Monday 1 April 2013

Easter Gifts And Easter Cooking

Hi Guys - I hope your all enjoying the long Bank Holiday weekend :) It seems like only yesterday that I did a haul for you, wait a minute it was only yesterday ;) I think I've told you this before but as well as the obligatory chocolate egg traditionally I get an Easter gift from my mum. I fancied some new clothes so we braved the holiday crowds and went to the Metro Centre. Primark has some gorgeous things in the moment, so it wasn't hard to find something that I liked. First up this over sized sheer burnout top.

At first glance I thought it was a pattern but it is in fact a number design - obviously I'll need to wear something underneath it, but I thought it was cute. It was £6.

She also got me this dress, which I fell in love with the top is lace, and it fall away into the cutest pleated skirt.

I loved the navy blue on sight, but I believe it also comes in several other colours. This was £15.

I also had a little look round the accessories section, annoyingly the bow toiletry bag that I wanted has been replaced with one that just isn't as nice :( so I got some hair bobbles instead.

Look familiar? there not too different from the ones I paid a lot more for in yesterdays H&M haul. The smaller silver and nude ones were £1 for the 2, and the larger black one was £1.

Next up something that I'd seen a few times - the Hask Argan Oil Healing Shine Hair Treatment.

I've seen this quite a few times and never picked it up but recently I've read a few really positive reviews on it so I went for it - It was £2.50 for 18ml.

After Primark we had a slow walk around the centre, trying to avoid being jabbed with pushchairs, tripping over rogue toddlers, and trying to keep out the way of all the pre teen, and early teen Geordie Shore wannabees - not an easy task let me tell you. Eventually we made it to Dorothy Perkins, I'd spotted some nice longline blazers online but I wanted to see them in the flesh first - alas the black was gone so I went for the blush / nude pink instead - This was £45 which I do think is expensive but it seems really well made and it doesn't feel skimpy.

She also bought me this cute sheer ivory top with black lace detailing - again I think this was expensive at £25 but it is pretty and the length is good.

I had a few things that I wanted before we went out and to be honest I couldn't find any of them, nude / pink / blush ballet pumps for example? Primark just seemed to have faux suede ones, and Dorothy Perkins had some gorgeous ones but none in my size. Mummy Lou came to the rescue though and paid for the online order of the Dorothy Perkins ones in the correct size - hurray and there was money off online too  - I'll pop them in my April Haul post for you so you can see them when they come x

My final Easter Gifts came from Poundland - I've noticed a huge increase in the amount of nail art bits that they stock over the last few months, and I came across some very interesting discoveries - first up the Allura Nail Stamping Kit.

This is basically a mini Konad rip off, I already have the Rio version which I really must start using again but I thought that this was too good a bargain to pass up. You get the scraper, the stamper, and a design plate featuring 9 designs, mainly flowers, and flourishes. For a pound I think this is a great set if you want to try out stamping, without shelling out a fortune, all you need to add is nail polish. Just a quickie I had a little play with this and I couldn't get it to work - I then realised that the design plate was coated in a film which needed to be removed to access the designs hmm.

The last thing that I got was probably a love it or loathe it item - It's a pack of nail art charms, in this case tiny plastic, and faux crystal bows.

I do think that these can look incredibly tacky but I'll try anything once and it was just a pound for 12 bows. I can't wait to give these bits ago when I recover from a few days of nail rippage!!

It wouldn't be Easter without chocolate and as per usual I received a ridiculous amount, some of these are Mummy Lou's but still...

I think were going to ration ourselves to be fair and only have a small amount each day -we'll need to, as well as the Easter Eggs we've also made various other Easter treats including the famous Creme Egg Brownies.

There recipe comes from the Cadbury's website and you can find it here x I used gluten free plain flour, with a teaspoon of Xanthan Gum, which gives your baked goodies a more gluten containing texture x This is a really good if very rich recipe - YUM!

It wouldn't be Easter without a Mini Egg, and I used them to make probably the simplest recipe ever - Chocolate Easter Nests.

Simply mix some melted chocolate with the cereal of your choice, I'm using Rice Krispies, pop them in a cake case, and add some Mini Eggs, et voila :) Chocolate Coma :) I'm surprised that I haven't gained any weight this week but we'll see what next week brings!

I hope you've had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend and I'll see you tomorrow with my March empties post x


  1. Wow you got some gorgeous things! I love that blush coloured blazer it will go with so much :)) xx

  2. I don't even like Creme eggs much but those brownies look amazing :O


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