Tuesday 30 April 2013

Products I'm Loving Right Now :)

Hi Guys - I just thought I'd sneak in my latest favourites video for you , just in case you didn't know already that I make You Tube videos too x

This video includes a sneaky peek of  a product that I'm going to be reviewing for you in the next few days so don't forget to keep checking back or better still follow my blog via GFC, Bloglovin or even via email -check out the sidebar to follow xx

Monday 29 April 2013

April Purchases, Gifts And A Win - H&M, Ebay, Boots, Bodycare And More x

I've had another one of those months where shopping has just been inevitable. I've had a few opportunities to get out and about, and I've had money in my paypal account - what else is a girl to do?

I'll start off the couple of things that I've bought throughout the course of April in bricks and mortar stores. First up an emergency purchases from Bodycare.

Yep, nail polish remover or more specifically the Pretty Perfect Twist And Out Instant Nail Polish Remover. This Bourjois dupe set me back just 99p and to be honest it's not that great, it contains acetone which is really drying on the nails and cuticles. So why did I buy it, well I was on my way to the Newcastle FABB Event, when I smudged an entire hands worth of nail polish, and I needed to remove it asap. It did the job but I'm not a fan.

On  the same day I also treated myself to two nail polishes the one on the left is Sinful Colours - Let Me Go which was £1.99 from Boots. This polish has the most amazing duo chrome, shimmery appearance, alas it takes about 4 coats to make it look like this on the nail, so instead I'll think I'll use it as a layering / cocktail colour. I also got the polish on the right  - Technic and Bonanza which was just 99p from Bodycare. It is a super sparkly mass of blue glitter :)

Strangely enough in real shops that was it from me but it was a different story from the postman and via my lovely Hermes delivery lady - along with quite a few press samples this month - it seems as though the doorbell has never stopped ringing. First up some bits from H&M - yet again 90% of my two orders went back thanks to scratchy fabric and almost transparent tops but I think I've found some gems in these vests from the H&M + range.

I got 3 in different colours for £6.99 each - they are a really good fit, they wash well, and their long - I already have a white one and because I loved it so much I decided to buy a few more. I think these will be a real summer staple for me x

The next thing I kept was a piece of jewellery - I think this was pretty expensive for H&M at £5.99 but I love the knot design.

I also got this, which I couldn't resist - a cute raccoon mug :) I've currently got it on top of my Helmer with my scissors, nail files, tweezers and bits in - I love the print so cute and it was only £3.99.

The final thing that I kept was a nail polish - I noticed that they had loads of new nail art items in stock but I was really good and just got a sparkly nail polish.

Prim and Proper is crammed full of pink / lilac and silver glitter - it was £2.99 :)

Blogs are a real inspirations when it comes to shopping at the start of the month - I saw a gorgeous Primark top on the lovely Kaye's blog. I looked for it but unfortunately I couldn't find so Kaye kindly picked me two up from her local store.

Their made of a slightly slubby t-shirt style fabric and they feature a lace v to the front of the top -if your daring and you had the right underwear on you could easily wear them back to front x

Here I am wearing the white one x their probably a bit short on me to wear with leggings but they are a really, comfy and easy to wear top x

The rest of my April haul came from ebay :) I've sold quite a bit on there this month so I had a pretty healthy paypal account :). The first thing that arrived this month was some more nail wheels, which were £1.36 for 10 from this seller. I'm going through loads of these at the moment as I'm trying to swatch my entire rather epic nail polish collection. I've come to the conclusion that if I never ever bought another nail polish I'd have enough to last me a life time, but this baby was just too cute to turn down.

This super cute ice cream shaped nail polish is by a brand called Etude House and cost me £3.29 including postage from this seller. There are a few shade in the line and the one I really wanted was the Mint Choc Chip but nobody seems to have it, so I went for Strawberry Stars Candy - which is a baby pink filled with multi coloured glitter sprinkles.

My next ebay purchase of the month was a pack of the rather cutely named Tinkle Eyebrow Shapers, which were £1.09 from this seller x

I've been growing my brows out for sometime now in an attempt to start again and get a proper shape back, and these are fab for thinning the brow down and for removing strays from above the brow and below the arch quickly and easily.

