Saturday, 11 August 2018

Trimming My Stash - July 2018 Edition - Empties And Mini Reviews, And Life Lately

I'm late again with my monthly empties post but at the moment that just seems to be the way that my life is going. I makes plans and for whatever reason they just don't come off. Case in point after months of lacking in energy, and umph, over the last week or so I've actually started to feel a little bit more with it, so yesterday me and the mothership planned to make a little trip to Intu Metrocentre. The plan was simple, a short trip with a Primark visit, and a coffee stop, and a quick appointment with Benefit to get my brows waxed. Perfect! then on Thursday night I had a call from Benefit asking me if I could reschedule my brow appointment for next week! It wasn't a major inconvenience so we put the day out on hold until hopefully next Tuesday! They say that things happen for a reason well if that's the case I'd love to know the reasoning behind some of the things that go on in my life, wouldn't we all though! Maybe someone up there or out there knows the potential damage that I want to do in Primark, and they trying to save me some money lol who knows? maybe it's for the best that we don't know the grand plan, or the meaning of life though haha.

I don't if you're really that interested in my life but believe me this post needs a bit of padding out. Last months trimming my stash was to put it mildly a bit of a fail and I haven't really got that much to talk about!

Primark PS Oil Balancing Facial Cleansing Wipes For Oily & Blemish Prone Skin - 25 x Wipes
AVON Advance Technique Anti Hair Fall Shampoo - 250ml
Beautifully Scrumptious - Deep Moisturising Foot Pack - Honey & Almond - 1 x Pair Socks

Total - 3 Items

Yeah... I only managed to finish 3 items and two of those items were things that I've talked about at length in several previous post, what can I say apart from that 3 is better than none and from a budget friendly angle every item that I finished was less than £2! I promise I'll try harder in August but first of all lets take a closer look at the 3 products that I did manage to finish x 

1. Primark PS Oil Balancing Facial Cleansing Wipes For Oily & Blemish Prone Skin - 25 x Wipes

Yawn! I have no idea how many of these packets have ended up in my monthly empties posts over the years but they are a real constant in my beauty routine. I don't use them on my face that often (facial wipes are bad don't you know ;) but I do use them for all sorts of things including sticky hands, cleaning up swatches, and general freshening up. They are full of tea tree so they have a bit of an antibacterial effect so I often have a packet inside my handbag alongside my hand sanitiser. I always stock up when I go into Primark but since I haven't been in store since May, I've now ran out! I'm hoping I'll be able to stock up when (or if!) I go in next week but in the meantime I'm trying out some Tea Tree and Peppermint facial wipes that I picked up in another one of my favourite stores, B&M.

2. AVON Advance Technique Anti Hair Fall Shampoo - 250ml

I've talked about this product and the corresponding conditioner a few times already both on the blog and on my Instagram, and I have to say that I think this product is amazing. Not only is it really affordable at around £1.70 for a 250ml, but it's also really good and it smells lovely. Anti-Fall is a pretty big claim, and whilst I'm still losing probably more hair than the average person, my hair definitely looks fuller, and thicker, and it feels healthier, and in much better conditioner then it did before I started using this product. I'm using a couple of other shampoos now but I do like to switch it up a bit so I've already bought the 400ml Super size which appears every now and then in the brochures. I really like both the shampoo and the conditioner in this line and it's something that I'm going to continue to repurchase. 

3. Beautifully Scrumptious - Deep Moisturising Foot Pack - Honey & Almond - 1 x Pair Socks

Ah we've reached the final item already and it's probably the most interesting one because it's something that I haven't talked about before. Admittedly I've mentioned the tea tree and peppermint variant but until last month I'd never tried these honey and almond moisturising socks. I'm not sure whether or not that I've mentioned this before but I don't like honey! It's weird I love sweet things, I have a ridiculously sweet tooth, and I can eat things that most other people would find too sweet but honey nah not for me. I think it's more about that smell than the taste for me I just don't like how it smells, I know it's good for you and it's an excellent addition to your body and skincare routine but I just don't like it. Thankfully in the majority of beauty lines it seems to be masked by the addition of a few floral notes, but throw in the fact that I don't like the smell of bitter almond, and these Poundland moisture socks were a bit of a risky buy. Thankfully though they had a pleasant warm, sweet, slightly floral scent that reminded me a bit of whiskey! Odd I know but way better than out and out honey and marzipan! The idea is the same as the tea tree socks, a pair of plastic / paper / fabric socks that are infused with moisturising ingredients - pop them onto clean dry feet for 20 minutes or so and your feet look better and feel instantly smoother and more hydrated. I prefer the freshness of the tea tree and peppermint socks but these are a good alternative and for just £1 a pair they are perfect for dry foot emergencies. 

