Friday 21 September 2007

Friends, FAT, and Lactic Acid!

Had my usual week of bits and bobs happening. The week started off by meeting Helen and her bit of fluff Ken who were up north for a few days (Hi Guys!). It was my first meeting with Ken and I have to be honest and say he seemed canny! If you know me I am always very honest so this is a good sign of approval from me!
Me and my mum went to the Metro Centre on Wednesday to do a bit of shopping (see my Primark thread) and have a meal. We had a lovely meal in Chiquitos - they have a new menu out and I had a lovely filling Spanish omelette's but there a few more menu choices which are all possibilities for food allergy awkward girl me.
Only problem is for the next two days I felt absolutely lousy aches, pains , exhausted - generally bleurghhhh! Damn you lactic acid build up! Typical every time I go anywhere and feel normal I feel so bleedin awful afterwards - must improve pacing!
Another negative is that from Wednesday onwards I have eaten like a bleedin horse! Today is the only good day I have had diet wise since then - I am really going to have to show some serious willpower if I am going to hit my holiday target!
Plans - more serious rest so I can hopefully make the Newcastle V West Ham game on Sunday afternoon and maybe some thinking about my holiday packing

Primark Makes Me Scream!

There is a fab article in this months British Elle by Sarra Manning entitled "In Primark no one can hear you scream"
I went to Primark for the first time in a bit on Wednesday and I have to say I couldn't agree more! Clothes chucked all over the floor, chavs everywhere, and queues stretching halfway round the shop grr!
OK I got some lovely cheap stuff but it gets worse - I got two cardigans in black and teal both exactly the same bar the colour so I only tried one on. I got home and realised the teal cardi was on the wrong hanger and was two sizes too small.
Thankfully my mum went and exchanged it today for me - unsurprisingly enough the only one left was the one in the size I wanted on the hanger that matched the size I ended up with!
I think I have learnt a lesson here - always check the size on the garment not the hanger!

Saturday 15 September 2007

Guilty Pleasures - Part 4 - IKEA!

Don't you just love it !

Cheap as chips self assembly furniture, free catalogues and pencils ;), more tealights than you can shake a stick at and free drink refills in the Cafe - you can always find something you just can't live without!

However what IKEA really does well is its foodie stuff. Obviously being veggie the herring and the meatballs are out but yummy dime bars and cakes are most definitely in! Being a fussy foodie and not being able to eat gluten IKEA sells amazing chocolate and safe cheesecake esq desserts including Blabarskaka, a kind of yummy blueberry cheesecake, and the amazing Almondy tart with Dime bar topping! Drooooooooool !

Gluten Free goodies which are definitely a much loved Lou Lou Guilty Pleasure!!

Sunday 9 September 2007

Mam's Birthday Yum Yums !!! Nigella Eat Your Heart Out!

As you know it was my mum's birthday on Friday -Happy Birthday Mum! - Being the lovely daughter that I am I decided to make her a yummy birthday meal!

I slaved over a hot stove all day and made her a yummy mushroon lasagne! (I got the recipe from here but used gluten free lasagne and a homemade gluten free cheese sauce It is absolutely gorgeous and a real change from usual veggie lasagne offerings - we just finished it today and it gets better the longer you leave it - drool!

Also heated up some gluten free garlic and rosemary bread, and made my own garlic and herb butter to go with it!

For afters we had a pudding I got from the Barefoot Contessa cookbook - Frozen Berries in Hot White Chocolate Sauce - yummmmmy!

By the end we were totally stuffed and the diet had gone right out the window - never mind it isn't everyday we eat that well and it was gorgeous - I have had indigestion all weekend it was so rich and I am sure I haven't lost any weight I may even have put some on!

Damn pleasure = pain karma!

More Craft!

Well eventually manged to get my Mum's birthday cards made - a lot of work on these the forget me not flowers are all hand coloured but it keeps me busy!

I also managed to make a Thank You card for one of my friends!

Thursday 6 September 2007

Christmas Comes Early!!!!

Just popped into the Supermarket today for a few bits and look what I saw! Chocolate Santa's, Selection Boxes and even Advent Calendars! It has only just turned September! There is no use me buying stuff like that now - I would have eaten it all by Christmas! LOL!

New York Scrapbook Pics

Here a a few pics of my New York Scrapbook Album as promised The Statue of Liberty, Shopping!, the Chrysler Building and Manhattan Skyline!

Tuesday 4 September 2007

Heinz Tomato Soup - A Great British Institution !

Funny Pic Alert!

The title says it all really - a true cornerstone of British society reflected in my Pyrex dish!

I swished the tin out with a bit of milk and poured it in the bowl - microwaved it for a minute - took it out to give it a stir and look -a good representation of the British Isles !!!!

Shame I couldn't sell it on ebay like the Virgin Mary Toast or the Lincoln French Fry! LOL!!!

Shopping Bargain !

Due to aforementioned nasty letter from the bank my purse strings are indeed tightening before my holidays! I have listed some bits on ebay to try and make a bit of cash but in the meantime I am looking in the bargain basement of the fashion world!

I managed to get this fab tunic dress from George at Asda for only £2 in the sale - Bargain!!!

Ears, Photos, Nasty Letters and Hummus !!!!

I don't think I ever have a week which doesn't involve some sort of drama.

All my plans for last week pretty much disappeared. I felt yucky pretty much all week... By Saturday I felt bleurghhhhhhh forcing me to cancel my opticians appointment and to cancel my trip to the Newcastle / Wigan game (Sorry Again Dawn!) Typical the game in the game I miss Newcastle win their first home game since February! (Which reminds me good luck at West Ham Nobby we will miss you x)

Anyways I had a doctors appointment for today anyways and it only turns out I have an ear infection!!!!!!! Cue the nice pic of me with cotton wool and ear drops in which I have decided to treat you all too - fan bleedin tastic!!

It always seems to be the way when your feeling yucky things go wrong and you end up having to rush round and do things you never expected too and this week has been no different. My new passport photos were rejected because I was wearing glasses!!!! so I had to shell out £3.50 to get another set done - fingers crossed my new set are OK - I am rapidly running out of time!!!! Then today I got a rubbishy letter from the bank cue more running around and stress! Least said about this the better really but its all sorted now!!!

On a positive note I got some super dooper Yankee candles this week, in Jasmine, Baby Powder, Sheer Gardenia, and Pineapple Citrus - I love my smelly candles! Also made some lovely hummus today too which is yummy so very pleased about that! I also found out that my mate Helen (of Prospero the bear fame) is definitely coming up this month so that is something to look forward too!

Plans for the rest of the week plenty of rest, card making and making my mums birthday meal on Friday :) - I am also taking the kitties for their injections, planning on doing some ebay listing, some blogging and maybe a bit of light yoga, hmmm - I think though I will take each day as it comes my life never seems to go as planned