Tuesday 4 September 2007

Ears, Photos, Nasty Letters and Hummus !!!!

I don't think I ever have a week which doesn't involve some sort of drama.

All my plans for last week pretty much disappeared. I felt yucky pretty much all week... By Saturday I felt bleurghhhhhhh forcing me to cancel my opticians appointment and to cancel my trip to the Newcastle / Wigan game (Sorry Again Dawn!) Typical the game in the game I miss Newcastle win their first home game since February! (Which reminds me good luck at West Ham Nobby we will miss you x)

Anyways I had a doctors appointment for today anyways and it only turns out I have an ear infection!!!!!!! Cue the nice pic of me with cotton wool and ear drops in which I have decided to treat you all too - fan bleedin tastic!!

It always seems to be the way when your feeling yucky things go wrong and you end up having to rush round and do things you never expected too and this week has been no different. My new passport photos were rejected because I was wearing glasses!!!! so I had to shell out £3.50 to get another set done - fingers crossed my new set are OK - I am rapidly running out of time!!!! Then today I got a rubbishy letter from the bank cue more running around and stress! Least said about this the better really but its all sorted now!!!

On a positive note I got some super dooper Yankee candles this week, in Jasmine, Baby Powder, Sheer Gardenia, and Pineapple Citrus - I love my smelly candles! Also made some lovely hummus today too which is yummy so very pleased about that! I also found out that my mate Helen (of Prospero the bear fame) is definitely coming up this month so that is something to look forward too!

Plans for the rest of the week plenty of rest, card making and making my mums birthday meal on Friday :) - I am also taking the kitties for their injections, planning on doing some ebay listing, some blogging and maybe a bit of light yoga, hmmm - I think though I will take each day as it comes my life never seems to go as planned

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