So short and sweet, but I still managed to ramble for a few minutes longer than this post should have taken, never mind hah ha! Let me know if you have any questions on any of the 3 items that I've talked about in the post or even if you have any random life questions and I'll do my best to respond x Thanks for reading x 

Saturday, 4 August 2018

Nails Of The Day - Milan 3D Holographic Nail Lacquer - 509 HD - Reshot And Rewritten

I've got an admission to make guys, I'm a hypocrite! I'm always going on about how much I love the sun and the warm weather but I'm going to have to be honest, hold my hands up and say that I've just about had my fill of summer 2018. We just aren't used to the heat in the UK! Okay we haven't had some of the scary temperatures that they've had in mainland Europe but when it's constant like it has been lately, it's not normal for us and we just can't deal with it. My energy levels are at rock bottom and all I want to do is nap, admittedly I'm in a lot less pain than usual but even the tiniest little thing is stealing ever single spoon from my virtual drawer! Thankfully a month or so ago I had enough cutlery to be able to paint my nails, and shoot a few pictures for the blog; Since then though my hands and nails have gone steadily down hill but at least I have these pictures to remind me of just how nice my nails and hands can look, when they are a little less heat ravaged and dehydrated.

If you're a long time reader then you may have originally spotted a version of this post way back in 2010. Thanks to the Photobucket fiasco the original photos disappeared, and since I loved this polish so much I decided to dig it out again and re shoot it for you. The polish in question is one of the beautiful and unfortunately now discontinued Milani 3D Holographic Nail Lacquers in the shade 509 HD, which is a gorgeous, full on, holographic silver.

Packaged in a slightly retro looking bottle, these Milani polishes have quite a thin brush but they are really easy to paint with especially if you have smaller or thinner nails. I'm not going to lie to you this one needs a bit of effort but it's well worth it. The first coat gives a pretty, insipid, sheer wash of colour, but it dries quickly, and you just need to keep at it, the formula is a bit thin but it's buildable, and with just the 3 coats that you can see here, you can achieve a fabulous smooth, and glossy full coverage finish.

At first glance this polish maybe isn't quite as vibrant as some of the other holographic formulations on the market, but believe me it all depends on the light. The two pictures that you can see above are taken in natural light on a slightly dull day, and the result is a slightly subdued silver glitter, pretty but nothing special, play around with the lighting though and this polish literally explodes into life! Move you hands about and add a little bit of extra light with either bright sunlight, artificial lighting or even with a camera flash like I have here and then the magic really happens!

Get your movement and your lighting right, and you have hands that you can't stop staring at. Every movement or flash of the light results in the most amazing 3 dimensional colour explosion. The effect is amazing and although it takes a little bit longer to achieve than with some holographic polishes, it's well worth the effort. The wear time is also pretty decent which is not only unusual for a polish in the holo formulation but it's also pretty amazing when you consider that this particular bottle of nail polish is now over 8 years old, and it's as good now as it ever was!

As I say I originally bought this polish way back in 2010, and unfortunately like so many things in the Milani range that I've loved over the years, it appears to have been discontinued so it's now pretty unlikely that you'll be able to get your hands on a bottle of Milani HD :( Holographic nail polishes thankfully now though are a lot easier to get your hands on than they used to be. I'm a huge, huge fan of holographic nail polishes, and I'm always on the look for new ones. I've picked up a few recently from the Mark brand at AVON, and I've also got a few new shades from Born Pretty to try and a lovely blue shade from Maggie Anne to try (Check out my Instagram to see some sneaky peeks). There are now loads of brands out there that offer holographic finishes and formulations, and whilst they can sometimes take a little bit of tracking down, if you want eye catching and show stopping nails then they really are a must have! It's going to be a little while before I can try out any of my new colours, but in the meantime if you have any holographic nail polish recommendations I'd love to hear them, my nails may be non existent but I'm always up for buying new polishes so let me know your faves x

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Trimming My Stash - June 2018 Edition - Empties, Mini Reviews, And Life Lately

We're now more than half way through 2018, and if I'm honest I can't wait for it to be over. I seem to be saying this a lot lately but the last few weeks have been pretty rubbish again. More health issues for both me and my mam, a few MH issues for me, and a poorly kitty means that I'm struggling on a lot of fronts at the moment.

