Monday 12 December 2011

A Million Apologies

Right guys I'm going to apologise in advance I had so many posts planned in the run up to Christmas but it probably isn't going to happen now. Basically I've had a crappy day, it started off with a nagging sore throat, progressed to my near on losing my voice, and when I got home my laptop wouldn't work. Thankfully we've been paying for cover so they are coming to pick it up on Wednesday and I won't get anything back until 21st December. I'm crossing my fingers so, so tight that they manage to fix it without losing any of my data, I have blog photos for about the next 3 months ready and prepped, as well as loads of cat pics and family pics that I haven't backed up :( If they can't fix it I will get a replacement but still :(  Anyways I'm not going to be posting much if at all, I've managed to get my ancient desktop just about working, but I can't do more than one thing at once with it as it's so old and slow. I have a couple of finished posts I may be able to get up but until my laptop is replaced or fixed I'm going to be AWOL. I am absolutely gutted that I can't do everything I have planned, I promise I will still post everything I had planned and my giveaway will take place as soon as I'm up and running again. So again I'm sorry and to all the companies who have provided me with samples your reviews will be up just as soon as I can manage it. So please, please stick around and I'll see you soon xx

Nails Of The Day - Holiday Glow

Hey my loves it's time for another nails of the day post and this one is from a previous OPI Holiday Collection

Holiday Glow is a brown tone, with lots and lots of gold sparkle. I guess in comparison to the majority of OPI's this isn't the best formulation wise, it's quite sheer so you need a few coats, I used 3 coats here on the majority of nails, and 4 on a couple that still looked a bit streaky. Apologies in advance for the hang nails and the bad paint job my cuticles are a disgrace :(

Brown probably isn't the first colour you'd think of when it comes to Christmas, but the gold sparkle gives this shade a festive touch. What do you think of Holiday Glow?

Sunday 11 December 2011

Getting Ready For Winter Colds With Olbas Oil Tissues

If there was one smell that would probably sum up my childhood, it would probably be Olbas Oil. I remember getting lots and lots of colds and sniffles when I was little, nothing much has changed there I guess ;), and my mum was always there with the bottle of Olbas Oil, Either on a tissue under my pillow, or in a bowl of water to help me to breathe more easily. That little bottle of oil really was a godsend, but it wasn't always the most practical thing,

That's why the makers of Olbas Oil have teamed up with top tissue manufacturer Lotus, to produce a convenient and easy to use product, to use at home or whilst your out and about

Meet Lotus Olbas Tissues, super soft paper tissues infused with the traditional and distinctive Olbas Oil fragrance of mint, eucalyptus, cajaput, menthol and juniper berry. Simply crush the tissue between your fingers, to release the soothing vapours.

As well as coming in a traditional tissue box, you can also buy Lotus Olbas Tissues in single pocket packets and in packs of 6. These tissues really do the job, easily, and without any mess, both myself and Mummy Lou have had the odd sniffle over the last few weeks and these really have made a difference. The only is you have to be super careful with these, so if you've got little people you will need to supervise them, the scent on the tissues is quite strong so you really shouldn't wipe your eyes with them and you should always wash your hands before putting your fingers near your eyes or mouth. I didn't read that part and wiped my eyes with them bizarrely enough when I was at my cousins wedding so it probably just looked like I was crying ;)

These tissues really are a must have at this time of year when there are loads of colds and bugs floating around, I can also imagine that they would be pretty useful in hay fever season too. Lotus Olbas Tissues retail at around 59p for a single pocket pack, at around £1.59 for a 6 pack, and around £2.29 for a box. They are available from must major retail outlets including Asda and Boots. If you have any questions please ask xx

(Lotus Olbas Tissues Box and 6 Pack Were Provided By PR For Review Purposes )

A New Arrival In LouLouLand

If you follow me on twitter you'll know that last night I posted a few strange tweets, I was sitting in the car, in the freezing cold in the middle of nowhere waiting for Mummy Lou to come out of a strange house - why? well she was collecting my Christmas present!

Isn't he gorgeous :) His name is Charlie and he's about 8 weeks old. I'd pleaded no begged for another cat, and eventually she gave in. It's funny she'd taken Tallulah for her jabs a couple of weeks ago and she'd noticed the local RSPCA kitten rescue poster and she couldn't resist telling me about the kitten in the picture, I wanted no needed it! Imagine her surprise when she want to the kitten foster home (the strange house!) and the kitten they had for her was the kitten from the poster!

He's gorgeous, he's a semi long hair, and is white, with silver grey and ginger tabby markings, and he has the most gorgeous green eyes. He's quite thin and he has the teeniest little head but the longest body, legs and tail I've ever seen on a kitten

He's pretty nervous at the moment and has taken to hiding behind the Christmas Tree, but we've had a nice little cuddle and he's purred. The lady said he'd need a bit of he was very loving but he'd need a bit of coaxing so were just letting him have his space at the moment.

What about the other 3, well Jasper keeps trying to sniff him and make friends, Jake is being his usual jealous self and keeps growling at him, and Tallulah seems terrified of him and keeps decamping upstairs to my bedroom. Still it's early days,he's only been in the house since 6pm yesterday, so we're all getting used to each other. I know people will say why do you need four cats?well I have lots of furry love to go round and I'm proud to be a mad cat lady :) Huge thanks to my mam, and of course Father Christmas for my new addition :)

Nails Of The Day - Feeling Blue

I wouldn't say I'm feeling blue, more tired and exhausted with way too much to do as per usual, but as you know I love blue nail varnish and I never need any excuse to wear it

Apologies for the rather rubbishy painting the lighting was awful and I had a serious case of the shakes, this is the Blue shade in the Boots Magnetized Polish

I love the colour and the effect but maybe I should have attempted something easier when I wasn't feeling up to it. What do you think of magnetized polish?

