrists - I really need to start using things up when I open them! Anyways this was a lovely, rich body cream, that was delicately perfumed with Benefit's Maybe Baby floral fragrance. Long gone as I say but this Benefit Maybe Baby, Baby Be Mine set contains various products with the Maybe Baby scent including a body cream, which I suspect will be similar to this one x

7. Lush Santa's Belly Shower Jelly - 100g

Another Christmas product and one that I'm pretty sad to have finished. I loved the smell of this, apples, red wine and spices, yummy. The showers jelly are a bit of a pain to use at first but once you get the hang of them, they're really good fun to use. Resembling jelly, I find the best way to use them is to squish a lump, into a shower puff or shower scrunchie, hold it tight and then rub it over your body to produce a lovely creamy, sweet smelling foam. If you gave me a choice between shower smoothies, and the shower jellies, the jellies would win hands down and I have my fingers firmly crossed that Santa's Belly returns this Christmas.

8. Rituals Fortune Scrub Sweet Orange And Cedar Invigorating Body Scrub - 70ml

As you know I love my body scrubs and this one from Rituals appeared in one of many beauty boxes quite a while ago now. Thanks to some beauty boxes and some blog events I've been lucky enough to accumulate quite a few Rituals products now and whilst this isn't my favourite fragrance this was a pretty decent scrub and I'll be happy to use up the full sized one that I have in my scrub drawer. Add water to this gel based salt scrub, and it transforms into a lovely, pleasantly gritty exfoliating scrub, with a unisex, woody citrus scent.

9. Molton Brown Eucalyptus Body Wash - 30ml

Again thanks to blog events and goodie bags, I seem to have acquired a lot of mini bottles from British brand Molton Brown. Many years ago I was a regular Molton Brown customer but with changes in ownership and their temporary disappearance from QVC, I moved on to other brands. This product though has been and will be one of my most regular Molton Brown purchases. This is a travel size but even at £18 for the full 300ml size it's well worth it. It's not like showering with Olbas Oil or Vicks Vapour Rub instead it has a pleasant yet not overpowering  eucalyptus based herbal scent. It's a must have if you're feeling hot and bothered or a real essential if like me at the moment you're full of cold and feeling all yucky and congested.

So they were my April empties x Lots of bath and shower products but I did manage to get rid of a lot of long established and never ending products. Plans for May? well pretty much more of the same - I'm aiming for some more skincare products, and a few travel sizes, and maybe some hair things. Again I'm probably going to be holding off on the make up thing because Project 10 Pan is gonna happen probably from June onwards so I'll keep you posted  x If you've produced a recent empties post or video then link me up below x If you have any questions then leave me a comment and I'll get back to you x

Friday 29 April 2016

Benecos Rouge Brush - A Review For My Pure*

When I first started out in make up I didn't give two hoots about what I applied it with, rubbishy sponge applicators, scratchy brushes and even cotton buds, I used anything I could to get as much product on my face as possible.

I can't imagine what I must have look like but what I didn't realise then though was the importance of a good make up brush. You can buy the most expensive and best make up products in the world but if you apply them with a bad brush then you're probably wasting your money.

Make up brushes come at all different price points, but what I've come to realise over the years is that a cheaper brush doesn't always mean a bad brush. I've bought brushes for a couple of pounds that I love and brushes that cost well into double figures that I can't stand. Buying make brushes is a minefield, you can't always tell how good something is just by looking at it, so sometimes you just need to take the risk and buy it anyway.

For one of this month's My Pure review I decided to give you guys a little bit of hand when it comes to brush shopping and review a brush from one of their newer brands Benecos. I've already talked about Benecos in a couple of my previous My Pure posts but just in case you're new to the brand, they are a BDIH certified German company, who produce a wide range of purse friendly cosmetics and toiletries, that are cruelty free and contain predominantly natural and organic ingredients, and no nasty chemicals.