As per usual my blog and my social media presence has suffered although I've managed to upload a few You Tube videos, I've missed a couple of events lately, and my blog especially has been a little bit quiet. I can't guarantee that is going to change in the very near future but I'm going to try a little bit harder to make time for you guys x I have a pile of unboxing videos to do, and I've started photographing a few bits for some up and coming posts so fingers crossed you might be seeing me a  bit more regularly in your subscription feeds. First up though lets take a little look back at all of my beauty empties from June!

Scrub Love Detoxifying Activated Charcoal Body Scrub - Cucumber And Bamboo - 100g

Primark PS Cuticle Oil - 10ml
Philosophy The Gingerbread Man Foaming Bubble Bath And Shower Gel - 480ml
The Body Shop Dewberry Bath And Shower Gel - 250ml

Total - 4 Items 

Not my best performance I'm afraid with just four items, but I did manage to tackle some of the many half full bottles that are littering my shower cubicle, including a real blast from the past, and I also managed to finish one of the worst / best products that I've used x 

1. Scrub Love Detoxifying Activated Charcoal Body Scrub - Cucumber And Bamboo - 100g

Is it possible to love and hate a product in equal measure? Well after trying this body scrub I think it is! I've tried a few products from Scrub Love now and whilst I love the concept I've had more misses than hits so far. I generally love the scrubiness and the textures but my biggest issue with them is that they can be very messy. I'm going to be honest with you though, the mess that every other Scrub Love scrub that I've tried, combined, pales into comparison with this one!

Think traditional body scrub and you'd be way off the mark, in reality this pouch contains a faintly but slightly strange scented, slightly damp, fine grit. I really can't gloss this up at all that exactly what it looks like, black dirt or grit, that literally went everywhere, it covered the floor of the shower, and it clogged up the shower drain. It literally looked like someone had been to B&Q bought a bag of black sand or grit and thrown it on the shower floor! To say my mam wasn't pleased was an understatement and she banned me from ever buying it again!! (I actually got it in a beauty box so I didn't technically pick it out myself in the first place, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!).

Eek! Fair enough I guess but the annoying thing is that despite the mess, and the slightly strange but thankfully faint scent, I actually loved how this product made my skin feel. I literally massaged clumps of it into the damp skin on my knees, elbows, bum and thighs, and the result was one of the most grittiest and most thorough scrubs that I'd ever used. It rinsed off fairly easily (much easier than it was to clean out of the shower anyway!) and it literally left my skin feeling like silk, velvet, kittens ears, and anything else that you can think of that is super soft. My skin felt smooth, clear, clean and alive!

This scrub certainly did what it promised. This scrub would be perfect ahead of fake tanning, a body treatment or when you need your skin to feel soft, and touchable, and to look amazing. For some people this scrub would be a bit too scrubby, and obviously there is the mess factor, but if you can handle that this scrub really does deliver.

2. Primark PS Cuticle Oil - 10ml

There isn't a lot else that I can say about this really that I haven't already said apart from for only £1 a bottle this stuff in my opinion can't be beaten! I don't know whether it's down to the amazing weather that we've had over the last few weeks but my nails have gone to hell, thankfully I have several more bottles of this wonder liquid on the go so hopefully it shouldn't be too long before they're strong, hydrated and paintable again.

3. Philosophy The Gingerbread Man Foaming Bubble Bath And Shower Gel - 480ml

This used to be one of festive bath and shower essentials but since I've discovered some of the equally good, more budget friendly dupes from brands like Beauticology, Treacle Moon and I Love.. I haven't shown Philosophy quite as much love as I used to, but if you can afford to splash out a little bit than Philosophy shower gels are pretty damn good!

