Tuesday 31 May 2016

Trimming My Stash - May 2016 Edition - Empties And Mini Reviews

Believe it or not it's that time again, it time again for my monthly empties post! Yet another month has flown by and tomorrow is the first of June. It's really hard to believe that we're nearly half way through the year already!

Although I'm not a one for making new years resolutions, every year I try and set myself a few goals and a few things that I want to achieve, and this year one of my major aims was to get myself organised and have a big clear out. I've done the odd thing but May was the month where I really got started and put my plans into practise. I've managed to fill a couple of charity bags with stuff, and I've made a start on sorting through my beauty products, binning things, and deciding in what order I need to use things up.

Primark PS Love Your Skin Oil Balancing Facial Cleansing Wipes - 25 Wipes
Primark PS Love Your Skin Oil Balancing Facial Cleansing Wipes - 25 Wipes
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - 125ml
Elemis Pro Radiance Hand And Nail Cream - 100ml
Bentley Organic Body Wash With Olive, Tea Tree And Eucalyptus - 250ml
Leighton Denny Slick Tips Nail And Cuticle Oil - 12ml
RESEED Wheatbran Ultra Volume Conditioner For Women - 250ml
Total - 7 Items

Although I didn't manage to finish as many items as I did in April I'm still pretty pleased with May's total of 7 items. I managed to finish a nice variety of things as well as a few half finished products and a few rediscovered items.

1. Primark PS Love Your Skin Oil Balancing Facial Cleansing Wipes - 25 Wipes
2. Primark PS Love Your Skin Oil Balancing Facial Cleansing Wipes - 25 Wipes

Yet again I managed to finish some of my favourite Primark Tea Tree face wipes. As I've said a few times before I don't use these that often on my face but I do tend to use them for cleaning up swatches, and cleaning up my make up palettes. I've got quite a few make up reviews coming soon so I've been using these to clean up in between photographs.I also used quite a few to clean some of my NARS shadows and blushers - After a while the rubberised covering can got a little bit sticky and horrible, all you need to do is take a couple of these wipes and give the packaging a good scrub - after a while the coating will break down leaving you with a clean, non tacky palette - result! For just a £1 for 2 packs of 25 these are a really versatile edition to anyone's beauty stash

3, Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - 125ml

This is probably the best micellar water that I've tried to date - it removes literally everything, without stinging my eyes or drying out my skin. It's affordable and it does the job. This is just a small bottle but this is a product that I will continue to repurchase unless that it I find something I like better. I'm always willing to try new products and I have a couple of new ones to try already so we'll see.

4. Elemis Pro Radiance Hand And Nail Cream - 100ml

I don't know why or what I've been doing or using but my hands and nails are so dry at the moment. I use a lot of hand cream and this month I'm quite sad to have finished one of my favourites. This hand cream from one of my favourite brands Elemis is the perfect indulgence - with a thick and creamy textures, it has an amazing white flower scent, and absorbs quickly into the skin leaving your hands silky soft. My favourite treat with this one is to use it at night, I put on a thick layer and put on a pair of cotton gloves to help it sink in. I really love this hand cream and if you watched my March / April Favourites video, you can find out a little bit more about why I love it x It's something I would definitely consider repurchasing when I've used up my current hand cream collection but at £26 for a 100ml tube, it is quite price prohibitive.

5. Bentley Organic Body Wash With Olive, Tea Tree And Eucalyptus - 250ml

Over the last few months I've had a couple of nasty colds and chest infection, and when you feel a bit poorly and under the weather, nothing lifts your spirits like a nice bath or shower, and this shower gel with eucalyptus and tea tree definitely hit the spot. Don't think that your showering in Olbas Oil or Vicks vapour rub, instead this had a gentle scent, that made you feel super, duper clean and fresh, and that helps you breath just a little bit more easily. This was one of my monthly My Pure products so I was sent it for review and you can read a full review here.

6. Leighton Denny Slick Tips Nail And Cuticle Oil - 12ml

Like hand creams, I have cuticle oils all over the house and this month I found this half finished one in my office, I've been layering on this lemongrass scented oil and a few others two, or three times a day for the past few weeks, and at last the hangnails and peeling cuticles seem to be disappearing. This isn't my favourite cuticle oil by any means but it does the job.