My Pure have a few make up brushes from Benecos in their inventory but the one I decided to try was the Benecos Rouge Brush.

Unlike a lot of brushes on the market you don't get any unnecessary packaging with this one, it comes wrapped in plain cellophane to cut down on both costs and waste. This brush features a silver, tone, recycled aluminium ferrule and comes with a short, slightly ribbed bamboo handle. The textured handle means that it's easy to grip, and the shorter handle is specifically designed for controlled, easy application. The handle of the brush is also embossed with the Benecos logo.

Instead of having a flat or a domed brush head, this one is slanted, and is designed specifically to apply  a powder blusher  perfectly on the apples of the cheeks. Given the asymmetric shape though you could also use the brush to apply either a  bronzer or highlighter to create that perfect contour.

This two tone brush, is made from a high quality, densely packed synthetic fibre, so this brush is suitable for vegans and it's completely cruelty free. The brush is very soft and silky so it would perfect if you have sensitive or reactive skin. Whilst it feels it feels very soft at the same time, the hairs are quite dense so it picks  product up well, and it's makes blending and application effortless.

I've been using this brush mainly with blusher and I've been impressed with how well it's performed I haven't lost a single hair during application, and it was very easy to wash again with no shedding.

I'm a bit of brush obsessive and I've tried quite a few of the brands that are  out there, and I have to say that by far this is one of the nicest slanted, cheek brushes that I've ever used. I literally cannot find a fault with it. The price point is competitive, it does exactly what it should, it feels nice on the skin, it's well made, and it's cruelty free. The Benecos Rouge Brush retails at £8.95 from My Pure.

I'm definitely going to be trying out a few more products from Benecos in the weeks and months to come, and the other brushes are definitely at the top of my list. In the meantime I have another Benecos review going up over the weekend, I wonder what it could be? Maybe the photo below will give you a clue ;)

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please leave me your musings below I'd love to hear your thoughts x


Sunday 24 April 2016

A Review And Demonstration Of Lush Henna - Marron

If you're anything like me than you'll be all too familiar with that tingling feeling on your scalp and the lovely nose clearing scent of ammonia, what am I talking about? hair dye of course. Ever since I was at senior school I've dabbled with hair dye - whilst I would never class myself as a true chameleon like say Linda Evangelista or Kylie Jenner, I have been pretty experimental with my hair colour over the years.

From the very early day when I dabbled with colour mousse in the shade Chilli to a disastrous year or so that I call my Sun In period, to proper salon dye jobs, my hair colouring journey has been an interesting but not always successful ride.

I think the main reason that I started colouring my hair was boredom, my own natural mousy brown shade isn't the most exciting colour that you'll ever see, and my experiments with red shades, and dark mahogany browns gave my hair the depth and richness that it naturally lacks. Nowadays I colour my hair to hide the greys, or should I say silvers in my case. For a few years blonde highlights did their thing, the silvery strands blended in nicely with the blonde and you could barely distinguish the two. All that bleach isn't good for your hair though, and when my hair started to thin and fall out I knew I needed a better, kinder solution.

After a bit of deliberation I decided to have a go at something I'd used sporadically during my university and college years, - Henna. You've all probably heard of Henna tattoos but people have been using this natural plant extract to colour their skin and hair since ancient times. You can buy a lot of liquids that include Henna but if you want the real deal, you going to have to get messy.

The first Henna product that I ever bought was from The Body Shop, it was a powder that you mixed with water and it was super easy to use but like a lot of their original products, it was discontinued. I tried a few different ones from various health food stores but the best alternative for me came from Lush. So late last year when I fancied trying Henna again this was my brand of choice.

Unlike a lot of the Henna products that are available on the high street, you aren't just limited to that traditional red shade, Lush produce a range of 4 different colours depending on what shade you want to achieve. Rouge, is the traditional red Henna colour, Brun is a beautiful brunette shade, Noir is for those who want a very dark or black shade and Marron, gives the hair a beautiful chestnut sheen.