Philosophy The Gingerbread Man is usually released just in time for  Christmas, and this bottle has been in my shower since around November time. Like all Philosophy shower products it has a rich and creamy texture and it can also be used in the bath. Obviously I used it in the shower and only a tiny amount produces a rich and creamy lather.

I'm sure I've talked about this scent before but don't think ginger root, it doesn't even an out and out ginger biscuit fragrance, the scent is foodie based but its more a warm and spicy combination of ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and baking spice. If you aren't a huge fan of sickly, foodie fragrances though don't let that put you off trying this. It's spicy and warming but not too sweet or sickly. I definitely think that this is a unisex product, and it's also one that I think children would like. When it is available this isn't the cheapest shower product but it's a great one for a family bathroom at Christmas or at quite frankly any other time of the year.

4. The Body Shop Dewberry Bath And Shower Gel - 250ml

Like so many little girls that grew up in the late 1980's and 1990's one of the scents of my childhood, and pre teen to early teenage years was The Body Shop Dewberry. I flirted with some of their other scented like White Musk, Fuzzy Peach and Green Apple but I always came back to my one true love, Dewberry. There was literally nothing like it, and the merest sniff of that sweet, juicy, yet warm and tart scent transports me to days of PE skirts, Head sports bags, and French homework, not always good memories but memories of my past and the things that made me who I am.

It's funny how fragrance can do that, but unfortunately The Body Shop moved on and some time after the heady days of 1990 and 1991 Dewberry disappeared from their shelves before being briefly reintroduced in the early 2010's. I picked up this bottle when it was reintroduced and I'm ashamed to say I've treasured it and eeked it out way longer than the use by date suggested.

Never mind it hasn't changed texture and it still smelled the same so I risked and loved it. In The Body Shop's aloe vera enriched, high foaming yet moisturising formulation, this product was a delight to use and I'd repurchase it again in a heartbeat if I could, now if you'll excuse me I need a minute to yet again mourn this bottles passing - sniff!

Come on The Body Shop please, please bring Dewberry back, you've bought Banana back and I'm sure I'm not the only one that's missing a bit of Dewberry nostalgia! If they don't, if you can recommend any thing that smells the same, I'd love to know, sometimes you just need something to trigger those memories of life when it was a little bit less complicated! As well as Dewberry recommendations don't forget to let me know if you have any other questions or comments on any of the products that I've finished or quite frankly on anything else xx

Monday, 9 July 2018

Personalised Gifts For All Occasions From Personally Presented*

I don't know about you but I love buying presents, in fact I probably enjoy buying things for other people just as much as I enjoy buying things for myself. I think I'm one of those people that just likes making other people happy. There really is nothing better in life than seeing someones face light up when you give them something that they really love. 

I've been told on numerous occasions that I'm a good present buyer but lets face it, buying things for other people isn't always that easy. What are their interests? Will it fit? Will they like it? There are so many things to consider when you're buying someone a gift, that it's not really surprising that some of us end up saving ourselves from a mountain of stress, and going down the money or gift card route. 

I doubt any of us would turn down a gift voucher or some cash, but there is something just a little bit impersonal about it, and whether it's true or not, it sometimes makes you wonder just how much thought they've actually put into you or into your gift. Like all of us I'm often guilty of taking the easy way out especially with people that I don't see that often or know that well, but most of the time I try to really think about what I'm buying, and what my recipient likes and dislikes. It's hard but for special occasions and for those special people in your life it really is worth it when you see their faces and the joy that you've created.

For special people and special occasions I like buying present that people will treasure, and things that they can look at and say "Louise bought me that" I think that's one of the reason why I love personalised presents so much. If you buy somebody a gift with their name on, or their initials, or an important date, not only will they know how much thought that you've put into the gift, but they're also more likely to keep it and cherish it.

Thanks to the internet it's now easier then ever to get your hands on beautiful, fun and unique personalised gifts, thanks to a UK based, family run company, Personally Presented. With over 1000 different gift ideas to choose from on their well designed and easy to navigate website, you're pretty much guaranteed to find the perfect, special present for anybody in your life from your best friend, to your dad, your gran, your brother or even your new baby niece.

With items ranging from mugs, prints, teddy bears, and personalised bottles of champagne, to personalised Beatrix Potter items and books, cuff links and greetings cards, they have something for every occasion including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, christenings, and even graduation gifts.

