Sunday 4 December 2011

The Rest Of November's Haulage

Hey lovelys
I mentioned in my monthly summary post that I was waiting for a few parcels, and things that I'd ordered in November, everything is just about here now so I thought I'd show you what I got :)
First up a something from the lovely Lottie's blog sale - check her out if you haven't already, her blog sales are the best :)

Benefit Cha Cha Tint - along the same lines as Benetint and Posey Tint, this is in a lovely peach / mango colour, I wasn't sure at first but Mummy Lou tried it and it looked so nice on her :) I also got a gorgeous turquoise ring but it was a bit too big so I've passed it on to someone who will get more use out of it x Thanks Lottie xx

Next up Avon, I've got into this brand again in a big way - well it helps when your next door neighbour is an Avon rep :) The thing I'm loving at the moment from Avon is nail polish

From the Nailwear Pro line, this one is called Sequined Turquoise, I think I already have something similar but it is gorgeous, so sparkly and glittery

Apart from a little something for my Christmas giveaway I also got on of these

Yes I know it looks like some sort of dead creature but it is in fact a fake hair piece, I've been eyeing up similar ones from Ken Paves on QVC but the prices put me off, this was only £3.99 so it was worth the gamble.

Next a little something from ebay -Yes it's another shrug / kimono / bolero thing, this time in mocha and orange.

This is exactly the same as the first one I got from BooHoo apart from the colour and the fact that the BooHoo tag is replaced with a one from a brand called Evita, and guess what it was cheaper too!!

Next up a little QVC purchase and something I'd been after long, long time - the famous L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil

Now you now me I hate the smell of marzipan, even the thought of Lush Snowcake has me running for the hills!! L'Occitane Sweet Almond Liquid Soap is even a step too far for me, so I'd always been put off trying this, but 4 easy pays, and free delivery meant it was hard to refuse. The smell is actually nothing like marzipan, it had a fresh, almost fruity fragrance and I can't wait to give it a go, I'm going to do a full review of it on my blog for you, such is the hype surrounding it.

Next up a few nail things, from Viva La Nails, they had a pretty good Black Friday offer so I took advantage, and got a few things for pressies and a few bits for me :), well it would have been wrong not to ;) - First up some of their nail wraps

Nail wraps are huge at the minute aren't they with new types coming on to the market all the time, but these ones from Viva La Nails are a bit different, there actually water decals. You soak them in water than apply them to the nails. I can't wait to give these a go, I've got a huge post planned looking at and reviewing a lot of the different types of nail wraps on the market, including Nail Rocks, Myleene Klass, Incoco, and of course these ones, so keep an eye out for that at the start of 2012 :)

I also got some super cute flower nail stickers, which you can hopefully see more of in the next week or so in my Changing Your Nail Polish post on Nail Stickers, apologies that this is going to be up a bit later than I planned but I've had some serious nail snappage over the last week or so :( Oh and the little pointy thing is a dotting tool, which you can also use to help pick up gemstones and the like, this will be really useful for the rest of the posts in the series, hint, hint ;)

I also started the process of purchasing a few things in November including my Sigma flat definer brush which hasn't came yet , and this
Yes I got the Chanel BuyAPowa deal -  the smokey eye quad, it's so beautifully wrapped, that I can't bear to open at the moment so I'm going to stick it under the Christmas tree, with a tag that reads To Louise, From Your Evil Alter Ego, LouLou - fitting me thinks :)
So that was the remnants of a very naughty November, has December started in the same vein or have I been a good girl, well I'm already drafting another haul post so make your own minds up ;) Any questions please leave me a comment x


  1. Ohh I do love the look of that Benefit cha cha tint xx

  2. I love your idea for sending yourself a present from your evil alter ego! I've got the Cha Cha Tint and just can't use it - it stains my skin within half a do you use it?xx

  3. Haha I love what you're going to write on the tag! Cha cha tint looks beautiful x


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