Thursday 30 April 2009

Whoops - More Beauty Treats + Some Fashion Bits

I've bought a couple of fab beauty bits to celebrate my new hair over the last few days- naughty me ! I made a quick trip to Superdrug this week and bought some fab bits to experiment with - some fab green Barry M nail polish which is so fresh and spring like, some NYC eyeshadow which comes with a mixing medium to make it into a liner - really looking forward to playing with this, some fab Sleek turquoise eye dazzle powder, and some GOSH foundation primer. OK I didn't really need another primer but my skin is so oily and my pores feel and look so open at the moment my Smashbox one just doesn't seem to be working any more :( so I thought I would give this one a go - fingers crossed. I've also succumbed to two QVC TSV's this week - a Leighton Denny nail polish kit and some nail polish remover and hand cream, and today's Laura Geller TSV(see pic). I love her baked make up especially the Balance and Brighten - I actually did want the lighter version to go with my new lighter hair and the TSV provided a cheaper way of getting it as well as some fab other goodies so yet again I weakened but I know I'll love it all so that's some compensation. I also made a little wobble on the Top Shop website - It could have been worse but I was a good girl and only ordered 2 bits from the Barbara Hulanicki for Top Shop range a gorgeous silk scarf and a shoe print vest - remarkably restrained for me!

So summing up April - yes its been another absolute disaster spending diet wise - I couldn't abstain if I tried - there is always May but this is my birthday month and that means discounts, shopping and fingers crossed birthday money. Wish me luck yet again ;)

Tuesday 28 April 2009

Louise Has Been Blonded

Just a few quick pics of my new hair colour - sorry they are a bit crap it is really hard to take pics of your own hair

Monday 27 April 2009

ME and Make Up

I woke up this morning feeling yuck - ME symptoms back and full on with a vengeance -yuck, yuck, yuck - I feel like I've been hit be a bus and been denied sleep for a week :( Reluctantly I have had to cancel my trip to the Newcastle V Portsmouth game tonight (sorry Dawn) in the hope that I can regain a bit of energy for the hairdressers tomorrow (believe me even a trip to the hairdressers requires more energy than I have at the moment!) Instead of the match I see an afternoon and evening tucked up under my quilt with some chick lit and Ugly Betty DVDs
Never mind on the plus side my mum has ordered me a make up kit in Luscious Greens from By Lauren Luke for my birthday :) . For those of you who don't know Lauren became famous for doing make up tutorials on you tube under the name Panacea81 I think she's great - a normal, natural girl with a great talent and a fellow North East girl to boot - good luck Lauren :)

Saturday 25 April 2009

A Catch Up - Weak As I Am

Ok - its time to confess my sins !

As predicted the shopping trip with my godmother was a bit of a wobble for me and it again showed how weak I am when it comes to shopping - It start off well - I returned my New Look dress and didn't buy a thing in the process. It was a bit of a shame actually I normally love everything Giles Deacon does and I have at least one piece from each of his previous collections for New Look but I have to say I was pretty disappointed by this one which launched on Thursday- nothing screamed buy me for once, it was all exposed zips, studs and weird shapes :( - not flattering on me at all. So one shop down no purchases, next came H&M. Oh dear - I majorly fell down in here buying some fab tops and vests in gorgeous bright shades of orange and blue, some super blue suede gloves for only £3, and a gorgeous orange and peach corsage(see pic). To be fair I love all of these items and will get a load of wear out of them, oh and they forgot to charge me for one of the vests - I feel a tiny bit guilty about this one but it was the cashiers mistake and I didn't realise till I got home ! Next I went to Primark - for a change nothing really grabbed me in there and I just got a couple of things - yet another nightie, a lovely cream metal flower brooch, and some yummy sunglasses (see pic of side detail) - not bad.
The next shop we went into was Superdrug - oh dear - I got my Maybelline Foundation as I said I would and it had £2 off so I was well chuffed but I also bought some leg wax and some hair removal cream (essentials), some false eyelashes (the Eyelure Girls Aloud - Cheryl ones), and a GOSH eyeshadow stick. It gets worse - then I got some Lush Goodies (including my holy grail Jasmine Henna Fluff Ease Conditioner) and this tribal tankini from Next although I only paid £5 for it because I still had my £25 gift card so that wasn't so bad. Bad enough you may think well it got worse again I ordered another Sesame Street nightdress "Make Cookies Not War" and a necklaces Top Shop , and got an eyeshadow from Boots- Whoops. I have to admit though that it could have been so much worse - as well as the Giles stuff I was just a bit mwwwahh about the majority of stuff in the shops. Maybe I am losing my shopping mojo - I hope so. Still I managed to get a few bits which my Godmother is going to keep till my birthday so that's something to look forward to in what is going to be a hard week or so.
My mum went for her pre operative assessment at the hospital yesterday and it looks as though she is going to be going in for her operation in a weeks time - she has to go for some bloods on Thursday but it looks pretty much nailed on. We both got a bit upset and emotional about things last night but sometimes you need that to clear the air and get things out in the open - we are both pretty emotional people and we sometimes keep things to ourselves and then it kind of explodes - yesterday was one of those days - Still onwards and upwards -OK some things aren't great my own health included but my ebays are selling well, I love my mum and my family and I have some amazing friends - I have a lot to be thankful for x

Thursday 23 April 2009

Tweet Tweet

I have joined the groovy people on Twitter - Not a 100% convinced yet on why I bothered but feel free to follow me