As you may know this year I celebrated a big birthday, and I was lucky enough to receive quite a few pieces of jewellery. Jewellery makes a fabulous gift for any occasion, be it a special birthday, as a bridesmaid gift or even as a graduation gift, or as a congratulations on passing your exams gift. Jewellery is always special but even more so when it's personalised, and Personally Presented have a large range of pieces including watches, necklaces and bracelets, to help you mark that special occasion.

The team at Personally Presented recently sent me one of their jewellery pieces to review and I have to say I am so, so happy with the piece that they sent me, the Personalised Heart Friendship Bracelet which retails at £20.49

It comes in a plain, brown craft style box, but you can pay an extra £3.99 to have your item gift wrapped. There are 4 colours to chose from a light almost turquoise blue, pink, grey, and the navy blue that I received. 

The bracelet comprises of a coloured suede / leather cord, with a curved, puffed silver plated heart in the centre, that can be personalised with up to 3 initials, I just went for one, the letter L for Louise! Alongside the heart there are several movable silver plated beads, and an adjustable love knot style fastening tipped again with silver plated beads, which means that this bracelet can fit just about any wrist size.

This is a really nice quality piece, the embossing / etching is nice and neatly done, and this bracelet has a nice weight to it which I wasn't really expecting. It looks fab on it's own but you could also wear it layered up with over friendship style bracelets or even beaded or silver bracelets. The adjust ability means that this bracelet would make a perfect pressie for a young teen with a thin wrist right the way up to someone my age and older with a chunkier wrist. This would be a perfect well done on passing your exams gift, or a great birthday pressie, or even a slightly funkier bridesmaid gift.

Personally Presented really do have a special gift for every occasion, and with a tag line of "Gifts Worth Giving" you're guarantee to find a present that your recipient will cherish, and with free UK postage, an excellent returns police and a personalised customer service experience, with Personally Presented, finding that special present for that special someone couldn't be easier x 


Saturday, 30 June 2018

A Very, Very Late May 2018 Primark Haul - Clothes, Home And Beauty

Do you ever feel as though life is passing you by? This year seems to be going by so fast at the moment that the days seem to be blurring into one! I can only apologise that it's taken so long to get this post up but as I say I don't know where the time seems to be going at the moment.

Primark trips like a lot of things seem to have been a little thin on the ground this year, and to be honest another trip is well overdue at the minute. I haven't been to Primark since May and  since we are nearly in July now I thought it was about time that I shared my May haul with you. It was a bit of a rushed trip, and I didn't really have too long to look around but I hope that the majority of these bits are still available but even if they aren't, you can always find something worth buying in Primark.

I seem to have inherited a lot of things from my mum,  including her sense of humour, her openness, her eye colour, and weirdly enough her obsession with cardigans. We both love a cardigan, and if you're any sort of person then you'll know why. They are just so versatile and so easy to wear, a nice sloppy cardigan can look super cosy and casual, where as a shorter, more fitted garment, can add a bit of stylish, glamour with the right outfit and the right accessories.

Given the weather that we've had over the last week or so, this purchase does seem a little unnecessary but hey this is the UK, warm weather certainly isn't the norm even in the summer months, and even when the days are warm the nights can still be cold. Throw in the fact that Primark's one of those shops where you need to buy things when you see them and then you can understand why I honed in on this long line cardigan.

Okay I probably won't get too much wear out this cardi, till hopefully the autumn but the colour and the style just fit me to a T. With a slight balloon sleeve and no fastenings, this cardigan is in the over sized, long line boyfriend style; The ribbed detail gives it a bit more of a stylish edge, and I love the taupe, stone, mocha, almost deep oatmeal marl esq colour. It's perfect for just throwing on over a vest or a t-shirt, and a pair of leggings or skinny jeans and it's something that I'll eventually get a lot of wear out of. This was originally tagged at £13, and I would have happily paid that but I didn't realise until I got to the till that it was reduced to just £5 - Bargain!

