Thursday 12 May 2016

My Weight Loss Journey Featuring XLS Medical* - An Update And Birthdays

A million apologies that this post is a few days later than planned but yet again life got in the way. For once though it wasn't for anything bad, I've uploaded a couple of You Tube videos this week, and I had a lovely day yesterday with Mummy Lou, we went to Chiquitos for lunch, did a bit of shopping and then I had an amazing Kiehls facial, hand and arm massage in the newly refurbished House Of Fraser Beauty Rooms, in their Intu Metrocentre store. Heaven, and the perfect start to my birthday celebrations!

Yes it's my birthday on Sunday and ahead of any potential naughtiness calorie wise, I though I better update you on how my weight loss journey is going.

Not too bad is the answer, although I've had a couple of wobbles here and there, and a couple of weeks where I didn't manage to lose any weight, since my last update  I've managed to lose 6lbs taking me to 12lbs in total.

I had a couple of really good weeks then I got sick again which contributed to a couple of wobbles, and then I had my godfathers 87th birthday party, which involved cake and lots of gluten free pizza :) so I'm taking the fact that I didn't gain anything over the 5 weeks or so as a bonus.

Maybe this is the XLS Medical Max Strength doing it's thing who knows? Even on my off days and days when I haven't been calorie counting I've still been taking the supplements so maybe they've helped stop the absorption of some of the excess fat and calories

Celebrations normally involve food, and I'm not intending to be too careful about what I eat over the next few days but I will be talking the supplements and trying to make some good choices. Yesterday in Chiquitos we didn't have starters or dessert, and I just had a salad (the Halloumi Citrus Salad in case you're interested) and me and Mummy Lou shared a side order of Sweet Potato Fries. I had a Costa Creamy Cooler too but I didn't eat very much else all day.

So one  birthday event down two to go, obviously there is my birthday itself and tomorrow night I'm going for a meal with my best friend to a local Greek restaurant so although there might be a few calories from the olive oil, maybe some chips and some cheese, I'll definitely be getting my five a day when it comes to vegetables,

I intend to enjoy my birthday and if that means eating a few bad (good) things then so be it - Everything in moderation and they say and I'll be back on it as soon as I can, and I'll be updating my Instagram from Monday with my weekly weigh in's regardless of the result..

I only have about a month's worth of the XLS Medical Max Strength supplements remaining so in about a months time I'll do another update, where I'll talk more about the supplements and talk about my experiences with them.

Thanks again for your support and if you have any questions please leave me a comment and let me know x Thanks for reading xx


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