7. RESEED Wheatbran Ultra Volume Conditioner For Women - 250ml

It's always the way, you don't know what till you've got till its gone - I was sent nearly the full RESEED line quite a while ago now and over the 3 months or so that I use - my hair completely changed, it grew, the condition improved and I lost a lot less hair. I've now finished both the shampoo and conditioner from the range, and I'm just about out of the two serums, and already I can see my hair going back to the way it was. The range is pricey but in my experience it's worth every penny, and I'll definitely be repurchasing at least the shampoo and conditioner from the range. You can read my full review here x

So they were my May empties, next month I'm hoping that I can do a little bit better - I've got a few boxes and drawers left to sort, so hopefully I can find some more things to use up. If you have any comments on any of this months empties then please leave me a comment x Thanks for reading x

Saturday 28 May 2016

Braving Berry Lips - Smashbox Be Legendary Long-Wear Lip Lacquer - Currant*

Despite all the beautiful, wild and crazy lip colours that are now on the market it's pretty safe to say that I'm quite boring when it comes to lip colour - My vast lip collection is full of varying shades of pink, and nude, with the odd and barely worn red, berry and coral thrown in for good measure. As much as I would love to wear a deep wine or burgundy shade like MAC Sin or even something a little bit more daring, I'm just not brave enough.

Sometimes though you need to step outside of your comfort zone, and recently Smashbox gave me the opportunity to do exactly that with one of their Be Legendary Long Wear Lip Lacquers in the shade Currant.

Hailed by Smashbox as the new generation of lip colours, the Be Legendary Long Wear Lip Lacquers promise long wearing, vibrant colour, without any stickiness, tackiness, dryness, or uneven fading. They contain a special combination of strong, staining pigments, glossy pearls, and Vitamin E for moisture.

There are currently around 15 shades to choose from but the one I received was Currant, although this is probably a pretty safe colour for most of you, for me this pink toned, muted raspberry shade was a real step outside my comfort zone,

Although it looks a lot darker in the funky, angular square tube than it does when it's swatched and on the lips, it still took me a good six months before I plucked up the courage to give it a go and wear it our of the house. I wasn't sure at first but this product has really grown on me and it's become one of my go to lip colours since the Autumn of last year.

This product is basically a clever cross between a lipstick and a lip gloss. It has a smooth creamy formula, with only the merest hint of taste and scent, that feels moisturising on the lips, and has the sheen of a gloss but without the sticky or tacky feel - perfect for windy days and if you've got long hair like me

It comes with a cleverly shaped sponge, doe foot style applicator that allows you to both line, and define, and fill in your lips. The pigmentation on this one was excellent, and depending on heavily and how much product you applied you could either create a full on glossy block shade, or by
applying it lightly and blending it out with a brush you can create more of a glaze effect.

I'm going to be honest with you, I've read a few reviews and a few people have said that this is quite a messy product to apply, and unfortunately I have to agree with them. Although the applicator is very well designed the formulation is quite liquidy so it does have a tendency to migrate beyond the lip line especially if you have any fine lines around your lips. I don't mind tidying up as I go but on Mummy Lou who cough cough has a few more lines than I do, the effect was something along the lines of eating a jam doughnut, not a good look, and clean up was definitely required. Just a quick tip though if you do need to do a quick clean up, use a damp cotton bud or you might be left with a bit of staining around your mouth!

In my experience this product isn't quite as long lasting as Smashbox claim, the gloss that you get with the initial application does last quite a bit  longer than say a conventional lip gloss, but you do get a lot of transference onto glasses, cups, and dare it say other people ;) As the glossy finish fades though you're gradually left with a semi matte, pink, berry stain that fades fairly evenly and lasts for a good few hours

Despite the duck faces (sorry I was having a bad facial paralysis day :() I hope you can see just how pretty this shade actually is. I've actually grown to love the pretty raspberry shade but I do think that the formulation needs some work. Yes it's definitely moisturising and unlike some reviewers I didn't feel any extra dryness at any stage, the pigmentation in this case is superb but I just found it way too much effort to apply neatly and unfortunately it didn't wear quite as well as Smashbox claimed. Yes the gloss aspect lasted way longer than a conventional lip gloss, but it still transferred and disappeared within the hour, leaving behind an all be it nice shade of lip stain. I like the colour but given the application, transfer and wear issues, at £19 I just couldn't justify purchasing this product either in this shade or anyone of the other 14 colours. Smashbox Be Legendary Long Wear Lip Lacquer in Currant retails at £19 for a 6ml tube and is available from both the Smashbox website and Boots online and selected Boots stores. Are you a fan of berry lips? Let me know and if you have any similar toned berry lip recommendations I'd love to hear them x


