Monday 12 December 2011

A Million Apologies

Right guys I'm going to apologise in advance I had so many posts planned in the run up to Christmas but it probably isn't going to happen now. Basically I've had a crappy day, it started off with a nagging sore throat, progressed to my near on losing my voice, and when I got home my laptop wouldn't work. Thankfully we've been paying for cover so they are coming to pick it up on Wednesday and I won't get anything back until 21st December. I'm crossing my fingers so, so tight that they manage to fix it without losing any of my data, I have blog photos for about the next 3 months ready and prepped, as well as loads of cat pics and family pics that I haven't backed up :( If they can't fix it I will get a replacement but still :(  Anyways I'm not going to be posting much if at all, I've managed to get my ancient desktop just about working, but I can't do more than one thing at once with it as it's so old and slow. I have a couple of finished posts I may be able to get up but until my laptop is replaced or fixed I'm going to be AWOL. I am absolutely gutted that I can't do everything I have planned, I promise I will still post everything I had planned and my giveaway will take place as soon as I'm up and running again. So again I'm sorry and to all the companies who have provided me with samples your reviews will be up just as soon as I can manage it. So please, please stick around and I'll see you soon xx


  1. I hope you're feeling better soon my love xxx

  2. Hope you're feeling better soon lovely xxx


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