Wednesday 30 June 2010

An Elemis Surprise

I mentionned a few posts ago that my lovely mummy had bought me something, well it was by Elemis. Last weekend me and my mum watched a few Elemis shows on QVC it was their 15th anniversary on the channel and their 20th anniversary overall so there were loads of good prices. Well after or before one of the shows my mum must have ordered me something that I said I liked - how fab is she :)It was the Elemis favourites collection - I can't wait to have a play with this it contains a few of my essentials but also a few bits I haven't tried

Elemis Balancing Lime Blossom Cleanser 50ml
Elemis Balancing Lavender Toner 50ml
Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream 15ml
Elemis Exotic Frangipani Monoi Bath and Shower Cream 50ml
Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath 60ml
Elemis Vitamin Rich Body Lotion 50ml

They are all perfect sizes for holidays (I need a holiday at the moment so badly) or for trying out new things - Thanks Mum x Any questions on anything please let me know x

Tuesday 29 June 2010

FOTD, New Hair and a Ramble :)

Hiyas I've had a busy 24 hours or so (well for me anyways;) yesterday was the dentists and this morning was my doctors appointment. I had a little chat with my doctor and we have decided to keep my medication at the new levels. It's definitely reducing the pain which has to be a plus point, but I am feeling tired and a bit more zonked out that usual - it's a vicious circle really but I think I'd rather be spaced out than in pain. It was a really productive appointment we talked about new CFS research and he assured me that my shakes and tremors are normal - these have been getting worse over the last few weeks so much so that my arms were physically jerking the other night - still if it's normal in CFS / ME at least I don't have to worry that it has a more sinister cause.
Anyways after the doctors I had a few hours rest and I managed to finish my Zuneta post for tomorrow (I'll post a link for you to comment on tomorrow ;)- then it was back out the door again to the hairdressers - I managed to put on a little bit of slap before I went out so I thought I'd show you as part of some before and after hair pics :)

Silly pic I was in a stupid mode lol
Today I Wore

First Light Mineral Foundation - Breeze In The Beeches*
id Bare Minerals Foundation - Medium Beige (mixed together)
ELF Sheer Mineral Booster
Boots No7 Concealer Palette (all colours mixed)
The Balm Time Balm Concealer - Light*
MAC Prep + Prime Eye Base - Light
MAC Cremeblend Blush - So Sweet, So Easy
MAC MSF Porcelain Pink
MAC Pigment - Vanilla (to highlight brows)
Jemma Kidd Make Up School Iridescent Eye Silk - 02 Mercury (on lids smudged under lower lashes)
Indulge In Beauty Urban Eyes - Modern Eyes Palette - Grey / Lilac only
Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara - Black
MAC Lipstick - Viva Glam Gaga

Silly salon pic - check out my hair accessories x


OK new hair - more blonde highlights, and a side fringe which will make it easier for me to grow out my bangs - I love a full fringe but it is sooo high maintenance
- my make up is the same but I touched up with Revlon Colourburst Lipstick in Baby Pink, and MAC MSF Natural in Light x Hope you get the idea it's started to flop a bit now - it's too hot again honestly it was like a sauna in the hairdressers especially being all gowned and foiled up - anyways sorry I keep going AWOL but I promise I will put up a couple of posts tomorrow including a link to my Zuneta post (did I say I was blogging for Zuneta tomorrow ;), and a post on a pressie my mum bought me :)Oh I almost forgot thanks for all your nice comments regarding my recent health posts and so on- I'm so sorry I haven't been able to respond to many comments yet but I will I promise x

(*provided by companies for review purposes)

Saturday 26 June 2010

Sing A Rainbow

OK don't worry I'm not going to burst into song but I thought I'd show you another pretty picture all thanks to Mother Nature ;) It's been a weird weather day today very overcast, but at the same very hot and sticky. Late this afternoon it started to cloud over then crack all my streets electricity went off - cue house and car alarms wailing, the desperate search for a battery operated radio to listen to Wimbledon and of course no Internet - thanks lightening! Thankfully it came on after half an hour but then the rain started and the thunder argh, oh and then the sun came back out hence my pics - I love rainbows they always make my smile - I love the colours and the shape :)
So now the sun is out big style, it's still raining a bit and I can still hear a few rumbles of thunder eek - hopefully that means it will be nice and sunny tomorrow I have a few new library books so nice morning / early afternoon in the garden before the football sounds like a plan for tomorrow :)
I'm sorry posts and responses have been a bit hitty missy this week I have been feeling a bit under the weather so I am going back to the doctors next week :( I am planning a few posts for next week including a Bon Bon Lip Balm review, a Brush Guard review, a June summary, and of course another post for Zuneta x So don't forget to check back xx

