Thursday 10 June 2010

Magazine Freebies and A Rant :)

OK you've probably read a billion and one posts like this over the last few days but never mind I just want to make you all aware of some fabulous freebies with your UK magazine. As well as super bags in InStyle and Elle this month, you can also get a free Jemma Kidd lipgloss in Red magazine and these fabulous bits - that your probably sick of hearing about lol
Glamour magazine is giving away a free Benefit pencil in July's issue - you can chose from the "It Stick" concealer, "eye bright" eye brightener, and "Bad Gal" black eyeliner pencil - I of course got all 3 but it's not bad when you consider that each magazine is only £2 and the combined cost of the freebies is over £45 - bargain!
I also picked up another copy of Marie Claire - At the moment I am majorly hacked off - I subscribe to Marie Claire and yesterday my issue came but half the pages were ripped and unreadable:( and as per usual subscription issues don't come with free gifts! I have sent an email complaining but as yet I've had no response - come on Marie Claire IPC Media get your fingers out grrr. Anyway I ended up buying another copy to read and to get the free gift which is a free 100ml bottle of Cowshed bath and shower gel - there were several to choose from so I chose Knackered Cow - Relaxing - with lavender and eucalyptus - yum!
So lots of goodies out there for you UK readers this month - oh and if you get Cosmopolitan this month there is a free novel and inside there is a little twitter quote from me on the cosmo woman - I'm famous lol

Edited to add - I've had a response from Marie Claire - they are adding another issue to my subscription - better than nothing I suppose....


  1. Yay... you got yours too! hehe. Fab arnt they.


  2. I got the concealer with Glamour.
    A Jemma Kidd - Candy. I really like it.

    And I want Cowshed but they only had Lavender which I don't like.

    Freebies are fab.
    And these aren't rubbishy.

  3. My Glamour subscription always provides the free gifts, and Elle as well. You should tell Marie Claire that, because they are good competition.

    Congrats on your fame!

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  5. I need at least one Glamour!

    I cancelled my subscription to Marie Claire for the same reason you are ranting!

  6. I just blogged about Glamour too. Fab freebie.

    Can't believe they don't give subscribers freebies! What a cheek.

    E x

  7. We went out and grabbed all three benefit pencils too! Who can resist free make up?

    Love the blog!


  8. I got the Bad Gal liner, i've wanted to try it for ages but have been wary about veering away from my trusty UD 24/7.


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