Tuesday 31 August 2010

MAC Moon River Swatches

I was talking to the lovely Amanda from Make Up Addict on twitter about MAC's Moon River Mineralize Blusher. Originally from the Grand Duos collection this is one of my favourite ever blushers - a perfect blend of peachy pink with lots of shimmer and an amazing name that almost makes me feel like singing a la Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys
The swatch on the left is the highlight side with the veining in pink and lilac, and the swatch on the right is the solid pink/peach colour
This swatch is of both sides swirled together
This is a really pretty blush and is one of the few things I have ever purchased a back up of - the shimmer may not be for everyone but I love it. Any questions please ask x

Monday 30 August 2010

Goods + Bads

Hey my lovely peeps time for another Goods + Bads but before I start I just thought I'd let you know what's coming up this week on my blog :) the answer is reviews and lots of them I am hoping to get at least 3 sets of reviews up by the end of this week so keep checking back to see what I've been testing for you xx Anyways onto the goods and bads not too many bads this week thank goodness but still..


* I've lost another 3lbs this week I am so pleased I can now get my fat jeans on and off without unzipping them :)
* Less than 5 weeks to my holiday I desperately need sunshine this summer has been a washout :(
* I had a row with my mum last night which isn't in itself good but everyone on twitter was so nice to me last night - thankfully me and my mum had a long chat last night and got a few things out in the open which was good - she brought me a nice cup of tea in bed this morning too so all is good x
* My Naked palette - nuff said I love this palette and Money eye colour from the new Book of Shadows, and Sob cream blush by Illamasqua :)
* It's my mums birthday a week tomorrow and I am getting all Nigella and planning what I'm going to cook :)
* Posts from two lovely ladies Michelle from Lipstick Rules and Alice In A New Wonderland that made me cry a little - 2 lovely ladies whom I never would have known without blogging xx


* I stood on the plug of my hair straighteners yesterday and the front prong has pierced the ball of my foot - it looked horrible at the time squirting blood and all sorts -it's cleared up now but it still hurts when I put pressure on it :(
* ME / Fibro Pains - I had an awful pain in my neck last night :(
* The roof - roof guy still hasn't come thankfully we have had no prolonged periods of rain so it's stayed pretty dry inside

Hope your all having a lovely bank holiday xx

Sunday 29 August 2010

More Cooking With LouLou - Flapjacks

A little while ago I promised you some of my favourite recipes and this is one of them - I remember my mum making these when I was tiny and I still make them today. I have to admit there was a big gap in my life where I couldn't eat these but thanks to the introduction of safe oats :)I can now make Coeliac friendly flapjacks which everyone can enjoy - I'll give you my basic recipe which originally came from the Be-Ro cook book which I have adapted for gluten free eating.

4oz/100g Butter or Margarine (I use Butter)
1 tbsp Golden Syrup
4oz/100g Sugar
2oz/50g Oats (I use Sainsbury's Free From Safe Oats)
2oz/50g Self Raising Flour (I use Doves Farm Gluten Free)
Extras - Nuts, Dried Fruits, Chocolate Chips, Seeds, Crushed Biscuits or Breakfast Cereals


1. Melt the butter and the syrup gently in a pan

2. Put the dry ingredients -the oats, flour and sugar in a bowl. Also add any extras you want to the dry ingredients I've used dried apricots, pecan nuts and coco pops here

3. Mix the melted butter and syrup into the dry ingredients until it's all combined

4. Spread evenly into a greased swiss roll tin or a baking tin - as per usual I've used a silicone pan which makes it easier to turn the flapjack out :)

5) Bake the flapjack for around 20 minutes at 190°C, Gas Mark 5 - they should be slightly browned but still soft - don't panic though as with most biscuits and cookies they will harden as they cool - whilst there still soft mark into squares and leave to cool :)

Hints and Tips

* This recipe can be easily adapted to make more flapjacks I usually double the recipe :)
* Sometimes you might need to add a few more oats after you've mixed the syrup in sometimes the flour and oats will absorb more or less
* I mentioned just a few of the extras you can add to your flapjack you don't need to but I think it makes it nice with a few extras in pecans and choc chips are nice, as are dried cranberries and white chocolate chips - yum
* Stating the obvious you can also cover them in chocolate after they've cooled - personally I think they are sweet enough without it :)

