Saturday 25 August 2007

Funny Pic Of My Bairn!

I just thought this was a funny, if slightly scary picture of Jasper that you might like!

Diplomas, Holiday Shopping, Diets and Housework!

I have came to the ultimate conclusion that ME sucks!
I have managed to do a little bit of holiday clothes shopping in the last week or so but by god am I paying for it now. We went on thursday morning and now on Saturday I am still completely shattered - I feel like I have been bleedin kicked! I am now trying to do some essential tidying whilst sitting in an office chair!!!!
At least the diet is going well another half a stone and I will be bikini ready! Only problem is my favourite jeans are now to loose - you win some you lose some LOL !
Another positive is that I have passed my psychology diploma - at long last I got my final grade and it was yet another A! I am really chuffed despite my MSc and stuff I was never an A grade student but I have proven to myself that despite my ME I can still achieve something! Wahoo for me! Thanks too to Dawn for the homemade congratulations card !
Talking of homemade I have also just finished my New York holiday scrapbook - I am reallly pleased with it - it is a great reminder of a great holiday experience! I will try and put a few pics on when I get a moment so you can all have a look at my hard work!
Plans for the week to come not a lot - attempting more tidying, maybe making a few cards for my mums birthday, chilling and having a good rest! If I wasn't in pain life wouldn't be bad! LOL!

Saturday 11 August 2007

Passports, Refunds, Contemplation and Nausea!

It's been a funny week for me!

Ridiculous summer heat and a nasty virus has lead to almost constant nausea and sweating fits! Bleurgh! Feeling a bit better now though thank goodness!

I have spent my time reading a huge pile of library books - all of which my mum described as miserable! Ruth Picardie - Before I Say Goodbye, Justine Picardie - If The Spirit Moves You, Frank Gardner - Blood and Sand and Rachel North- Out Of The Tunnel. I also have another batch looking at similar experiences. Why am I reading books that are sad and make me cry? I don't know really lots of reasons - all these books are about people who have a positive and strong outlook despite terrible experiences and circumstances, and that maybe makes me put my own life and problems into perspective! I would recommend every single one of them if you want to read a book that really makes you think!

I eventually got my Dorothy Perkins discount after nearly 3 months but no apology - charming!

Still waiting for my course mark after resubmitting it because they lost it ! Grrrr!

Big news this week is that my mummy has booked a nice holiday for the two of us in October to a lovely looking 4 * hotel in Cyprus. Fabbity fab - hopefully nice weather and a bit cooler by going later on in the year! Cue more shopping! and having to fork out a fortune on passport renewal (to be on the safe side 8) !!!) and travel insurance for ill people!!! Hurrah!
Diet going OK but I have had a major cheese craving lately which can't be solved ho hum - will have to work harder to look half decent on the sun lounger!