Louise on Twitter

Wednesday 22 April 2009

Getting Things Done

I must admit I have had a pretty productive couple of days for a change My craft room /study is gradually sorting itself out - I must admit though I didn't think I had as much craft stuff as what I've got - paper, cards, ribbons, eek - all so pretty but all needing a place to live ;) - never mind its getting there.
I have also managed a lot of ebay listing, and my first lot of sales is pretty encouraging - so much so in fact that I have sorted out another few batches of things to list)
My diet is also going pretty well - I was pretty shocked at how much I'd put over Easter so I suppose its spurred me on a bit - lots of water, loads of fruit and veg - the new healthy me ;)
So where has she slipped up you may ask? erm the spending diet! Well I am classing it as an essential purchase to be honest; I treated myself to some new make up brushes from - I already have some decent MAC, Ruby and Millie and Molton Brown Brushes but a lot of mine are of the 40 brushes for a tenner variety :( cue lots of hair loss and rough bristles so I am classing the few I have bought as an investment purchase which I am hoping will improve my make up application :)
Never mind I predict another wobble tomorrow - my shopping trip with my godmother - eeek!!!!

Monday 20 April 2009

Rememberance, Realisation and Reality - A Bit Of A Ramble ?

It's been a strange day so far in many ways. Today would have been my dads 65th birthday. My mum and I visited the cemetery this morning to put some flowers on the grave - I chose some lovely pink and white lillies -a beautiful flower with an unforgettable fragrance for an unforgettable person...Unlike some people I don't think I ever feel truly sad when I visit a cemetery - the one feeling that always comes out is love - all those beautiful flowers, teddy bears and windmills all symbolise how much people really are loved even when they are gone. I can't believe he's been gone nearly 7 years so much has changed in that time especially me - I'm a completely different person than I was then - I feel have grown up so much - I only hope that I've changed for the better...

Well I'm certainly a lot fatter than I was then - I have part on 3lbs since before Easter which is just a disaster I was doing so well and I am nearly back to square 1. Never mind I am starting again today by making some lovely Butternut Squash Soup - I am making a whole load so I can put some in the freezer for some healthy lunches and dinners which I can heat up when I haven't got much energy

Oh one plus today I didn't spend any money - I was really tempted by some bright, colour block vests from The Factory Bargain Shop at 2 for £10 but I resisted. I might have a wobble later on in the week though I am going for a pre birthday shopping trip hopefully on Thursday with my Godmother eek! I am definitely taking my New Look dress back so that might give me a tiny bit of money to play with ;) Oh another thing I am an avid hoarder of those magazine freebie sample sachets and I very rarely use them bar when I go on holiday, but today I tried a sachet of Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation - OMG I love this stuff ! My mum said I looked more healthy, and what had a done to my face ? Wow that is impressive for me, but what does that show if I look better in a drugstore brand of foundation as oppose to my usual MAC or Clarins foundation? Hmm maybe cheaper beauty is the way to go! I am going to try and pick some of this up on Thursday - Here's hoping for a special offer!!!

Friday 17 April 2009

Regaining Some Focus

I haven't updated since my self hating episode a few days ago but I feel in a slightly better place today and I feel a bit more focused on the things I want to achieve

I had a shocking start to the week :( All the junk I had eaten over the Easter weekend seriously caught up with me and I got the most evil case of IBS I have had for a long time. Really sorry if this is a bit TMI but I was in agony for two days - yuck, yuck - I am now trying to get my eating and diet back on track again - I was too scared to get on the scales this week but I will definitely by facing the music on Monday. In the meantime less junk food and plenty of fruit, veg and fibre.

I don't think I said anything but a few weeks ago I eventually got a new desk - my old one collapsed just before Christmas due to a complete overload of junk, so I decided to take this opportunity to overhaul the entire room and to really sort my craft storage out. Its taking a bit longer than I anticipated (damn ME) but in the last couple of days I have finally got round to some serious organising and sorting out.

My decluttering and organising in other areas is also back on track again because believe it or not I have eventually started my ebay listings - fair enough I still I have loads of items still to list but its a start and things are selling well so far - fingers crossed

I did make a tiny splurge this week but for once it made me truly happy - After seeing a pic of Emma from Magpie Sparkles fab China Glazed sparkly turquoise nails I though it would be rude not to copy her, so I got some China Glaze nail polishes from ebay. I'll try and put some pics up when I get my cuticle work done - Thanks Emma for introducing me to a new addiction - China Glaze :)

Sunday 12 April 2009

Happy Easter!!!!

The diet has been abandoned for a few days so I can eat lots of chocolate :) Thought you might like to see my Easter cake - yum!

Friday 10 April 2009

Newcastle V Chelsea Pics

Eek I have been out of the house three times this week - to the supermarket, to the Metro Centre (argh!) and last Saturday I made it to the match - OK you are probably collapsing at the idea that I managed to leave the house three times in a week but believe me I am suffering for it now. Two of the visits ended up in the already described shopping trips, but the first visit of the week was to Newcastle to see Alan Shearers managerial debut for Newcastle United against Chelsea. OK we lost and I was sore as hell for a day or so afterwards but at least I managed to take some good photos - the rest are on my facebook page but here is an idea :)

Wednesday 1 April 2009

A New Start??

Well I have officially written March off as far as the spending ban is concerned - I spent over £300 last month on clothes :( and probably half as much again on beauty goodies (including my fab new B&Q tool / beauty box -see pic). Today is the start of a new month and the day my spending diet starts again. Wish me luck - I promise I will do better x