Viva La Nails Stickers Demonstration and Review (Pic Heavy)

About a month ago I was sent a batch of nail art goodies from the lovely people at Viva La Nails. As I said at the time I am going to review each type of decoration individually so I am going to start with in my opinion the easiest embellishment - stickers :) I was kindly sent one packet of nail stickers in a cute, slightly 3D flower / daisy design
As I say I think stickers are one of the easiest places to start when it comes to nail art as you can see here

* First of all carefully peel the sticker from the sheet - I am using tweezers here but you could use an orange stick or cuticle tool
* Carefully place the sticker onto a dry nail - they are pretty sticky so make sure you get your positioning right
* Repeat process till you have finished all your nails or your design
* Paint a top coat over the design and your whole nail - to seal the sticker and to create a smoother surface (I used Jessica Brilliance -review to come)
* Voila my finished design on top of Milani 3D Holographic Nail Lacquer in Cyberspace
I have to say I really liked these the really give a bit of interest to just a normal manicure - You do have to be a bit careful when your peeling them off the sheet and when your placing them, and you have to keep applying top coat every couple of days but other than that they are really easy to use and I have had loads of nice comments whilst wearing them.
I had a little play trying them on different designs, placements and colours and as you can see you can create quite a subtle effect or something which will standout a bit more
Sorry toe shot and the bad paint job ;) this gives a tip effect to my tootsies on top of Nails Inc Instyle Beach
As an accent on my little fingers using Mavala Nicosia
Over Butter London Jelly in Twee as a thumb nail accent
and finally over a french shade Eyeko Petite Polish on all my nails
I've been pretty basic here but I hope you get the idea - I think these are a great idea for holidays, especially on the toes and for days when your polish just looks a bit boring. I will definitely be picking up some more of these - they come in loads of different designs including coloured stickers. Christmas, metallics and more. They are available from Viva La Nails for around £1.95 -My next Viva La Nails review will be water decals so keep checking back for that xx

(I was kindly sent this product for review purposes but that hasn't affected my review in anyway)

Wednesday 23 June 2010

I'm Blogging For Zuneta :)

I just thought I'd let you know that I am guest blogging over at Zuneta today - I am doing a review of Hei Poa Pur Monoi Tahiti Oil in Tiare - a fabulous multi use product :) I would really appreciate it if you would check out my post and leave me a comment. Please check out my post here Thanks In Advance x

Tuesday 22 June 2010

This Made Me Happy

Time for a bit of a pointless post. I forgot to post this earlier but I took a few pics of the sky / sunset on the longest day which was of course yesterday. I don't know why it just made me happy - it looks so beautiful - the true beauty of nature in two photographs



More Cooking With Louise :) - Indonesian Rice With Tofu?

I've really enjoyed doing my birthday recipe posts for you so I thought I'd maybe start doing a few more of my favourite recipes on my blog :) I've made this one for quite a few years now after originally seeing the recipe on an empty tofu box. It's official name is Indonesian Rice With Tofu, but it's probably more of a curried egg fried rice with tofu. It's an ideal quick supper, or lunch dish that takes less than half an hour to make. It's vegetarian and providing you use the right ingredients it's gluten free. It's not the most appetising looking but it tastes yummy and it's so filling -enjoy! (oh and sorry the pics changed dramatically half way, my batteries died and I had to use my mobile camera)

Indonesian Rice With Tofu

5oz Rice (I used Basmati)
1/2 Pack Firm Tofu
1 Pepper
6 x Spring Onions
2 x Cloves Garlic
1 Egg
1-2 tbs Curry Paste
Soy Sauce to taste
1 tbs Oil