I've used Rouge in the past but this time round I went for Marron, to give my hair a richer, autumnal tone. Normally Henna colours just contains Henna, but Lush take it a step further and to create different shades they use a wide variety of herbal and plant ingredients, as well as ingredients to condition and care for the hair and scalp. As well as the finest quality Persian Red Henna, Marron also contains cocoa butter, organic lemon juice, ground coffee, Irish moss powder, a herb called Indigo, sea salt, and clove bud oil to give it a spicy scent.

The majority of Henna products on the market either come in a liquid or a powder form but this offering from Lush is quite different. When I first saw it, I have to say that I thought it was some sort of exfoliating soap. It comes in a solid, brick like shape, that seems to be full of green leaves, and twigs but you have to trust them and me, that this is indeed a hair colourant. You can pick up an instruction leaflet in store and your friendly Lush staff will usually give you some plastic gloves, which to be honest you really need!

So how do you use it? Well first of all you need to prepare yourself and your surroundings. protect the floor you're standing on, wear old clothes, wear rubber or plastic gloves, and spread moisturiser or cleansing balm, around your ears and your hair line to avoid staining. I would also advise that you have a comb or tinting brush, a damp cloth, some cling film, a shower cap and / or some carrier bags at the ready. If you can do I would also rope in a helper, although it's possible to do it on your own, it's easier to get some one else to apply it for you - cheers Mummy Lou x

The first thing you need to do is prepare the Henna, every block is divided into 6, and how many blocks you use depends on the thickness and length of your hair, when I took these pictures back in December my hair was pretty long, so I used the whole block. What you need to do is break up the blocks into s, this isn't the easiest thing to do as it's quite hard, so you can either use a knife or even a hammer or you could even grate it or put it in the food processor. Don't worry if you pieces are still quite large they will still melt down.

Then put your broken up Henna into a large mixing bowl, and add enough boiling water to cover the henna, then pop your bowl over a pan of boiling water to keep it warm. Keep stirring it to break it up, adding more water as you need it and gradually the cocoa butter will melt and your henna will reach the consistency of slightly gritty, leafy melted chocolate. Check the temperature isn't too hot and then it's time to get messy.

Basically what you want is to do is get the henna mixture all over your hair - so section your hair out, and apply it section via section, massaging it in to your hair. It will drip, it will run, and lumps might fall off but just do your best to get it on your hair. If it feels as though it's drying out add a bit more water, and use your gloves to massage it in to your hair, using your damp cloth to mop up drips as you go.

When your done, you have two options if you want you hair to have darker tones leave it uncovered and if like me you want some red tones, cover it up - here I used a shower cap, and a couple of carrier bags but you can use cling film, bin liners or anything you like.

Then all you do is leave it for between 1 and 3 hours depending on how rich you want your colour to be  Cover your shoulders, your body, and anywhere that your going to sit or stand because as you head starts to get hotter it will start to run and drip.

When your times up, the hard work begins you need to wash, and rinse all of this powdery, leafy, gritty substance out of your hair. It takes time, but you need to get it all out, just sit in the shower and have patience, work your hands through your hair and gradually the water will start to run clear, and your hair won't feel as gritty. Then all you need to do is wash your hair like you normally would and rinse out the shower!!

The initial colour will be apparent pretty much straight away but the colour will continue to develop over the next day or so. Whilst the final colour isn't visible straight away the condition and gloss to your hair is almost instantaneous. As well as the obvious colour change this stuff leaves my hair looks super shiny and healthy, and with a spicy, aromatherapy scent



As well as the colour difference I hope you can see just how shiny and healthy this product has left my hair. It feels super soft, and the gloss speaks for itself. The colour seems to have taken more on the lighter parts of my hair but that is only to be expected, and I love the multi tonal look.