Tuesday 24 May 2016

Birthday Pressie Haul - You Tube Video

Hi Guys x I hope you've all had a nice weekend, my week was pretty lousy but thankfully I had quite a productive weekend, and I managed to take lots of photographs, do a bit of product research and I also managed to film a couple of videos, including the reasons why I'm saying goodbye to Birchbox, and a little or should I say long! birthday pressie haul x

I admit it, it's a long one, but I received some lovely things this year that I really wanted to show you, I know I'm very lucky and truly blessed to have such an amazing family, and such loyal and thoughtful friends.

If you can't bare to listen to me rambling on for 25 minutes, I'll give you a few hints - The video contains a bit of everything, including a few clothing pieces from George, Bob Mackie, and Primark, some beautiful jewellery pieces from Lola Rose, some accessories from various places including Asda, and Accessorize, and some beauty bits from Benefit, Laura Geller and Tarte.

Again this isn't a to brag, it's just to show how grateful I am and to show you some of things that might pop up on my blog and my You Tube channel in the weeks and months to come x I'll only probably be reviewing the Benefit product ;) but I'm sure you'll see some of the clothing and jewellery pieces if you keep your eyes peeled x

Thanks for reading, and hopefully watching, and thank you again for the birthday wishes x 

Sunday 22 May 2016

Nails Of The Day - Nails Inc For Instyle - Orgeon's Out

I'm going to be honest with you guys, I'm not the type of blogger that over edits their photographs. Yes I'll crop them, and maybe alter the colour slightly but I always try to stay as true as I can to the original photo; In this case though I'm going to have to make a bit of an exception, and you're going to have to deal with my slightly odd coloured skin.

If you've packed up this month's issue of InStyle UK, then you may have already managed to get your hands on a bottle of Nails Inc Oregon's Out. I love a freebie and  for me a full sized,branded nail polish is always a good one. There were 4 shades to choose from but I couldn't resist this beautiful, deep almost electric blue cream.

Try as I might though I just can't replicate it on camera so I've had to  use a lot of tints and filters to achieve the colour that you can see here, that still isn't quite right - in real life it's darker, inkier, and it has a little bit more depth than it does in my pictures

When I first saw this shade I thought that it looked quite similar to Nails Inc's trend shade Baker Street and it is very similar but if you're a real blue aficionado like me than you see that it's ever so slightly different. Oregon's Out is just a touch deeper and not quite as bright or electric as Baker Street. Do you need both in your collection? Probably not but if you love blue as much as I do you can definitely justify it.

Like most darker cream polishes, this was pretty easy to apply, this is two coats but on most nails I probably could have got away with one. Wear time unfortunately wasn't that amazing, admittedly I didn't top coat it but I only managed around two days wear before it started chipping :( That's nothing though, that a good top coat won't fix though, and if you like blue polishes or even if you fancy trying Nails Inc for the first time, than I would definitely recommend that you pick up a copy of InStyle magazine this month and give either Oregon's Out or one of the other shades a go.

Sunday 15 May 2016

A Rare Outfit Of The Day (And Night)

Hey Guys x I hope you've all had a lovely Sunday, I definitely have, because today is my birthday! I've spent a lovely but quiet day with some family members, I've eaten cake till it's about to come out of my ears, and as per usual I've been thoroughly spoilt! Although I got quite a lot of money I also got lots of lovely pressies which I'm hopefully going to show you in a video next week but in the meantime I thought I'd treat you to a very rare outfit of the day post.

What I Wore
Black Opaque Tights - Primark 
Black Jelly Bow Pumps - Mel By Melissa
Assorted Stretch Bracelets - Various

Okay I can't pose to save my life, the flashback on my glasses is super annoying and the lovely Mummy Lou needs a few photography lessons but I do love this dress. I've never bought anything from Simply Be before but I saw this dress in an advert on Facebook, and the print just called to me. One of my friends once said that it it's a gaudy floral and psychedelic print you'll buy it and that is so true, I love the textured fabric, and the bold and bright floral print, that perfectly matched yesterday's sunshine, yellow manicure.