1.) Add the oil and chopped or crushed garlic to a pan

2.) Dice the Tofu, and the Pepper and add to the pan

3.) In the meantime cook your rice until tender (my water is brown because I have added soy sauce to the water instead of salt)

4.) Chop up your spring onions - I find a pair of scissors the easiest way to do it
and break the egg into a cup or small bowl

5.) When the garlic, and peppers have started to soften and the tofu has started to brown add the spring onions

6.) Then add your curry paste, and stir in - cook this for a minute or two

In the meantime drain your cooked rice

7.) Stir your cooked rice into the pan until all the ingredients are combined

8.) Add a tablespoon or so of soy sauce and mix in

9.) Make a well in the pan and add the egg, when it starts to set, mix it into the rice and heat for a minute or so

10.) Voila - it may look a bit bleurgh but it yum :)

Hints and Tips

* I use Cauldron Foods Organic Tofu which is available in most major supermarkets - if I'm only using half of it I put the other half in a bowl of water in the fridge where it will last for a few days providing you change the water everyday
* You can use any variety of curry paste you like - you get different flavours depending on what paste you use - I used Pataks Madras paste here
* If your gluten intolerant check that our curry paste and soy sauce are safe to eat - I use Sanchi Tamari Soy Sauce
* You can alter the amounts to taste - I usually add more garlic, you can also vary the amount of curry paste and soy to taste
* You can also add soy afterwards to taste, and garnish with peanuts and coriander
* This recipe serves two comfortably but you can double the recipe easily
* You can use any colour pepper you like I've used green here but it's more pleasing on the eye if you use a red, which looks nicer with the yellow of the rice and the green of the spring onions

Any questions please let me know xx

Another Prize From No17

I was lucky enough to win yet another prize on Facebook from the lovely people at Boots No17. No it wasn't nail varnish this time instead it was something from their new limited edition Precious Metal collection.
I can't find a name anywhere on it but this is the lipgloss released with the collection - their description of it is "a sheer lipgloss with a hint of shimmering gold" and they aren't wrong - it looks quite scary in the tube and on the wand
but it actually a very sheer coral / red with a smattering of gold sparkle - very pretty for summer :) Any questions please let me know and I'll see you later with a recipe ;)

Monday 21 June 2010

Dior Ultra Shimmering All Over Face Powder - Amber Diamond - Swatches

I succumbed to the hype last month and bought this from Garden pharmacy and I have to say I like it. Yes that is what I said I like it I don't love it. In my opinion it's not original or special enough, I already have a couple of far cheaper products that produce a similar effect so on reflection it wasn't really a must have. Never the less I bought and I probably will use it so nothings lost really. A few people have requested some swatches of it so here you go
Colours Swatched Individually
Colours Swirled Together
Any questions please leT me know xx

Saturday 19 June 2010

Boots Hauling

Well I'm nearly at my spending limit for June but I am pleased with how strong I am being this month :)
I popped to Boots yesterday for some essentials i.e Botanics eye make up remover :) and I also picked up a few bits from No17. If you read just about any other blog you will probably have seen these before but I have to say they are nice - I got two Mirror Shine Lipsticks -Left - Nudist Peach, Right - you've guessed it Bee Hive :)
They really are nice not the most pigmented but they add a lovely sheen to your lips - I saw another couple of colours I might like too ;)
Because I spent more than £6 on No17 (the lipsticks are £4.49 each) I got a free gift the Wish You Were Here Travel Make Up Kit
In the box you get a 17 Waterproof Mascara, a 17 Ultimate Volume Lipstick in Pink Ice and a 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish in Pink Grapefruit
Any questions on anything please let me know xx

Friday 18 June 2010

Customer Service Rave - Liz Earle

My lovely mummy was kind enough to order me a bottle of Liz Earle cleanse and polish the other day whilst it was at the special 15th anniversary price. Well it came yesterday and they were kind enough to throw in a full size Eyebright, and a travel size Skin Tonic as well as two muslin cloths (not pictured) I have always been 100% impressed with their customer service - they really reward loyalty and really seem to look after their customers , it was so nice of them to send me some freebies and I really appreciate it - huge thumbs up to Liz Earle x

Tuesday 15 June 2010

Superdrug Haul and A Health Update

I had an early doctors appointment this morning - I've been feeling beyond awful lately so I wanted to see if there was anything else they could do. It seems pretty likely now that I have Fibromyalgia as well as CFS - my muscle pains and spasms have been steadily getting worse and appearing in different parts of my body. So I have had my medication increased so I am now going to be taking tablets throughout the day and not just a night. Hopefully this will help my pain levels during the day, on the downside the meds might make me even sleepier but we are going to see how I get on,so I'll be going back in a fortnight.