Saturday 10 December 2011

My MAC Collection - Beauty Powders, MSF's, and More

I thought it was about time for a new post in my MAC collection series, and sorry for sounding a little arrogant but this one was worth waiting for. I've really enjoyed having a play with this little lot, and I've definitely rediscovered a few forgotten gems. So what's this post about, my MSF,s, my Beauty Powders, my blusher kits, loose cheek colours, and some more blushers :) - basically cheek colour porn!

We'll start Mineralized Skin Finishes - I have 6 of these, well actually 7 I have a back up of Lightscapade :) but I have to say these 3 are my favourites and probably the ones I use most often

From Left to Right - By Candlelight, Lightscapade and Porcelain Pink - These are definitely my 3 favourites and I tend to wear these for highlighting etc. at least 80 percent on the time. I do own 3 others but I definitely haven't shown them as much love as I should, maybe now is the time to step out of my comfort zone - From Left To Right - Redhead, Semi Precious Rose Quartz, and Petticoat

I probably should have included this next item in my blusher post, but I've put it here instead, it is in fact the only Mineralize Blush, that I own, and I'm sure if you've read my blog for sometime you'll know which one it is...

Moon River of course, originally released with the Grand Duo's collection, this is one of my go to, shimmery winter blushers, the lovely icy pink / peach looks especially lovely on my skin when I'm pale. As you can see I've made a bit of a dent in this one, but no need to panic I have a back up :)

This next item of beauty is a Blush Ombre, I know these were much talked about when they were  originally released in 2010 as part of the Spring Color Forecast collection but it wasn't Ripe Peach that I went for, instead it was Azalea Blossom

This blush has the most amazing texture it is so smooth and velvety, I love the colour too, an icy purple and a gorgeous pale, mix together to create the most amazing blue toned pink, again a really nice colour to use on my skin in the winter months x If you love this blush, you'll be pleased to know that it is set to make a reappearance next year in the MAC Daphne Guinness collaboration :)

Perhaps one of the most popular and released cheek products in the MAC range, has to be Beauty Powders. I have quite a few of these mainly in limited edition designs and limited edition packaging, dare I say it though they all seem to be in very similar colours - whoops! First up the Beauty Powders from MAC Venomous Villains

From Left To Right -  Oh So Fair, Briar Rose and Her Own Devices, I probably use Briar Rose the least, but it's such a pretty pink I definitely need to show it some more love x  Next two more Beauty Powders in limited edition packaging

On the left, Shell Pearl from Give Me Liberty Of London and on the right, Pretty Baby from Hello Kitty. These look quite similar in the picture but they are a little different in real life Shell Pearl is a peach tone with lots of gold pearl, and Pretty Baby is more of a soft nude pink, with a tiny bit of gold shimmer. If I'm being honest I don't use this Pretty Baby that often, I know I'm sad but I don't want to ruin the Hello Kitty design. Finally 2 Beauty Powders that aren't in limited edition packaging, but like Pretty Baby they do features an embossed design

 I have to be honest and say that some Beauty Powders aren't the most pigmented, and this is particularly evident here. On the left is Blush Of Youth from Rose Romance, it's a gorgeous pale pink shade but the pigmentation is so bad you have to almost scrape it to get some coverage. On the right is Alpha Girl, I got this one from Fashion Flower so you can see the lovely floral, embossing on the powder, again the pigmentation isn't great but its a lovely peachy, coral shade.
Now for a few of the miscellaneous cheek products I have, first up an Iridescent Pressed Powder

Originally released with Fafi For MAC, Verve-Acious, is lovely yellow gold with loads of sparkle in it. Despite all the glitter and sparkle I'm surprised at how much of this I've actually used. It's really pretty but it isn't really something you can wear in the daytime, it's just a bit too glittery for that.

Speaking of sparkles and glitter, I also own the MAC Hocus Focus Colourful Face Kit, part of the 2009 Holiday Collection.

From left to right this kit contains, Pretty Baby, and Sunsparked Pearl Beauty Powders, and Peachykeen Powder Blush. This kit has some really nice shades in it, and it's one I use quite a bit, oh and this is the Pretty Baby I use so I don't destroy my Hello Kitty design :)

From pressed powders to loose ones starting with something long discontinued, a Pearlizer Sheer Pigment from the 2005 Belle Azure collection
Hundered Degrees Pearlizer is something I had forgotten about, but I'm really glad to have rediscovered it, it's a gorgeous champagne, pink shade great for highlighting eyes or cheeks.

Finally a product that can be used either as a highlighter, or as a finishing powder, Magically Cool Liquid Powder

I originally purchased this from the Venomous Villains collection, but I believe it's now a permanent item. The colour I have is Truth and Light, a sheer neutral with a subtle silver and pink shimmer. I predominantly use this as a very light highlight but you can also use it as an all over finishing powder for a glowy, healthy finish. The formulation is a bit of a gimmick to be honest but it is nice and cool applying it in the summer. I've heard a few stories about the cool effect wearing off when the tub has been open a while but I've had mine for over a year now and it's still fine, I think the key is not to dispense too much product at once :)

So that's the rest of my MAC cheek colour collection, quite substantial I'm sure you'll agree, if I'm being honest I don't think I really need anymore, in fact I've even started to buy pretty similar colours which is always a bad sign. What do think of my collection and is there anything missing from it ? Please let me know in the comments :) The next post in My MAC Collection series, will also be a Nail Polish Collection post, so guess that I'm looking at ? yes nail varnish lol, that will hopefully be up next week xx