Long line t-shirts and vests are real wardrobe staples for me, Although my body is quite short in comparison to my legs, I'm still pretty long in the back, and being a little curvier around the middle than I would like to be, I do love, no I need! a bit of length in my tops. When it comes to length Primark tops and shirts can be a little bit inconsistent but lately I've found some gems, look for the long line tag and that's exactly what you'll get. I've bought a lot of vests and t-shirts from Primark recently, and this long line charcoal grey, t-shirt was a welcome addition to my wardrobe.

The neutral tone, means that it pretty much goes with anything, and the fit is perfect for my shape. It's long enough to cover my hips and my tummy, and it has plenty of stretch so it clings to and emphasises my curves. You could size up I guess, but if you like a baggy, less form fitting t-shirt then maybe this style isn't for you personally though I love it and at just £3.50, next time I'm in, I'm definitely going to have a look and see if they have any colours other than the ones I already have.

Although I saw quite a few other clothing items that I quite liked (striped trousers I'm talking to you) as I say it was a bit of a rushed trip and I didn't really have a chance to try anything on, so that was it for clothing, but as I've said on numerous occasions, sometimes I really need to shop my own wardrobe and wear more of what I already own, and one way to do that it is to pimp up old items with new accessories.

I love scarves, I always have done, yes you can wear them to keep you warm, and you can even wear them to keep the sun off you and to keep you cool, but as well as the practical element they also have a serious fashion vibe and they can really finish off an outfit. As much as I love jewellery and chunky necklaces, sometimes, a simple scarf just tied loosely around your neck can take your outfit from meh to miaow ! Did I even say that - cheesy! lol, you know what I mean though, depending on the scarf and how you tie it you can add a touch of class to even the most boring jeans and t-shirt combo.

This scarf combines two of the key trends of Spring / Summer 2018, stripes and florals. A little bit more expensive than Primark's usual neck wear options at £6, this scarf comes in a slightly textured fabric, I think the term they use is Swiss dot, and it features almost a self coloured, raised polka dot design, throw in an on trend pom pom trim, and thanks to it's long length, this scarf will take you from beach, to bazaar to bar.

Accessories are great way to update an outfit but some of them also have a practical purpose, and since the plastic bag tax was introduced in the UK, I always now have at least one reusable bag in my bag no matter how big or small that it is. Some of them are a bit mehhhh, who really wants a bag with a shop logo on? I want something a bit funkier, hence I have a few of the Poundland Disney bags, and I've now added this House Of Holland shopper to my plastic free bag repertoire.

Yes, you heard me House Of Holland, it's been a long time coming but eventually Primark seems to have jumped on the high street store / designer collaboration bandwagon. Unlike a lot of stores though Primark's collaboration with designer Henry Holland isn't about selling a name it's all about selling a dream.

Holland has designed several different shopper bags to raise funds for London Graduate Fashion Week and to help the next generation of fashion designers to achieve their dreams. The bags retail at £3 and Primark will donate £1.32 of that from ever bag sold to Graduate Fashion Week. Made from sustainable cotton there are several designs to choose from, but the one I went for with it's vibrant slogan, just screams classic House Of Holland.

I guess if I was going to give this post an alternative title I could have called it a haul contains things that Louise is obsessed with - scarves, bags, long line tees, cardigans, and now cushions! According to my mam I have an unhealthy obsession with cushions, they're just so cosy and comforting and despite having way too many for just one bed, I can't seem to stop buying them! I initially went into Primark's home section to hunt down an ice cream cone shaped cushion that I'd seen on Instagram, alas I couldn't find it but this one made me equally happy.

I know I'm an adult but there is something about cartoon cats and cats in general that I just love, I love Hello Kitty, Simon's Cat is my latest love and there is something about Pusheen that brightens my soul. In fairness, this super soft furry, velour feel cushion which was £6, resembles a cuddly toy more than a cushion but either way I couldn't resist it. It's cute, it feels lovely and like all cuddly toys and cushions it's comforting. 

From home to beauty, and something else that I love, the Primark PS Cuticle Oil, I've talked about this stuff, quite a few times lately, and I'll be talking about it again in my next empties post so at the risk of boring you I'll keep this brief, it's only £1 for a 10ml bottle and it fabby, nuff said!

