Monday 27 April 2009

ME and Make Up

I woke up this morning feeling yuck - ME symptoms back and full on with a vengeance -yuck, yuck, yuck - I feel like I've been hit be a bus and been denied sleep for a week :( Reluctantly I have had to cancel my trip to the Newcastle V Portsmouth game tonight (sorry Dawn) in the hope that I can regain a bit of energy for the hairdressers tomorrow (believe me even a trip to the hairdressers requires more energy than I have at the moment!) Instead of the match I see an afternoon and evening tucked up under my quilt with some chick lit and Ugly Betty DVDs
Never mind on the plus side my mum has ordered me a make up kit in Luscious Greens from By Lauren Luke for my birthday :) . For those of you who don't know Lauren became famous for doing make up tutorials on you tube under the name Panacea81 I think she's great - a normal, natural girl with a great talent and a fellow North East girl to boot - good luck Lauren :)

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