I also bought another make up bag which to be honest I didn't need at all - in fact I have a bag of virtually brand new ones ready for ebay - but I really, really wanted one of the Ted Bake bow ones, alas there is no way on earth that I could justify the price, this one though I thought looked a bit similar.

It's by French skincare company Gatineau and I'm sure it was a gift with purchase with some of their Christmas and Winter collections. It's made of an ivory /nude PVC / vinyl like material and it features a bright coral / pink bow. I paid including £3.99 including postage.

Blogs, blogging and instagram were also responsible for yet another ebay purchase this month :)

I first saw this on Bicky's blog where she has used it to document her fabulous weight loss, so I thought I'd get one in the hope it might inspire me in the same way. This was £5.50 including postage from this seller.

It wouldn't be a monthly haul without a few ebay jewellery purchases, so I got a couple of necklaces, including this lipstick one, which was £1.23 including postage from this seller x

and this horoscope necklace which was just 99p including P&P from this seller. All the astrological signs were available and I went for the bull which represents the sign we're in at the moment and my birth sign Taurus.

I also bought some more bracelets for my layering fetish, this elasticated beaded set, features a couple with charms on including a super cute daisy - these cost £1.19 from this seller.

You can't go anywhere or hardly watch a You Tube video without someone wearing a t-shirt proclaiming that they are a nerd, a dork, or a geek. I know these tees aren't to everyone's taste but I find them quite endearing especially when I got this GEEK one for just £5.94 including postage :)

The quality is decent and it's a lot cheaper than the Top Shop ones - I fancy getting a SICK one lol now that would be irony!

H&M Haul - £33.94
Bracelets - ebay - £1.19
GEEK T Shirt - ebay - £5.94
Horoscope Necklace - ebay - 99p
Weight Loss Sign - ebay - £5.50
Phone Cases -ebay - £5.48
Sinful Colours Nail Polish - Boots - £1.99
Pretty Perfect Twist And Out Instant Nail Polish Remover - 99p
Technic Nail Polish - 99p
Make Up Bag - ebay - £3.99
Lipstick Pendant - ebay -£1.23
Eyebrow Shapers - ebay - £1.09
Primark Tops And Postage - £7.00
Nail Wheels - ebay - £1.36
Etude House Nail Polish - ebay - £3.29
Total - £74.97
£34.97 Over

This month as you've probably guessed has been a bit of a fail spending wise - I was a massive £34.97 over budget. To be fair over half of my funds were from my paypal account but it's still not great. I've really got to start cutting down for the summer :( May is my birthday month so I might have a few opportunities to get out and about, and with any luck I might get some birthday money but still I'm going to do my best to reign things in a bit, and maybe put the money from any ebay sales to better use hmm

The observant readers amongst you may have noticed that there a few items in my list of shame that I haven't mentioned yet i.e several mobile phone cases. Well half way through the month my mobile phone contract was up for a renewal or an upgrade - so I said goodbye to my ancient Blackberry Curve

and thanks to Mummy Lou said Hello iPhone :)

I went for a 4S as the contract and down payment for a 5 was more than me and Mummy Lou were prepared to pay, but I'm super happy with it and super thankful to Mummy Lou for making an early birthday contribution :) Oh and if your looking to sell a mobile phone I used Mazuma Mobile and they were brilliant :)

Of course I couldn't leave it naked so I got a few cases from ebay to start me off including this super practical purple leather flip case, which came with a cleaning cloth, a screen protector, and a dust plug come stylus (which the cat has already stolen!!) for just 99p from this seller.

I also got a rubber silicone type case with a gorgeous psychedelic, floral print, which reminds me a lot of the work by Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes which I love. This one again was just 99p from this UK seller.

From the relatively sensibly to the completely and utterly blingtastic - you probably know that I'm a huge daisy fan so I needed this in my life - you can buy all the bits online to make these but I just went for a ready done one :) This was £3.50 from this seller x

I have to say I'm a pretty addicted iPhone user already, Candy Crush, Angry Birds Star Wars, and Smurfs Village seem to be occupying way too much of my time at the moment lol. I've recently signed up to Instagram too - I seem to be uploading rather a lot of cat pictures at the moment but you can find me here under my twitter user name LouLou699 x

As well as making a contribution to my iPhone purchase my mum also bought me a few other bits including some magazines - Marie Claire which came with a free Ciate nail polish - I got the shade Pocket Money

InStyle which came with a 50ml Cowshed Slender Cow Extra Firming Body Butter :)

and Red which came with a free Aromatherapy Associated skincare product - I got the Hydrating Rose Face Mask :)

She also bought me a couple of the new MUA Power Pout lip colours in the shades Broken Hearted and Irreplaceable.