Hope you enjoy - any questions give me a shout xx

Friday 27 August 2010

Metro Centre Haulage - Pic Heavy

Yesterday I went to the Metro Centre with my Godmother to help her choose a present for my mums birthday - as well as getting my mum a few bits I managed quite a substantial haul myself whoops!
OK we'll start with jewellery I got a few bits in Primark including some faux cream pearl necklaces, and some grey faux pearls and crystal bracelets
I also go this cute crystal cupcake pendant
crystal bow earrings
this cute earring set - only trouble once I've got it home one of the little pearls has come off the flowers - my mum says she might have a spare somewhere, if not I'll just trim the other off with wire cutters
I also got a 6 pack of earrings with hearts, bows flowers, and insects - I particularly like the white flowers
I also picked up a silver tone bow necklace from Dorothy Perkins I already have the gold tone one and I have some earrings to match too
I also got some jewellery from BHS - yes I hear you BHS isn't exactly trendy but don't forget it's part of the same group as Top Shop and Dorothy Perkins so you can sometimes get similar things. My Godmother has a BHS card and yesterday just so happened to be a 20% off for cardholders event so I saved a bit of money I got a 3 pack of faux pearl earrings and this gorgeous floral ring - which matches my little white floral earrings from Primark
I also got some beauty things now there's a surprise - starting in Primark I got 2 packs of their cleansing wipes for £1 which I thought I'd try out
Ta Ta For Now Magic Under Eye Concealer in Light and Bloominous Illuminator in Gold
I also noticed a new mascara, and lots of other new items but still no brushes :(
I only bought one thing from Superdrug shock of horrors which was the new Rimmel Matte Finish Top Coat
Then I went to Boots that was the biggie - I had a No7 voucher to use so I got a few things - first of all a lipstick from the new Autumn collections in Nude Rebellion
I also got a Cheek Tint in 05 Maple Silk
I actually picked up the wrong it was Peach I wanted but I got another voucher so... I also got their new mascara Exceptional Definition
I really need to stop buying mascara! Anyways because I'd spent more than £22 I got a free gift
A baroque style transparent smoked make up bag containing minis of Protect and Perfect Beauty Serum and Day Cream, Cleanse & Care Eye Make Up Remover, Stay Perfect Eye Mousse in Pewter, and a Lash 360 Mascara, and a full size Moisture Drench Lipstick in 55 Pink Crush
I also got a couple of bits in Poundland including some Rescue Oil and some Facial Spray
and finally I went to Lush to get some Tea Tree Toner, and I also picked up a couple of bath ballistics in Mrs Whippy and Twilight, which I broke whilst making a haul video for my You Tube channel - silly me :(
So that was it a rather large haul I am sure you will agree but I swear I am nearly at bursting point with purchases - I really can't think of anything to buy anymore lol I am waiting for a few swaps, and a couple more parcels then that is probably it till the release of Venomous Villains, maybe Top Shops new make up collection and my hols. As per usual if would like any reviews on anything please let me know or if you have any comments please leave me a comment - I love reading them even if I don't always have time to respond xx

Urban Decay Naked Palette = Love

I mentioned the other day that my mum had ordered me this from House of Fraser online well it came this morning, even before I'd had my breakfast the packaging was ripped off and I had it swatched.
Your probably sick of seeing this palette but I'm going to show you anyway :) the palette itself is beautifully designed with a chocolate brown velvet case with gold embossed writing
The colours in the palette are amazing - it has every shade of neutral that you could possibly want from beiges, to tans, to greys and silvers
Swatches - From Left to Right Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck and Half Baked
From Left to Right Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep and Gunmetal
as well as the customary mini Primer Potion you also get a double ended 24/7 eye pencil with the black Zero at one end, and the chocolate brown Whisky at the other end
This is a really gorgeous palette and well deserved of all the hype surrounding it. If you like neutrals you need this it has pretty much everything that you might need. I have had nearly a month of wearing "oolour" on my eyes and I have to say I really have missed my neutral - I can't wait to have a play when September comes xx
I'll be back with my haul from yesterday later xx

Thursday 26 August 2010

Nails Of The Day - Essie Splash Of Grenadine - REDONE

Today I've got a nails of the day for you and I have to say that this is with out a doubt one of the nicest colours that I own.

This is a shade from Essie's Resort Collection. You know how it is when you fall in love with a whole collection of something, which shades or products do you end up buying? I was finding it so hard to choose that I went for one of this mini sets that contained 4, 5ml bottles of polish. Mini sets are great for travel, and they are great for trying out new colours.

This colour is Splash Of Grenadine, and it's a beauty. Instead of being the bright red or pink that you would normally associate with Grenadine, it's a beautiful combination of pink and purple.

Despite the small size of the brush, this polish was a delight to paint, it was quite a decent consistency but you probably do need two coats to achieve the full effect.

The shade is quite hard to capture on film but it's perfect for when you want to add a little bit of happiness to your nails. The shade does deepen slightly with every coat you apply so you really have several colours in one.

