Tuesday 23 April 2013

Yes To Carrots C Me Shine Lip Gloss Revisited - A Review For My Pure

Earlier this year as part of my regular My Pure reviews I featured one a Yes To Carrots C Me Shine Lipgloss (click here to read the review). It was okay but it didn't wow me, mainly I think because of the colour. The shade I went for was Red Hot, a real brick red, on reflection I was a bit too far out of my comfort zone so I've decided to give them another go, this time in a more "me" colour - Carrot Kiss.

Like Red Hot, Carrot Kiss is paraben free and isn't tested on animals. It contains ingredients such as Beeswax, sunflower and Castor seed oils, carrot root extract, and peppermint oil.

It comes in the traditional squeezy tube, and it has a slanted tip for easy application. Again it has a peppermint smell and taste, so you do get a cool, slightly tingly feeling on the lips when you apply it.

I have to be honest and say that Carrot Kiss again looks quite scary in the tube - it has quite a bright orange / coral appearance in the tube but as you can hopefully see from this swatch, it has a more subtle slightly shimmery nude peach colour when applied.

Again this gloss has quite a tacky sticky feel, which does mean it tend to sort of pill on the lips if you know what I mean, but unlike Red Hot this one is really easy to apply from the tube, you do get a bit patchiness but it really isn't that obvious or noticeable. Sorry that this pictures isn't the best but hopefully you can see just how wearable this gloss is.

If you don't like sticky lipglosses don't buy this, but if you don't mind them this is a really easy to apply and wear colour. I can't see me wearing Red Hot that often but I can see this shade being a real staple in my make up bag. Yes To Carrots C Me Shine Lipgloss retails at £5.99 from My Pure for a 14g tube and comes in 5 shades. If you have any questions please leave me a comment, I love reading what you have to say xx

(Yes To Carrots C Me Shine Lipgloss 14g In Carrot Kiss Was Provided By My Pure For Review Purposes)

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  1. This looks like such a pretty colour! I always find glosses so sticky though and it puts me off xx


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