I'm absolutely loving these, so much so that they deserve a post in their own right - I'll try and stick up a post in the next week or so with a full review and some swatches x

I mentioned in my Easter post that my mum had ordered me some shoes from Dorothy Perkins well they came and I love them - they are just an simple blush nude ballet pump with a gold studded bow, they are so comfy and will be great for the nicer weather.

I also got a little freebie in the package 2 mini tubes of Jergens Ultra Healing Cream :)

Speaking of freebies I also had a nice surprise from Mr Postman :) A little while ago now I picked up a special 30th anniversary edition can of Diet Coke, and on the can was a competition to win a LE Marc Jacobs bag :) Well I won :)  now before images of stams and the like come into your mind the prize was actually a Marc Jacobs designed bag for Diet Coke, so it isn't quite as glam but it's still a nice bag for the summer.

It' silver with red spots and a red trim, and it features little ringpull style rivets, and of course it contains the Marc Jacobs Diet Coke logo.

Not something I would have purchased myself but it's nice to have especially considering I failed to get my hands on one of the LE designed glass bottles.

So that was my April haul, gift haul and some freebies, did you buy or receive anything nice in April? let me know in the comments if you did, and of course please feel free to ask me any questions you like on anything that I've mentioned in this post xx

Friday 26 April 2013

Foodie Friday - What I Ate In April

It's hard to believe when I look at some of the food I've eaten this month but I've finally managed to start losing weight again, pretty surprising I'm sure you'll agree when you look April's food review of the month.

April started as you would expect with an Easter chocolate overdose, no pics of any chocolate eggs - they didn't last long enough instead here are some creme egg chocolate brownies and some mini egg Easter nests x

Yummy :) over the Easter I also made a massive dish of cheese nachos with homemade salsa which was amazing.

Speaking of cheese, in April I had my first cheese and onion toasted sandwich in ages, using gluten free white sliced, mature cheddar, and red onion nom!

Mmmm comfort food there really is nothing nice :) - A couple of weeks ago my mum had a real craving for drop scone, scotch pancakes or whatever else you want to call them - she made them with gluten free flour, and we had them with a bit of butter and some lemon curd yum!

 A nice plate of warming chilli always puts me in a good mood :) - this one was loosely based on this recipe but I made it without the soya mince and instead just used a combo of beans and vegetables, and I thickened the sauce, with a gluten free flour and butter mix for extra richness - gorgeous and probably one of the best I've ever made.

As you've probably gathered from my foodie Friday posts I am a huge card junkie and this month I made one of my favourite ever comfort foods - Nigella Lawson's Double Potato And Halloumi Bake (you can find the recipe here ) - Instead of halloumi I used a combination of feta and mozzarella.

There was loads left so the next day I warmed it up in the microwave and mixed it with some pasta sauce, some more mozzarella, and some cooked pasta for a carb overload.

Speaking of pasta I also made a pesto pasta salad with some low fat mayo mixed with pesto sauce, cooled pasta, mixed beans, sweetcorn, red onion, and sun dried tomato x

and as you know I also made my Creamy Mushroom And Basil Pasta - click here to see the recipe xx

Despite all of these calorific goodies I did try to be good this month and tried to stick to healthy snacks at least including these fab Kallo rice and corn cakes x

and some yummy Graze Lightly Salted Popcorn - you can find out more about Graze here and get a free box with my gift code LK47LF8D.

Oh I almost forgot that I had one of the gorgeous cake pops at the Newcastle FABB Event, naughty but oh so worth it xx

So that was my foodie month, what about May? well I'm hoping for some better weather and maybe the start of salad season and hopefully the start of yummy summer fruit to encourage me to eat more healthily, It's also my birthday next month so I can't guarantee I'll be good then though ;) Have you eaten anything new or exciting this month? let me know in the comments xx