Saturday 3 December 2011

Nails Of The Day - Silver Bells or Foil Or Fail?

Since it's now December I thought I'd try and get into the festive spirit with a very blingy nails of the day.

Recently released as part of the Barry M Nail Effects line NP319 is one of the foil shades. I love silver nail polish, but it's a hard one to get right. Barry M claim you can achieve a foil effect finish in just one coat but the brush marks were so obvious that I added a second one on most of my nails

This is one of the best silvers I've tried especially from a distance but close up the brush marks are still too obvious for it to be the one. Is it even possible to create a metallic polish without visible brushstrokes, I live in hope x


  1. This looks lovely on you :) have you looked at China Glaze Khrome collection? I think the silver foil is called 'Millenium', don't know about brush strokes though! Google it :P Have you seen the lilac foil Barry M is doing in superdrug, ltd edition? It's gorgeous :D xxxx

  2. I've just got this too. It's a pretty good silver, but I still get the brush marks too. I'm not sure if a proper foil effect is really possible from a polish? xxx

  3. Apparently a ridge filler basecoat really helps with brush strokes. I got the gold (and the lilac but not tried it yet) and it wasn't too bad but I have seen some truly shocking swatches so I know some people have had trouble!


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