Anyways on to happier things - my mum wanted to pop to Argos for a new clothes airer (the cats keep climbing on them and breaking them ) so I popped into Superdrug - I was initially going to try and get my hands on More magazine to get a Free Barry M Dazzle Dust but I missed out I didn't realise More was fortnightly or is it weekly:( Never mind I went in anyway and this is what I got

Just in case you haven't got time to watch this ;) I'll tell you what I got too :) No pics unfortunately but if you want to see something in particular let me know. I got two pair of earring, some small gold hearts,and some silver tone dangly bows. I also picked up the L'oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray Cheryl edition, some Nivea Soft Moisture Cream, a Solait Self Tan Mitt, and another Scarlett and Crimson Cream Eyeshadow Trio in The Smokey Trio

Any questions please let me know - I have a full review of the Scarlett and Crimson Cream Shadows to come x

Monday 14 June 2010

No17 Prize Goodies

Boots No17 recently launched on both Facebook and twitter and I was lucky enough to be their 100th fan on Facebook so they very kindly sent me a goodie bag containing some of their lovely new nail polish colours

From left to right - High Gloss Nail Polishes in Miami and Sphinx, and Lasting Fix Nail Polishes in Mint Choc Chip and Tropical Island
Huge thank you to everyone at No17 - these are some gorgeous colours for summer and I can't wait to have a play xx You can expect to see these in nail of the day soon :) Any questions please ask xx

Sunday 13 June 2010

MAC Bronze Body Oil / Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or, Swatches and Comparison

Last month saw the release of MAC big summer collection To The Beach. One of the products released with the collection was the Bronze Body Oil, of course I picked it and then later realised it was pretty similar to something I already owned - Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or (Multi-Usage Dry Oil Golden Shimmer). So I thought I'd do a bit of a comparison post for you.

MAC To The Beach Bronze Body Oil
Released as a limited edition product with the To The Beach Collection - it comes in a 50ml spray / pump action spray dispenser similar to fix + It's has a slightly thick dry oil texture but dispenses easily
I have to say it's quite scary when you initially start to spread it - it looks very dark
as you spread it out though disappointingly it doesn't give much colour just a slight light bronze / gold gleam shimmer which is a little bit more obvious than it appears here
Where it is more obvious is on your fingers sparkly hands anyone


According to MAC this oil contains botanicals to soften smooth and moisturise the skin, it has no real smell to it and it does appear to soften the skin but not in the long term. Like most products like this it would probably look much better with a tan - with a tan it would certainly add a shimmer to tanned limbs, and shoulders but disappointingly it doesn't really add much colour on its own. This is a limited edition item which is available from MAC for £15.50 so get it quick x

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or
This was something me and Mummy LouLou joint purchased a few years ago and I have to admit I'd forgotten about it - eek. Famous with many beauty editors this is another multi use, dry oil. Again a 50ml bottle but this time in glass, it certainly looks a lot more elegant than the MAC one. The product dispenses through a hole in the top
not the most easy of dispensers to use because the oil is a little runnier than the MAC equivalent. The immediate difference to the MAC one is the colour - this one is most definitely gold.
being lighter in texture it spreads more quickly and leaves a light gold sheen / shimmer to the skin - again it's not an obvious colour change but it leaves a nice sheen to the skin (more so irl) and slightly less sparkly fingers :)
Suitable for use on the face, body and hair as well as adding a subtle gold gleam to the skin this pleasant smelling dry oil does seem to leave the skin a lot softer probably due to the Vitamin E content. This oil from French brand Nuxe is available from several major retailers including Space NK for around £26
I hope this was helpful - if you miss out on the MAC one there are several similar items on the market including the Nuxe one and I also believe Illamasqua now do a similar dry oil. These are by no means an essential but they are a lovely holiday product ideal for adding shimmer and depth to a tan. Any questions please ask x