Saturday 28 July 2007

Not Much Doing!

I haven't posted for a while for the pure and simple reason I haven't done anything worth mentioning. A bit of tidying, a bit of scrapbooking and loads of rest doesn't really constitute anything interesting for you to read about!
I did have a much needed day out with my bestie Dawn the other day we did an ickle bit of shopping and we went to see Hairspray. I quite enjoyed it actually - a real feel good film and fab hair! - I am still not convinced though that John Travolta makes a good woman but I suppose that's the point! LOL!
I have had a bit of a whinge in the last few weeks. The customer service at so many companies is absolutely shocking at the moment - I still haven't got my psychology grade and I am still waiting for a refund from Dorothy Perkins after nearly two months - grrr!
Diet still going OK I have now lost over a stone but I seem to have hit a bit of a plateau so any tips appreciated that don't involve exercise (stupid ME!)
I am also having Internet problems at the moment it is so slow!!!! and it keeps disconnecting - triple grr!
Other than that not bad at the mo - doctors next week which is always something to look forward too!

Sunday 8 July 2007

Live Earth - Don't Make Me Laugh!

I can't believe the hypocrisy of this whole event - designed to highlight awareness of climate change and caring for the environment - a good idea in theory but come on!
Concerts all over the world, top stars performing, thousands of fans watching!
Excuse me but how did they all get there erm private jets, road, trucks with equipment on - all environmentally damaging!
Also look at all the resources and power that the concerts used and needed, not to mention the rubbish thousands and thousands of people created - not exactly green!
Environmental awareness is all very well but don't destroy the environment to do it
Even artists like David Gray who actually performed could see the hypocrisy and pointlessness of if all - no wonder there were some bands and artists who wouldn't take part!
If they had wanted to raise awareness surely they should have been out planting trees on something - its a funny money and media obsessed world we live in