Although this dress has taken me out of my comfort zone, you can tell that this dress is designed for women with curves because the cut and the seams just seem to pull you in and highlight your best bits. I hate my tummy and my bum and dresses normally make me feel self conscious but this one not so much. I'm still very curvy around the middle and whilst this dress doesn't hide it it doesn't draw attention to it, and it makes my boobs look fab which is also a bonus, and the length definitely highlights my best feature - my legs!

Throw in the fact that it's machine washable and made of a very easy to wear, and comfortable fabric, then it's no surprise that I've worn this dress both today and on Friday when I've over indulged calorie wise. It moves with you and there is nothing pulling and tugging around the middle just a comfy pull on, pretty dress, perfect for now with a pair of tights and perfect for the warmer months with bare legs. This dress was also in the sale and because I was a first time customer I also get free postage and packing and a further discount taking this dress down to just £13.86 - even if I'd hated it it would be worth at least trying it for that but thankfully I love it!  All in all I'm pretty pleased with my first Simply Be experience so if you've shopped with them before and have any recommendations I'd love to hear them x 

Saturday 14 May 2016

OPI My Twin Mimmy - Nails Of The Day And A Ramble

I know I promised you a couple of reviews this week but I hope you'll forgive me if I end the week with two different posts instead. If you regularly read my blog or follow me on Instagram and twitter, you'll know that it's my birthday tomorrow  :) - Despite the fact that I'm feeling a bit mehhh about my birthday this year I don't need any excuses to spend time with my friends and family so last night me and my bestie headed out and went to a local Greek restaurant for a meal. I've posted a few pics on my Instagram but suffice to say I really enjoyed it and spending time with good friends really is priceless.

I'm normally rushing around and stressing before I go out but yesterday was a bit different, I headed to the hairdressers, for a long overdue hair cut and once I got home I had plenty of time to do my nails, perfect my make up, and get dressed. Unusually for me though I also had plenty of time to take a few outfit and nail pictures so today I have a nails of the day post for you,and tomorrow I have a treat for you - a very rare outfit post!

Although I'm not a one for rules when it comes to nail polish or anything else come to think of it, yesterday I decided to match my nails to my outfit, and coordinate my nails with one of  the numerous colours in my dress.

You'll have to wait until tomorrow to see all of the dress, but the colour I decide to go for was one of the OPI Hello Kitty shades - My Twin Mimmy.

This colour definitely isn't one for the faint hearted - it's a bright, warm yellow tone, that's just a touch cooler than a true mustard.

I'm not going to lie, with this on, the application wasn't the best, I don't know whether it's because this was just a mini 3.75ml bottle, or whether it was down to the formulation but I really struggled to apply it neatly. 

The polish itself seemed quite thick but at the same time the application was quite streaky, I ended up painting about 3 coats on each nail, and close up some of the nails still look quite streaky and uneven. Thankfully it dried quite quickly but this manicure still took way longer than I would have liked and I wasn't that impressed with the final look.

As well as the application issues I'm also not convinced that this colour does anything for my skin tone. Yellow is a pretty hard colour to wear and I think that this particular shade would look way better with a tan than what it does on my pasty skin. All in all I'm pretty pleased that I only ended up buying the mini, although it matches the print on my dress perfectly, My Twin Mimmy just doesn't do it for me - shame. Are you a fan of yellow nail polish? Let me know x 

Thursday 12 May 2016

My Weight Loss Journey Featuring XLS Medical* - An Update And Birthdays

A million apologies that this post is a few days later than planned but yet again life got in the way. For once though it wasn't for anything bad, I've uploaded a couple of You Tube videos this week, and I had a lovely day yesterday with Mummy Lou, we went to Chiquitos for lunch, did a bit of shopping and then I had an amazing Kiehls facial, hand and arm massage in the newly refurbished House Of Fraser Beauty Rooms, in their Intu Metrocentre store. Heaven, and the perfect start to my birthday celebrations!

Yes it's my birthday on Sunday and ahead of any potential naughtiness calorie wise, I though I better update you on how my weight loss journey is going.

Not too bad is the answer, although I've had a couple of wobbles here and there, and a couple of weeks where I didn't manage to lose any weight, since my last update  I've managed to lose 6lbs taking me to 12lbs in total.

I had a couple of really good weeks then I got sick again which contributed to a couple of wobbles, and then I had my godfathers 87th birthday party, which involved cake and lots of gluten free pizza :) so I'm taking the fact that I didn't gain anything over the 5 weeks or so as a bonus.

