Tuesday 31 May 2016

Trimming My Stash - May 2016 Edition - Empties And Mini Reviews

Believe it or not it's that time again, it time again for my monthly empties post! Yet another month has flown by and tomorrow is the first of June. It's really hard to believe that we're nearly half way through the year already!

Although I'm not a one for making new years resolutions, every year I try and set myself a few goals and a few things that I want to achieve, and this year one of my major aims was to get myself organised and have a big clear out. I've done the odd thing but May was the month where I really got started and put my plans into practise. I've managed to fill a couple of charity bags with stuff, and I've made a start on sorting through my beauty products, binning things, and deciding in what order I need to use things up.

Primark PS Love Your Skin Oil Balancing Facial Cleansing Wipes - 25 Wipes
Primark PS Love Your Skin Oil Balancing Facial Cleansing Wipes - 25 Wipes
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - 125ml
Elemis Pro Radiance Hand And Nail Cream - 100ml
Bentley Organic Body Wash With Olive, Tea Tree And Eucalyptus - 250ml
Leighton Denny Slick Tips Nail And Cuticle Oil - 12ml
RESEED Wheatbran Ultra Volume Conditioner For Women - 250ml
Total - 7 Items

Although I didn't manage to finish as many items as I did in April I'm still pretty pleased with May's total of 7 items. I managed to finish a nice variety of things as well as a few half finished products and a few rediscovered items.

1. Primark PS Love Your Skin Oil Balancing Facial Cleansing Wipes - 25 Wipes
2. Primark PS Love Your Skin Oil Balancing Facial Cleansing Wipes - 25 Wipes

Yet again I managed to finish some of my favourite Primark Tea Tree face wipes. As I've said a few times before I don't use these that often on my face but I do tend to use them for cleaning up swatches, and cleaning up my make up palettes. I've got quite a few make up reviews coming soon so I've been using these to clean up in between photographs.I also used quite a few to clean some of my NARS shadows and blushers - After a while the rubberised covering can got a little bit sticky and horrible, all you need to do is take a couple of these wipes and give the packaging a good scrub - after a while the coating will break down leaving you with a clean, non tacky palette - result! For just a £1 for 2 packs of 25 these are a really versatile edition to anyone's beauty stash

3, Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - 125ml

This is probably the best micellar water that I've tried to date - it removes literally everything, without stinging my eyes or drying out my skin. It's affordable and it does the job. This is just a small bottle but this is a product that I will continue to repurchase unless that it I find something I like better. I'm always willing to try new products and I have a couple of new ones to try already so we'll see.

4. Elemis Pro Radiance Hand And Nail Cream - 100ml

I don't know why or what I've been doing or using but my hands and nails are so dry at the moment. I use a lot of hand cream and this month I'm quite sad to have finished one of my favourites. This hand cream from one of my favourite brands Elemis is the perfect indulgence - with a thick and creamy textures, it has an amazing white flower scent, and absorbs quickly into the skin leaving your hands silky soft. My favourite treat with this one is to use it at night, I put on a thick layer and put on a pair of cotton gloves to help it sink in. I really love this hand cream and if you watched my March / April Favourites video, you can find out a little bit more about why I love it x It's something I would definitely consider repurchasing when I've used up my current hand cream collection but at £26 for a 100ml tube, it is quite price prohibitive.

5. Bentley Organic Body Wash With Olive, Tea Tree And Eucalyptus - 250ml

Over the last few months I've had a couple of nasty colds and chest infection, and when you feel a bit poorly and under the weather, nothing lifts your spirits like a nice bath or shower, and this shower gel with eucalyptus and tea tree definitely hit the spot. Don't think that your showering in Olbas Oil or Vicks vapour rub, instead this had a gentle scent, that made you feel super, duper clean and fresh, and that helps you breath just a little bit more easily. This was one of my monthly My Pure products so I was sent it for review and you can read a full review here.

6. Leighton Denny Slick Tips Nail And Cuticle Oil - 12ml

Like hand creams, I have cuticle oils all over the house and this month I found this half finished one in my office, I've been layering on this lemongrass scented oil and a few others two, or three times a day for the past few weeks, and at last the hangnails and peeling cuticles seem to be disappearing. This isn't my favourite cuticle oil by any means but it does the job.

7. RESEED Wheatbran Ultra Volume Conditioner For Women - 250ml

It's always the way, you don't know what till you've got till its gone - I was sent nearly the full RESEED line quite a while ago now and over the 3 months or so that I use - my hair completely changed, it grew, the condition improved and I lost a lot less hair. I've now finished both the shampoo and conditioner from the range, and I'm just about out of the two serums, and already I can see my hair going back to the way it was. The range is pricey but in my experience it's worth every penny, and I'll definitely be repurchasing at least the shampoo and conditioner from the range. You can read my full review here x

So they were my May empties, next month I'm hoping that I can do a little bit better - I've got a few boxes and drawers left to sort, so hopefully I can find some more things to use up. If you have any comments on any of this months empties then please leave me a comment x Thanks for reading x

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