Sunday 11 December 2011

Getting Ready For Winter Colds With Olbas Oil Tissues

If there was one smell that would probably sum up my childhood, it would probably be Olbas Oil. I remember getting lots and lots of colds and sniffles when I was little, nothing much has changed there I guess ;), and my mum was always there with the bottle of Olbas Oil, Either on a tissue under my pillow, or in a bowl of water to help me to breathe more easily. That little bottle of oil really was a godsend, but it wasn't always the most practical thing,

That's why the makers of Olbas Oil have teamed up with top tissue manufacturer Lotus, to produce a convenient and easy to use product, to use at home or whilst your out and about

Meet Lotus Olbas Tissues, super soft paper tissues infused with the traditional and distinctive Olbas Oil fragrance of mint, eucalyptus, cajaput, menthol and juniper berry. Simply crush the tissue between your fingers, to release the soothing vapours.

As well as coming in a traditional tissue box, you can also buy Lotus Olbas Tissues in single pocket packets and in packs of 6. These tissues really do the job, easily, and without any mess, both myself and Mummy Lou have had the odd sniffle over the last few weeks and these really have made a difference. The only is you have to be super careful with these, so if you've got little people you will need to supervise them, the scent on the tissues is quite strong so you really shouldn't wipe your eyes with them and you should always wash your hands before putting your fingers near your eyes or mouth. I didn't read that part and wiped my eyes with them bizarrely enough when I was at my cousins wedding so it probably just looked like I was crying ;)

These tissues really are a must have at this time of year when there are loads of colds and bugs floating around, I can also imagine that they would be pretty useful in hay fever season too. Lotus Olbas Tissues retail at around 59p for a single pocket pack, at around £1.59 for a 6 pack, and around £2.29 for a box. They are available from must major retail outlets including Asda and Boots. If you have any questions please ask xx

(Lotus Olbas Tissues Box and 6 Pack Were Provided By PR For Review Purposes )


  1. I love Olbas tissues! This tissue is the one I most prefer to use when I have a cold. But it seems that they have stop making them. Can you tell me why that no longer produce the best tissue that had been out on the market?

    1. Hi Beth x Thanks for your comment I loved these too x I wasn't aware they had been discontinued but I'll try and find out for you x

  2. hi i also loved the olbas tissues and its rlly sand that they stopped making them the last place i saw them was in cardiff. Can u tell me y aren't they continuing to sell here when there r ppl here who wants to buy them???

    1. Hi Ruth x From what I gather these have definitely been discontinued in the UK :( I really liked them too :(


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