Maybe this is the XLS Medical Max Strength doing it's thing who knows? Even on my off days and days when I haven't been calorie counting I've still been taking the supplements so maybe they've helped stop the absorption of some of the excess fat and calories

Celebrations normally involve food, and I'm not intending to be too careful about what I eat over the next few days but I will be talking the supplements and trying to make some good choices. Yesterday in Chiquitos we didn't have starters or dessert, and I just had a salad (the Halloumi Citrus Salad in case you're interested) and me and Mummy Lou shared a side order of Sweet Potato Fries. I had a Costa Creamy Cooler too but I didn't eat very much else all day.

So one  birthday event down two to go, obviously there is my birthday itself and tomorrow night I'm going for a meal with my best friend to a local Greek restaurant so although there might be a few calories from the olive oil, maybe some chips and some cheese, I'll definitely be getting my five a day when it comes to vegetables,

I intend to enjoy my birthday and if that means eating a few bad (good) things then so be it - Everything in moderation and they say and I'll be back on it as soon as I can, and I'll be updating my Instagram from Monday with my weekly weigh in's regardless of the result..

I only have about a month's worth of the XLS Medical Max Strength supplements remaining so in about a months time I'll do another update, where I'll talk more about the supplements and talk about my experiences with them.

Thanks again for your support and if you have any questions please leave me a comment and let me know x Thanks for reading xx


Monday 9 May 2016

Primark Haul - Late April 2016 Edition - Clothes, Jewellery And Beauty

Hi Guys x I hope you all had a lovely weekend, I know I did, I've been loving the warm and sunny weather that we've had in the UK over the past few days. Alas it isn't supposed to last too much longer but hopefully there will be a lot more warmth and sunshine to come.

I'm still finding it hard to believe that we're in the second week of May already, I sound like a broken record I know, but this year is really flying by, the days all seem to be merging into one and a result my to do list just keeps getting longer

Hence this post is nearly a week later than it should have been, I don't suppose it matters as it's just a Primark haul post but I still wish I was one of those organised people, that seem to sail through life without a care, do they even exist? and if they do how do I become one of them?

Anyways enough of the prattle and on with the goodies - I spent a lot of time in April in Primark (see my previous April haul here) and this all be it small haul is from two separate visits at the end of April - where I kind of broke my I'm not going to buy any summer clothes rule..

You how the saying goes, if you love something, buy it in every colour! Well that's exactly what I did with the first couple of things that I bought. I love layering pieces and this waistcoat come sleeveless jacket from Primark's tailoring range fits the bill perfectly.

I don't think that this top really has a lot of hanger or even picture appeal, as you don't really get to see the shaping or the movement. I loved it so I bought in both of the colours that I could find - navy and ivory. It's basically a tailored due fabric, draped waistcoat, the front, the front pockets and side panels are made of a thicker, dotty textured fabric, and the back is made of a sheer toning, chiffon type fabric.

They were £13 each and I think they are going to be a couple of really useful additions to my wardrobe. There quite unusual pieces but you really could wear them with anything - I think I'll be mainly layering them over vests and tops, and jeans, but you could even wear them over a smart shirt, and a pair of coordinating trousers for a smarter more tailored look.

The next thing that I got is a lot more summery, in fact it's technically a beach cover up! but despite the fact I'm probably not going away this year I had to buy it.

I love the colourful, patterns and knits that Missoni produce and I'm lucky enough to own a few pieces of their knitwear but they are pretty high up on the spendy scale. Thankfully quite a few retailers now produce a wide range of particularly summer and beach themed lookalikes.

In the cover up / kaftan style, with a drawstring, pull in waist, this top was only £8 and has an almost knit effect look and feel, and that traditional Missoni alike colourful zig, zag design. Whilst you could most definitely use it as a beach cover up (Primark have swimwear pieces that would match it perfectly)  I think I'm going to be wearing it over a vest top maybe, with skinny jeans and sandals, for a bargaintastic take on a designer look.

The final clothing item that I bought was something that I'd had my eye on for quite a while. Every summer Primark produces a range of tunic / dresses in a very silky knit and usually with an ethnic or geometric type print. I'd seen different ones over the years but annoyingly I'd never ever been able to find one in a large enough size to fit my girls ;)

This time though I think it was fate - I'd been reading a few magazine articles featuring the Duchess Of Cambridge and her trip to India, and they were full of articles on how to achieve her look, and replicate some of the things that she wore on her trip on a budget. The articles featured a lot of blue and white items, and a couple of them had a print very similar to this one.

