Saturday 28 July 2007

Not Much Doing!

I haven't posted for a while for the pure and simple reason I haven't done anything worth mentioning. A bit of tidying, a bit of scrapbooking and loads of rest doesn't really constitute anything interesting for you to read about!
I did have a much needed day out with my bestie Dawn the other day we did an ickle bit of shopping and we went to see Hairspray. I quite enjoyed it actually - a real feel good film and fab hair! - I am still not convinced though that John Travolta makes a good woman but I suppose that's the point! LOL!
I have had a bit of a whinge in the last few weeks. The customer service at so many companies is absolutely shocking at the moment - I still haven't got my psychology grade and I am still waiting for a refund from Dorothy Perkins after nearly two months - grrr!
Diet still going OK I have now lost over a stone but I seem to have hit a bit of a plateau so any tips appreciated that don't involve exercise (stupid ME!)
I am also having Internet problems at the moment it is so slow!!!! and it keeps disconnecting - triple grr!
Other than that not bad at the mo - doctors next week which is always something to look forward too!

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