Monday 5 December 2011

Looking Forward On LouLouLand

Hello My Loves
Welcome to another week, I just thought I'd do a little post telling you what's coming up on LouLouLand over the next few weeks. I mentioned in my November Summary that I had a lot of reviews to do in December but what I didn't mention was that my reviews are going to have a little theme. You can expect to see some reviews on some essentials for the party season, some reviews on essentials for the winter months, and of course some reviews on some of the best budget gift ideas for others and for yourselves ;) I've also got a few posts coming up on how to change your nail polishes for nights out, and lots of pretty nail colours for you to look at. I'll still be doing the odd post in between but this lot should keep me busy over the next few weeks, and of course there is the annual LouLouLand Christmas giveaway which will be going live on 12th December, I have two lovely prizes for you people to win so don't forget to check back and follow my blog if you haven't already. Until then stay nice and cosy, it is freezing today! and what was with those snow showers yesterday and the scene I woke up to this morning, brrr winter seems to be here at last, yeah so get yourself a nice warm cuppa and I'll see you later today with a make up review xx

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