It has an almost Moroccan type design, and the fabric is absolutely beautiful, soft, cool, and very silky and perfect for this time of year. I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to wear it as a dress but even if I just end up wearing it over leggings, I'm still pretty pleased with my purchase. It was just £10 and they had a few different, designs, prints and colours to choose from.

So that was it for clothes bar one little thing that my Godparents are wrapping up for my birthday, so next up is jewellery and unusually for me I only picked up one jewellery piece.

Apologies that I've taken it off the card before I photographed it but I've worn this a few times already, and it looks particularly nice over the navy waistcoat. It's basically a very long gold tone chain that features four individual gold toned pendants on the end, a plain disc, a disc set with clear crystals and two almost long, thin rectangles. I really like the length and the simplicity of this piece and after little hunt around I managed to find the receipt and at just £2.50 I think it's a bargain for something I know I will wear a lot.

The final thing I picked up from Primark in April was something from their beauty department. I'm looking to forward to the launch of their new beauty line but in the meantime I decided to get another one of their make up brushes.

This is the PS Concealer Brush and it was just £1. Again it has a matte black handle, and a rose gold ferrule, and the hairs feel super soft, but sturdy enough to do the job iykwim? I've really enjoyed using the previous two brushes that I picked and I'm hoping that I'm to like this one too.

I know you all like your hauls so I hope that you enjoyed this one too x  As per usual I filmed a little You Tube video to accompany it - it isn't too long so I'd love it if you'd take a little peek either below or via this link.

I've got a few videos to upload this week, so make sure you are subscribed to my You Tube channel so you don't miss a thing. If your a blog reader though don't worry I have forgotten you, I've got a weight loss update post going up tomorrow and a review or two later in the week so please stick around x In the meantime though if you have questions on this post or on life in general then please leave me a comment x

Tuesday 3 May 2016

A Review Of Benecos Natural Compact Blush - Sassy Salmon*

The eagle eyed readers among you will probably already have at least some idea about what this posts going to be about. No I don't mean from the title that's way too obvious - I actually mean from the pretty large hint that I dropped in Fridays My Pure post.

It made sense I guess, if I was going to review the Benecos Rouge Brush, it made sense to review one of their blushers too so for the second of April's My Pure review I'm reviewing the Benecos Natural Compact Blush in the shade Sassy Salmon.

I've already talked an awful lot about the Benecos philosophy but I think it's important to mention it again. This German brand is BDIH certified and what that means is that the products are free from a lot of nasties that tend to crop up in a lot of beauty and make up products. They only use predominantly organic natural ingredients, and their products are also cruelty free, gluten free and free from genetically modified ingredients.

Like the Natural Highlighting Powder that I reviewed in a previous post (read it here) this blusher only contains natural pigments and minerals, and it is free from artificial colourants. It's also packed full of hydrating and moisturising skincare ingredients including macadamia nut, and castor, and sunflower seed oils.

This 5.5g powder blusher comes packaged in simple, but stylish clear plastic packaging. The blusher itself is embossed with the Benecos leaf / stalk logo.

My Pure currently have 3 colours to choose from but the one I chose was probably the most summery Sassy Salmon, a pretty rosy coral shade. I've tried my best to replicate it in these pictures but in real life it's probably a touch more brighter and coral looking.

As you can see from the swatch picture the pigmentation is excellent, this blusher has a soft, velvety feel, and despite the fact that it's a little powdery in the pan it's very easy to apply and to blend.

I feel like a broken record lately but thanks to the changeable weather this probably isn't the best of pictures but I hope you can see the pretty glow that you can achieve with this blusher. I think that this blusher would work on most skin tones, and because of that I can really see if being one of my go to summer cheek shades for Summer 2016. I love this blusher and it will definitely be making an appearance in my March / April favourites video, not only for the appearance, and quality but also for the amazingly purse friendly price. The Benecos Natural Compact Blush  is available from My Pure and comes in 3 shades and retails at just £5.95 for 5.5g of product - which I think is pretty decent when you consider the quality of the product, and the companies philosophy. What's you favourite blush shade for summer? Leave me a comment and let me know below x