Saturday 26 June 2010

Sing A Rainbow

OK don't worry I'm not going to burst into song but I thought I'd show you another pretty picture all thanks to Mother Nature ;) It's been a weird weather day today very overcast, but at the same very hot and sticky. Late this afternoon it started to cloud over then crack all my streets electricity went off - cue house and car alarms wailing, the desperate search for a battery operated radio to listen to Wimbledon and of course no Internet - thanks lightening! Thankfully it came on after half an hour but then the rain started and the thunder argh, oh and then the sun came back out hence my pics - I love rainbows they always make my smile - I love the colours and the shape :)
So now the sun is out big style, it's still raining a bit and I can still hear a few rumbles of thunder eek - hopefully that means it will be nice and sunny tomorrow I have a few new library books so nice morning / early afternoon in the garden before the football sounds like a plan for tomorrow :)
I'm sorry posts and responses have been a bit hitty missy this week I have been feeling a bit under the weather so I am going back to the doctors next week :( I am planning a few posts for next week including a Bon Bon Lip Balm review, a Brush Guard review, a June summary, and of course another post for Zuneta x So don't forget to check back xx


  1. I love new library books. Something to look forward to!

  2. hope you feel better soon

  3. My electric went off too!
    I was watching come dine with me and then suddenly the tele went off. Then I heard all the alarms going off. What a nightmare haha xx


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