Thursday 11 April 2013

Tackling Spots And Blemishes With The OXY Clearlight

I have a confession to make guys - I'm feeling old lately - whether it down to the increasing number of bloggers who are still at school or whether its down to the first grey hairs that I'm starting to sprout - lately I'm feeling every inch of my 34 nearly 35 years and a bit more besides. One advantage to getting older is that at long last my skin is starting to clear up - instead of almost continuous breakouts I now only get a few hormonal spots at my time of the month - every cloud as they say. Despite only getting the odd spot now (bar this month where I've had my worst breakout for ages!!) I still hate them and the type that I do get or sore, painful and take ages to go away. I have a few spot treatments that I keep on hand just case but I can honestly say whilst they do work I'm not a huge fan of any of them - a lot of them burn, sting, and worst of all they can leave the skin flaky and dry long after the spot has gone - yuck!

If lotions and potions aren't your bag though, their are lots of other things on the market that can help us in the quest for perfect skin. Look in any electrical retailer, department store, beauty retailer or larger chemist, and you will find lots of skin clearing gadgets, and tools, that promise to zap those zits and leave our skin smooth and perfected. The only trouble is the majority of these gadgets aren't cheap and some can retail at well over £150. Yes spots are annoying but there is no way, that I would pay that, if your unhappy enough with your skin though I'm sure you would pay anything but I'm not so I wouldn't pay that. A little while ago now though I was contacted on behalf of the well known skincare company and blemish specialist OXY and given the opportunity to try out a more purse friendly spot zapping gadget.

The people at OXY are aware of how distressing spots and can be so alongside their skincare line they've also introduced a gadget called the OXY Clearlight which claims to amongst other things reduce the appearance of spots and acne.

How it works is quite scientific and it's clear that a lot of specialist research has gone into this but in its simplest terms this tool uses the power of light through a process which is known as photodynamic therapy. The battery operated unit contains 4 LED lights which emit a pure, safe blue coloured light. The light wavelength in the OXY Clear Light is scientifically formulated to react with our own skin structure, to produce oxygen and to kill off the bacteria called P.acnes which is the bacteria that causes spots, acne and blemishes. OXY claim that with regular usage this product can aid the healing and appearance of existing spots whilst at the same time, preventing the formation of new spots and blemishes.

Unlike a lot of similar gadgets on the market the OXY Clear Light doesn't use UV light so it's claimed that doesn't affect or damage any healthy skin cells, the only areas that the light affects is the areas containing the spot causing bacteria. Its also claimed that this product can help heal spots without causing any additional redness, dryness, soreness and irritation.

The OXY Clearlight comes boxed, in the box you get the handheld unit itself, a 9 volt battery, and an instruction leaflet. The unit also comes with a two year warranty.

The battery is really easy to insert, and the unit operates with a single button, so it's really easy to use.

I've made a video showing you how the unit works which you can see below but I'll give you a quick overview here x First of all you need to make sure that you skin is clean and dry, I usually cleanse or wash my face first. Then you need to use a antibacterial or skin wipe on the head of the unit to make sure that it's clean Then you put the head of the unit over the spot or area that you want to treat and then you press the button. Then you'll hear a beeping noise and a green light will be illuminated on the button, and the blue LEDs will be activated. All you do is hold the unit against the spot for 3 minutes, the unit is self timed so after 3 minutes, it will beep and the lights will do off. Then give your unit another wipe down, and apply your regular facial moisturiser and your done. OXY recommend that you use the unit twice a day until the spot disappears completely.

The unit as you can see is really easy to use, one button and the treatment is all timed for you. I did expect to feel something from the lights but I didn't feel any heat or any indication that anything was happening, and afterwards the skin and spot looked exactly the same bar an indentation where I'd pressed the unit too hard against my skin.

I've been using this product for quite a few months now and I have to say, it's generally done what it promises. I've found that it does seem to heal up spots more quickly, and most importantly without any stinging, burning or most importantly dryness. Dryness is one of my main issues with conventional sport treatment, yes they treat the spot but more often than not they leave the area of skin so dry that it's even worse to cover up than the initial spot was - I hardly found that at all with the Clearlight, the spots just gradually seemed to go down and look less obvious without any of that horrid flaking and peeling. Spots aren't pretty are they so instead of putting some rather yucky pictures up here - the link below will take you to a set of photos which show the progress of the Clearlight over a period of 9 days on one of my rather less welcome guests.

An Example Of My Progress With The OXY Clearlight Over The Course Of Several Days - Not For The Squeamish! 

For those of you that didn't want to look at the pics I'll do my best to summarise what they show. After the first couple of treatments my spot actually looked a lot worse, the gadget seemed almost to draw the spot out but after a few days it started to calm down and gradually disappear. I know what your saying 9 days is still a long time for a spot to completely disappear but for me that's a major improvement. If I don't touch a spot I can still often see evidence of it up to 3 weeks later - the spot itself can disappear within a couple of weeks, but the pigmentation can stick around for much longer not with this though, clear skin within less than two weeks :)

I'll hold my hands up and say that this product did the business for me, it's really helping clear up some of those horrid, sporadic hormonal spots that always seem to pop up at certain times of the month but I can see why this gadget wouldn't be for everyone. I only have small breakouts and odd spots so I find this pretty quick and easy to use but if you have more widespread acne or skin concerns then it could be quite time consuming to use, as the Clearlight can only treat a small area of skin at a time.

Like most medical / beauty tools it's also worth bearing in mind that there are some people that the Clearlight isn't suitable for, these include children under the age of 12 and individuals who suffer from light sensitivity or are taking any medication that can cause light sensitivity.

I really think that the OXY Clearlight has made a difference to my skin and to how quickly my blemishes heal up so I definitely think that it's something that I'm going to keep using every time one of those annoying spots threatens to appear. For more information on the OXY Clearlight system and their skincare range please check out their website x The OXY Clearlight unit retails at £39.99 from larger Superdrug store and from the OXY website. If you have any questions please leave me a comment x

(The OXY Clearlight Was Provided By PR For Review / Promotional Purposes)


  1. You're nearly 35??? I thought you were mid twenties! You look fab for your age!

  2. I am shocked you are nearly 35! Though you were much younger.

    This product sounds good I get occasional spots and am always looking for new things x


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