Friday 4 June 2010

Mini ASOS Haul

Hiya I did this in video format for my You Tube channel - If there any any questions or you want to see anything in more detail please leave me a comment xx


  1. I love that handbag necklace and I agree! Cats love boxes!

  2. And when did they start doing free postage? I just can't help myself now....

  3. Great haul! I love the necklace, My cats love boxes too! & Primark bags (strange cat) whenever I buy anything from there and go to chuck out the bag, I always find my cat asleep inside! XO

  4. i've never watched any of your videos before, i don't really watch any, prefer reading blogs but I have to say I love you even more now!when i do watch videos after reading someone's blog they never sound how i expect them too either!off to watch some more of your vids now!
    oh and i love the top and the watch!

  5. Nice haul :). Love watching your videos, love the accent ;) x


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