At the moment my nails are pretty rubbish but if you follow me on Instagram (please follow me if you aren't already I'm @LouLou699), I've recently been posting a quite a few nail art hauls. When my mam was in hospital sleep didn't always come that easily so I spent a lot of the nights trying to while away the hours until daylight came and it was easier to sleep. On more than one occasion I fell into a You Tube wormhole and started watching videos on everything from the sexiest actors without shirts, to pimple popping, vegan recipes, and hours upon hours of nail art! I used to love nail art, and thankfully I've still got a lot of my old stuff including nail foils, and stamping plates, so when I get some nails back again hopefully with lots of new inspiration I can pick up where I left off and get creative. 

I saw this nail art set and I thought that it would make a nice addition to the tools that I already have, it was reduced from £5 to £2, and as well as containing a nice glittery nail file, it also contains 3 silver tone, nail art tools with fabulous purple / fuchsia crystal detailing. The kit contained 2 brushes in two different thickness, which are perfect for striping, painting and detail work, and one fabulous double ended rubber / silicone tool. I'm not going to lie this tool is probably the main reason that I bought this kit, I've seen a few people use this type of tool to smooth out nail foils, and stickers, and also being used to apply things like holographic and pearl powders. I can't wait to start having a play around with these tools, the nail art bits that I already have and some new additions and to see what I come up with x

I've lost count of the times that I've raved about Primark make up brushes but in my experience the majority of them really are that good, even more so when they are only 50p.

When I was last in Intu Metrocentre Primark, they had a whole rack of these PS Foundation & Concealer Brushes reduced from £1.50 to just 50p each.

This double ended brush with rose gold tone ferrules, features a classic, flat rounded foundation brush, and a substantial rounded concealer brush. The hairs are nice and soft, but they're dense enough to do the job - I didn't really need any more make up brushes but this was too good a bargain to turn down - a nice dual purpose brush at an even better price.

Ah Primark, your make up collection just keeps getting better and better, I definitely have my eye on their new highlighters but in the meantime on my last visit I picked up two lip products. The first one comes from their newish bridal inspired range, and this is one of their PS Bride Tribe First Kiss Lipsticks.

Packaged in an on trend, rose gold tone, Tilbury, Lauder, Arden esq ridged tube, these lipsticks have a quirky, push button, pop out design, that adds a bit of quirk and a bit of extra style.

There were a few shades to choose from them in the range but I went for the shade Bachelorette, a really pretty and wearable nude.

Alas I didn't manage any shots of it on the lips but this is a really nice colour and a pretty decent formulation. It has a pretty strong coconut, vanilla scent but it's really moisturising and it leaves a lovely glossy finish. I probably have a kazillion similar shades but for just £3 I'm happy to have this one in my collection.

From something I love to something well that I don't! If you watch the accompanying haul video below, then you'll see that my first impressions of this product were pretty good but when I started using it my opinion rapidly changed!

From their range of K-POP and Kawaii inspired make up products, I picked up the K-POP Pillow Talk Matte Lip Cushion in the shade Cuddle which was £2.

Packaged in pink and white tube, this lip colour features a screw cap, and a velour tip. Simply squeeze the tube, and out comes the product, all fresh and ready to apply to the lips.

So far so good? it looks cute, the packaging works, and I love the fruity taste and scent, but that's pretty much wear the positives end for me. First of all it was nearly impossible to apply evenly, the sponge tipped applicator wiped the product off almost as fast it put it on, throw in a streaky as hell formula, and a matte and dry finish and the whole thing was a just a nightmare. The paler than pale pink colour didn't help either, rather than giving me the Bardot esq lips that I'd hoped for it just seemed to emphasise every flaw, and make me look dead. On the lips this is a big no no for me but since I hate waste I'm going to try and maybe use this as a matte, liquid cheek colour, I haven't tried it yet but fingers crossed it works better on my face than it does on my lips.

You can't win them all I guess and I was pretty happy with the rest of my Primark bargains so I guess I can't really complain. I've made a video to accompany this haul so if you want to hear my first impressions on some of these items,  more my decent into a You Tube wormhole and my opinions on Henry Holland original slogan tees than have a watch via this link or below, and of course don't forget to subscribe to my You Tube channel.

I think another Primark trip is well overdue in LouLouLand, so if you've picked up any Primark bargains recently don't forget to share your links and your finds with me in the comments and of course if you have questions then leave me those as well x