Saturday 30 June 2007

"One of life's mysteries is how a 2-pound box of chocolates can make a woman gain 5lbs"

I don't know where this quote originally came from but I pinched it form a fab scrapbook site found
It's a fab quote and just about sums how I feel at the moment - Needless to say I have now been on my diet for nearly a month - It's going well but I am having a really iffy week - womens troubles = need to stuff face! I am making a chinese for tea so that should be good plenty of veg and protein!
I have lost a bit already so I have used as a nice excuse to buy some new clothes!
Popped into Asda and while my mam was in first aid (a long story but she's fine bar a nice blue plaster!) and happened to notice the new Colleen modelled must haves range! I normally repel white jeans but the outfit in the advert looked amazing so I bought it! £16 for a pair of jeans and a tunic - bargain! I can be poor and still buy clothes :)

Time For A Rest!

Well my course is finished at long last - I am just waiting for my final grades (bites finger nails!) - I have really enjoyed it and it has given me something to do - I am just thinking what to do next, maybe a counselling course or something. That is something I think I would be quite good at, I have some good life experience and keep being told that I am a good listener -hmm I need to think positive that I will eventually get over my ME and that I will be able to rejoin 'normal' life and get a job again and some money!!!!

I need the money too, I got my new GHD's despite the fact I have no money- they are amazing though lovely straight hair!

Musings On Life !

Its been a strange few weeks for a lot people at the moment with floods, and a new terrorist threat :(
It does make you think doesn't it - its a strange world we live in and it makes you wonder what people have done to deserve this!
The world is nasty and so are some of the people who live in it :(

Wednesday 13 June 2007

A Funny Few Weeks In Lou Lou Land!

I have some funny weeks in my life and the past few have certainly been right up there!
New bathroom fittings, ridiculous neighbours, aches and pains, psychology assignments, starting a diet, and then yesterday my hair straighteners caught fire!
I can't live without them and can I afford some more good ones can I hell!
All in all not a good week so far!!!!