I do love Essie as a brand, but like a lot of polish brands their range, is full of inconsistencies, some Essies are good, some to put it politely, in my experience, aren't so good. Splash Of Grenadine though, in my opinion, is a good Essie. Even in the mini size it was easy to paint, and it wore well, although the colour is unusual and hard to describe it isn't that hard to find similar colours on the market, personally though I'm a Splash Of Grenadine devotee, and I can definitely see myself buying the full size in the future x Are you a fan of Essie polishes? Let me know your recommendations in the comments x

Wednesday 25 August 2010

Illamasqua Goodies

I have a strange relationship with Illamasqua I own a few bit some I've loved some have been well so,so. Last week I received an email from Illamasqua containing a discount code - well you know me I love sale or a discount so I placed an order. It came this morning which was pretty impressive. I got an item from my wishlist which was the Cream Blusher in Sob
It's a gorgeous cool toned pink on me which I love and I'm really looking forward to using
I also ordered a Sheer Lipgloss in Electrify, I only have one other Illamasqua lip product a lipstick in Sonnet which to be honest I don't get on with, so I thought I'd try a gloss instead. I have to say Electrify looks pretty scary in the tube, a bright bubblegum pink, but because it's a sheer gloss it's actually a subtle blue based pink on the lips, giving the lips only the slightest hint of colour
First impressions are pretty good on both of these products but we'll see I think I'll give the blush an outing in tomorrows FOTD post, alongside the purple Barry M trio - I love deciding what make up to wear, laying it out the night before and planning what I am going to do the next day - saddo that I am - I don't make it out that often so I like to make an effort :) I'm only planning on getting a couple of things for me tomorrow but as per usual we'll see - it's shopping for my mums birthday with my godmother that's the important thing :)

Tuesday 24 August 2010

Models Own 50% Off Haul

Unless you've been living under a rock you'll know that Models Own are currently in the middle of another 50% off sale (the code to use is FACEBOOK50)The website has been up and down since Friday but I was one of the lucky ones and eventually managed to place my order late on Friday afternoon. Well my parcel came this morning and this is what I got

Top - 6 Way Shape It Buffer
Colours From Right To Left - NP054 Top Turquoise, NP052 Purple Grey, NP037 Pink Blush, NP010 Disco Mix, and NP022 Scarlett Sparkle
I also picked up another one of the eyeshadow duos in DE006 Summers Day
a lovely turquoise and a lilac shade it feels nice and soft and fairly pigmented
So that was my haul I think the code works for the rest of this week so its well worth it if you want to pick up some Models Own goodies xx

Sunday 22 August 2010

Buys From Boots and a Round Up

Me and my mum had a little trip to the Metro Centre on Friday - I say little because we were only there for 45 minutes - my mum wanted to look at something in BHS and I wanted to check out the Urban Decay Naked palette in House of Fraser. Both missions proved a bit of a fail- my mum couldn't find what she wanted in BHS and Metro Centre House Of Fraser no longer stocks Urban Decay grr -on the plus side my mum is now going to buy me the palette when I can eventually get my hands on it ;)So my mum bought Take A Breaks and I bought a few bits in Boots using some vouchers I found whilst clearing out my old purse :)
No 17 currently have a really good offer on spend £6 and a get a free Bronzing Summer Glow Kit so I picked up a back up of the Mirror Shine Lipstick in Nudist Peach, which has to be one of my favourites from the line - the pic here shows my current one which is looking a little sorry for itself
It looks a bit of a scary brown in the bullet but on the lips it's a sheer glossy nude
I also picked up a Fast Finish nail polish in Catwalk Couture - its a gorgeous turquoise colour that I'm definitely taking on holiday with me - it's a perfect match for one of my maxi dresses :)
Anyway on to the freebie the Bronzing Summer Glow Kit is packaged in cardboard packaging with a magnetic closure and a mirror.
In the palette you get two applicators one for bronzer, and one which is double ended with a brush and foam tips. It contains a 3.7g Instant Glow Bronzing Powder in Medium, a 1.4g eyeshadow in Ivory Coast and a 1.4g eyeshadow in Statuesque, and 1.2g Mirror Shine Lipstick in Sugar Daddy
It seems a pretty good freebie to be honest the eyeshadows seem pretty pigmented and wearable, the bronzer had a nice golden, peach tone and looks a lot prettier than it does in the palette, and the Sugar Daddy Mirror Shine is gorgeous, a sheer nude bronze with plenty of gloss and a bit of sparkle - definitely pleased to have this and to be able to try new things.
I also picked up one of the Soap & Glory Face Massage Mini Mitts - I wan't at all keen on the L'Oreal facewash with the scrublet - but I loved the idea of the scrublet so I decided to pick this up as my scrublet is starting to wear out. It's the same idea just a little bit bigger and it's pink :)
So that was my mini haul - I have to say I was a bit narked when I got home because of my lack of Naked palette - I am such a child lol so I placed another few order including one with Models Own who are currently hosting their 50% sale - it took me nearly all afternoon but I managed to place my order in the end (the code is FACEBOOK50 if your interested x) I'll post pics when it comes obviously and I've also placed a little Avon order well I had to, one of the special offers in a Hello Make Up bag :). Nevermind I am currently paying for it through my ebay funds - which reminds me this Saturday and Sunday were / are free listings days on ebay so I will be sticking a few more new and used bits up including some Diane Von Furstenberg, genuine Burberry, Primark, H! By Henry Holland and more so please check out the links in my sidebar x ---> Any questions on anything let me know and a hug Hi to my new followers xx