Saturday 14 May 2016

OPI My Twin Mimmy - Nails Of The Day And A Ramble

I know I promised you a couple of reviews this week but I hope you'll forgive me if I end the week with two different posts instead. If you regularly read my blog or follow me on Instagram and twitter, you'll know that it's my birthday tomorrow  :) - Despite the fact that I'm feeling a bit mehhh about my birthday this year I don't need any excuses to spend time with my friends and family so last night me and my bestie headed out and went to a local Greek restaurant for a meal. I've posted a few pics on my Instagram but suffice to say I really enjoyed it and spending time with good friends really is priceless.

I'm normally rushing around and stressing before I go out but yesterday was a bit different, I headed to the hairdressers, for a long overdue hair cut and once I got home I had plenty of time to do my nails, perfect my make up, and get dressed. Unusually for me though I also had plenty of time to take a few outfit and nail pictures so today I have a nails of the day post for you,and tomorrow I have a treat for you - a very rare outfit post!

Although I'm not a one for rules when it comes to nail polish or anything else come to think of it, yesterday I decided to match my nails to my outfit, and coordinate my nails with one of  the numerous colours in my dress.

You'll have to wait until tomorrow to see all of the dress, but the colour I decide to go for was one of the OPI Hello Kitty shades - My Twin Mimmy.

This colour definitely isn't one for the faint hearted - it's a bright, warm yellow tone, that's just a touch cooler than a true mustard.

I'm not going to lie, with this on, the application wasn't the best, I don't know whether it's because this was just a mini 3.75ml bottle, or whether it was down to the formulation but I really struggled to apply it neatly. 

The polish itself seemed quite thick but at the same time the application was quite streaky, I ended up painting about 3 coats on each nail, and close up some of the nails still look quite streaky and uneven. Thankfully it dried quite quickly but this manicure still took way longer than I would have liked and I wasn't that impressed with the final look.

As well as the application issues I'm also not convinced that this colour does anything for my skin tone. Yellow is a pretty hard colour to wear and I think that this particular shade would look way better with a tan than what it does on my pasty skin. All in all I'm pretty pleased that I only ended up buying the mini, although it matches the print on my dress perfectly, My Twin Mimmy just doesn't do it for me - shame. Are you a fan of yellow nail polish? Let me know x 

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