You can use this product on pretty much any hair colour, but the lighter the hair the more vibrant the result. Lush advise that you do a strand test to make sure your going to like the colour because once it's done your stuck with it. You can't bleach it out, Henna either fades or grows out over time , but you can alter it by applying different shades of Henna on top. These pictures were taken just before Christmas and I'm just starting to think that my colour needs a top up but this time I think I'm going to go all out red and go for Rouge!

I'm not going to lie, real Henna like this is messy, it looks like horse manure, it's messy to apply, it takes a while to work, and washing it out is a seemingly never ending process, but for me it's well worth it. I love the colour tones that  it produces, and if your hair isn't in the best of condition like mine, Lush Henna leaves your hair looking and feeling shiny and healthy, and smelling fabulous. It isn't for everyone but if you want to add some red or deep autumnal tones to your hair, and you want to avoid things like ammonia and peroxide, get yourself down to Lush and give this a go. Lush Hair Colours come in 4 shades, and retail at £9.75 for a 325g block x Have you tried Lush Henna before? Let me know your thoughts x

Sunday 17 April 2016

A Collective Beauty Haul - Video

Hi Guys x I don't do this very often but today I've got a pretty epic haul video for you x I meant to do a proper haul post but since I want to review a couple of the items in this video I thought that this might be the best way to proceed x If you can't see the video below you can watch it via this link.

Well done if you watched it and made it to the end - I salute your perseverance but if you didn't watch it (shame on you lol) don't worry as I'll reviewing some of the products in it on my blog. Obviously I've already spoke about Benefit Dew The Hoola in a previous post so I won't be reviewing it again, but I will be reviewing the Benefit Porefessional Instant Wipe Off Masks, and the Rimmel Sculpting Powder at some point for you, and I'll also be showing the nail polishes in some up and coming nails of the day posts x

Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe to my You Tube channel and of course don't forget to follow my blog x

Saturday 16 April 2016

intu Metrocentre #intuStyleGarden Event - A Sensory Explosion

Since it first opened in 1986, intu Metrocentre has become one of my favourite place to shop in the North East. Yes I remember the old days the lack of a bus station, Carrefour, amazing ice creams from The Cornish Candy Shop. and of course who could forget the yellow teapot play area, well I was only 8 were the centre opened!

The place has pretty much grown with me and I for one am delighted to have such a fabulous place to shop, eat, and relax right here on my doorstep. When I started to blog all those years ago I never in a million years dreamed that I'd end up working with intu Metro Centre, blogging has brought me so many fantastic opportunities and for that I'm eternally grateful.

I've been invited to a few intu Metrocentre events now but I have to say the one I went to last night was definitely one of the best. The intu Style Garden is an event that is running throughout the intu chain, so whether you're in Newcastle, Stoke or the West Midlands, over the next day or so, you can pop in and find out more about some of they key Spring, and Summer fashion trends.

When I received my invitation to the VIB (Very Important Bloggers) exclusive Style Garden event I expected to see a traditional catwalk show, but I couldn't have been more wrong. Instead of the familiar runway we were greeted with what resembled an art installation - it was almost as if an exhibit from the Chelsea Flower Show had been planted in the middle of the centre outside House Of Fraser.

With faux turf, metal patio tables, white picket fences, and floral displays, a green hedge like construction displayed mannequins showing off some of the key Spring and Summer fashion looks, for men, women and children, as well TV screens which showed experts talking about some of the key trends and must haves.

I love the way that intu Metro Centre embraces the whole blogging community and yet again we weren't disappointed, greeted by Bellini's, mini bottles of Prosecco, and mocktails all garnished with faux flowers, and food samples courtesy of Bella Italia, this really was an event that brought your senses to life.

Unlike previous events that have been very fashion focused, that one really focused on how to look beautiful from top to toe. Instead of a full catwalk show we we're treated to a talk from intu Metro Centre stylist Michaela Dale, who showed us some of her picks for Spring Summer 2016.

We were also treated to a mini fashion show from two beautiful models showcasing some particular trends - stripes,

and formal wear featuring monochrome, brights, lace, and laser work.

