Friday 21 September 2007

Friends, FAT, and Lactic Acid!

Had my usual week of bits and bobs happening. The week started off by meeting Helen and her bit of fluff Ken who were up north for a few days (Hi Guys!). It was my first meeting with Ken and I have to be honest and say he seemed canny! If you know me I am always very honest so this is a good sign of approval from me!
Me and my mum went to the Metro Centre on Wednesday to do a bit of shopping (see my Primark thread) and have a meal. We had a lovely meal in Chiquitos - they have a new menu out and I had a lovely filling Spanish omelette's but there a few more menu choices which are all possibilities for food allergy awkward girl me.
Only problem is for the next two days I felt absolutely lousy aches, pains , exhausted - generally bleurghhhh! Damn you lactic acid build up! Typical every time I go anywhere and feel normal I feel so bleedin awful afterwards - must improve pacing!
Another negative is that from Wednesday onwards I have eaten like a bleedin horse! Today is the only good day I have had diet wise since then - I am really going to have to show some serious willpower if I am going to hit my holiday target!
Plans - more serious rest so I can hopefully make the Newcastle V West Ham game on Sunday afternoon and maybe some thinking about my holiday packing

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