I particularly love the monochrome culotte outfit, and the lovely Michael Kors handbags - swoon - there were also some beautiful pieces on the rails, including a striped dress from Oasis - that would have my name on it if I could lose a bit more weight.

After that visual explosion we were given the chance to explore some of our other senses, mainly scent and touch by exploring some of the centre's, and in particular House Of Fraser's best beauty brands, including designer hair care brand Show,

I'm going to be talking a bit more about this brand in a future post, but they take hair products to another more luxurious level, and if you need a quick blow dry, this is the place in the centre to go, even if it's only to smell the beautiful fine fragrances, that they use in the products.

Speaking of beautiful fragrances another brand that we had the opportunity to talk to, was French brand Decleor, who are noted for their use of essential oils in both their body and skincare treatments, There was also an opportunity to talk and try products from a real problem solving skincare brand Murad, and luxury, high end skincare brand Creme De La Mer.

Another skincare brand that  was represented was Kiehls, now this is a brand that I wanted to find out more about, so I had a nice chat with representative, as well as a mini skin care analysis which confirmed what I guess I already knew, I have oily skin in some places and normal to oily skin in others. We were given the opportunity to book in for a bespoke complimentary facial so I can't wait to see what products they recommend. I'm also going to book a complimentary facial with another brand that I talked to Clarins who were demonstrating their new skincare Boosters.

There was one skincare brand though that I gravitated towards as soon as I saw it, Liz Earle. I've used Liz Earle on and off for the longest time, and to be honest I could have probably put on a uniform and promoted the products myself. I didn't know it all though and I was given the chance to try the new Superskin Eye Cream . I'm a bit scared of eye creams, but this was a really light weight, yet nourishing cream that absorbed really well into my skin even over make up. As well as their skincare they were also showcasing some of their perfumes and I'm love with No.100, which was designed to celebrate the centenary of the Chelsea Flower Show, perfect for the Style Garden theme. The ladies on the stand came from the Liz Earle counter in Boots and I have to say they were lovely and so enthusiastic about their products and the brand, and I was delighted when they gave a little goodie bag containing a travel size of my favourite Cleanse & Polish.

It wasn't all about skincare though, there were several opportunities to add a little bit of colour into your life, Nails Inc were offering demonstrations of their Paint Can polishes and Giorgio Armani were promoting some of their latest make up products. Given the price point Armani is one of the brands that I guess that a lot of people only aspire too, but after experiencing some of their products I can easily see why the brand is so popular. Their make up artists talked a little bit about some of the newest products before colour matching me to my ideal foundation, and then one of the lovely ladies then applied the Giorgio Armani Maestro UV Skin Defence Primer SPF 50 PA++  to my face, before applying the Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Smoothing Firming Foundation in 05, before she finished the look with the beautiful Giorgio Armani The Sepia Palette, a combined bronzer and highlighter compact.  Alas I didn't manage to get a picture but I'm completely in love with the foundation, the application was effortless, and it really evened out my skin tone, and left my face feeling silky soft.

I know this post has gone on a little bit but it's so hard to put into words the full sensory experience that I had at last nights event, every sense, from taste to sight, and smell, was enhanced and explored exactly the way that intu Metrocente had intended. On leaving the event we given a lovely bunch of flowers courtesy of The Rebel Flower Company, and a huge goodie bag courtesy of intu Metro Centre and House Of Fraser, that contained lots of lovely beauty products to continue the sensory experience at home.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to intu Metrocentre for inviting me and for hosting the event, and I'd also like to thank all of the other companies and brands that took part. If you're heading to intu Metro Centre tomorrow you've still get time to catch the intu Style Garden event, and to see some fashion presentations from brands including Warehouse, Oasis, Boux Avenue, Yours Clothing and Bonmarche. Were your senses tickled by this post? Let me know x

Wednesday 13 April 2016

Primark Haul - April 2016 Edition - A Little Bit Of Everything

Hi Guys x I hope you've had a lovely week so far, in between computer problems and vet visits on Monday I managed a little trip to the Metro Centre x I didn't buy an awful lot but I did pick up a few odds and ends from Primark.

Apart from a couple of bits of underwear I only bought one clothing item. As I said in a previous post I'm not really planning on buying a lot of summer clothes this year, instead I'm trying to just buy odds and ends that I can wear no matter what the season.

That said though this ivory, sleeveless blouse that I picked up would be perfect for a warm, summer day. It's a touch sheer so I would probably wear a toning vest with it but I think it cute and it will look nice with leggings or skinny jeans. I picked up this blouse from a sale rack it was reduced from £8 to just £3 - bargain!

So that was it for clothing - I tried a few pairs of shoes on but even the size 7's were huge (I normally take an 8) so I gave up and headed to the jewellery section.

The first thing that I got was this stunning statement necklace. With a bronze tone base it's covered in purple, grey and blue faux crystals, shiny grey beads and faux turquoise triangles. I am a huge fan of statement necklaces and this one was only £3, it had been reduced from £8 but I swear if you went to another store, you'd pay a lot, lot more for it.

From a chunky, statement necklace to a necklace that's altogether smaller and more delicate.

Last time I was in Primark I bought the Disney Mickey head bracelet (read my post here) I initially thought it was a necklace,so at the first opportunity I had I went back and bought the necklace.

It's very similar to the bracelet, and on the same, fine gold tone chain but this time instead of being embossed with crystals the Mickey head is plain. I think this super cute and a must for any Disney fan. It was just £3 x

So that was it for jewellery, next up beauty. I know I moaned about the state of the beauty section last time but this time it was perfect, the odd thing had still been opened but at least it was clean and I managed to get what I wanted last time.

I'm a huge lover of pencil style lip products and after seeing it in the flesh, the PS Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon in Nude went straight to the top of my wishlist and thankfully this time I managed to find one that hadn't been opened.

Apologies for the change in background colour but I really wanted to show the colour off as accurately as I could. It's not an out and out, beige, blank your lips out nude, it's probably more of a pink, coral nude. It's not that moisturising but at the same time it doesn't feel as though it's drying your lips out. The coverage is good, and being a matte it wears well, all and all not bad for £2. Thanks to the dull and miserable weather up north today I haven't managed a swatch photograph instead you've got a picture of me wearing it and showing you my best duck face, and I'm also wearing it in the video that you can see at the end of this post x

The next thing that I bought was a set of the PS Volume Full Look False Lashes. Those of you that know me well, probably know that I'm not really a false last wearer, however a lovely brand recently sent me a few sets of their lashes to try out. For that reason I've decided to have a little bit of a practise with some cheaper lashes before I try them out and review them. All of the sets in Primark are just a £1 but I particularly loved these big full ones.

The final two thing that I bought came from the home section. As I've said before the home section in the Primark Intu Metro Centre store doesn't have the largest home wear selection but they still had some nice things. I didn't desperately need anything though so I just got a stationery item and some fairy lights.

Seriously I could probably light my room up with just fairy lights as it is, but I could resist buying these wire lights when I spotted them next to the tills. It's just basically a strand of very on trend rose gold / copper wire with 20 tiny little butterfly lights on it. I have no idea where I'm going to put them yet but at just £2.50 I couldn't leave them behind.

My final buy was something a little bit silly but I love stationery and you can always find a use for a sticky note :) I love Grumpy Cat or Tardar Sauce to give her proper name, I love her so much and I just want to give her a huge cuddle. Alas that will never happen but I can feel closer to her and her less than cheerful expressions with these cute sticky notes. You get three different designs in the pack and whilst they weren't particularly cheap at £2, they were a must have.

If you want to find out more about some of the things that I bought and listen to me ramble for a bit they have a little watch of my latest You Tube video that you can find below or via this link x

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