Sunday, 31 January 2010

Goodbye January and Good Riddance

It's not the at often that I am so pleased to see the back of a month but I am so pleased that January is over! On a lot of levels it's been tough month, and particularly the last week. I seem to have lived in hospitals and doctors this month - I have been diagnosed with another health problem which to be honest came as no surprise so I am on yet another lot of medication this time for the rest of my life -lovely! - still every cloud as they say it now means that I qualify for free prescriptions so I am due a nice little refund from my last couple:)My mums health has also been a bit up and down this month culminating in a visit to the hospital about a fortnight ago - as predicted she needs an operation on her left hip - her provisional surgery date is the 6th March - at least we have plenty of time to prepare. Oh and when I returned from my hospital appointment on Wednesday the heating was off - kaput!! - brilliant just as the weather has turned cold again (we started the month with snow and its ended with snow !!) so we sat and shivered until the repair man came on Thursday night - thankfully he managed to fix it in about 20 minutes!

Monthly Total - £40.95
Front Cover Inky Eyes Kit - £8.00
MAC P&P - £2.95
MAC TLC Feelin' Good - £10.50
MAC MSF By Candlelight - £19.50

So that's been my month up and down and pretty stressful I hope this explains why I have been a bit MIA especially over the last week - so how have I done in my monthly aims, well with monthly spends I have gone an ickle bit over this month but not by much and I am sure I will be able to make it up next month - OK I am probably saying that with my fingers crossed as I have already made a couple of purchases which I am waiting for to count towards next months totals thanks to a few enablers on twitter (you know who you are ;))but my big plus for next month is that I am not buying my goodies from MAC in Lilyland :) I got some M&S vouchers for Christmas and despite trailing the website there appears to be nothing I could possibly want bar their lemon macaroons, lemon, and white chocolate mousse and swiss mountain bars - so me and my mum are doing a swap I give her my M&S vouchers and she buys my MAC In Lilyland bits - fair I think you'll agree :)and at least it will save me some money and I won't get fatter in the process :)

So in monthly spends good but must do better but in trimming my stash I think I have done pretty well this month

Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath 125ml
Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Make Up Remover 150ml
id Bare Minerals Foundation - Medium - 2g
Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Wash 50ml
Nails Inc Vitamin E Oil Slick Pen 1.6ml
Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic 200ml
The Body Shop Ginger Body Scrub 200ml
Leighton Denny Slick Tips Nail Oil 12ml
The Color Institute Soothing Hand Lotion 70ml
The Body Shop Vanilla Spice Shower Gel 250ml
Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerlily Moisture Bath and Shower Gel 300ml
AVON Skin So Soft Soft and Firm Targeted Firming Treatment 200ml
The Body Shop Olive Body Butter 50ml
Lush Jasmine and Henna Fluff Eaze 220ml
Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio EDT 100ml
Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Serum 10ml
Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara - Black
The Body Shop Shea Body Butter 50ml
Boots Botanics Quick Fix Cleansing Wipes
Total 19 Items

A total of 19 items finished :)including 2 make up items which has to be good :) I have a few more items hovering on the edge so February should be an OK month too - If you have any questions about anything I have used please don't hesitate to ask - I know a few people were trying spending diets and stash trimming last month how did you all get on - leave a comment and let me know xx

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

TAG - I Hit Pan

I was tagged to do this absolutely yonks ago unfortunately I can't remember who tagged me - whoops - huge apologies that I haven't go round to it till now :) but here we go better late than never

The rules to this tag:

1. List 6 items that you have either "hit pan" or finished the tube/bottle of etc. and have or plan to repurchase for ever and ever! This can be makeup, skincare, haircare, body care or scent.
2. Tag 6 people that you want to know their repurchases.
3. Let those 6 people know by leaving a comment on their blog with a link so they know what to do

Eeek Only 6??

Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Make Up Remover
What can I say about this that hasn't already been said I have used at least 8 bottles up to now and I will continue to repurchase - a great non-stinging eye make up remover at a great price :)(mini pic stolen from Boots but I think we all know what it looks like by now x)

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

I have used this for over 3 years solidly a fabulous product that does exactly what it says it does

Liz Earle Instant Boots Skin Tonic
Another Liz Earle product - love, love, love a fabulous toner skin freshener, you can even use it after waxing to soothe due to the high aloe vera content -on and its great for flying decanted into a mini spray - - again I have used this for over 3 years and I won't be without it

id Bare Minerals (Bare Escentuals) Foundation SP15
Another mainstay for me I am on my 3rd pot of this - It's perfect for just throwing on when you cant be bothered or are in a rush - my shade is medium but I can also wear light and medium beige it is so forgiving

ELF Sheer Mineral Booster
Quite a newbie but I am on my second pot and I will continue to purchase - A perfect finishing powder for mineral or liquid foundations - poreless flawless :)

MAC Eyeshadow Sumptuous Olive

This is my second one and if you look behind it my back up is firmly in place - a lovely green gold which looks gorgeous considering it is so close to the colour of my own eyes

I am going to cheat slightly here and tag all my followers to do this - it's really interesting to see what your must haves are xx
Any questions give me a yell xx

(Just to add I purchased all of these items myself and have done since their first use - and I repurchase them because I love them not because someone told me too :))

Monday, 25 January 2010

Lush Snowcake Winners :)

Thank you all for entering my little Lush giveaway, using I selected and 2 numbers and therefore two lucky winners, who are.....drumroll....




Thank you very much for entering ladies and congratulations - please can you e-mail me your postal details to and I'll get your soaps out asap x


Sunday, 24 January 2010

Cherry Culture Haul

Hurray the last of my Christmas sale hauling came yesterday - despatched a few weeks ago my Cherry Culture parcel finally made it across the Atlantic.
I had fancied placing an order for quite a while so when I noticed they had a few bits I wanted on special I decided to pop my Cherry Culture cherry so to speak - lol.
First of all I picked up a few NYX bits :)- The famous Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in 604 Milk
One of the Black Label Lipsticks in BLL 109 India - a gorgeous peachy nude
and a Rouge Cream Blush in CB02 Natural
I also picked up a few Milani items including the Minerals Blush in #201 Luminous - soooo pretty, very pleased to have this :)

an eyeshadow in #11 Beach Sand

and a Runway Eyes Fashion Shadows palette in 05 Glamourous Gems
I also picked up another couple of bits including an LA Girl Matte Flat Finish Nail Colour in NL545 Matte Blue Twilight
and an Amuse Metalica Cream Eyeshadow Palette in FK9302-1 - this looks really interesting cream eyeshadows witha sort of shimmer pigment splatter / coating - they seema bit highly scented but I am definitely going to give them a go
Overall I am very impressed with my first Cherry Culture experience and I will definitely use them again - any questions give me a yell xx

Thursday, 21 January 2010

EOTD - Golden Greens


Sorry for the crappy pics (my camera is beyond useless at doing close ups and the lighting today was yack - not a good combo and low and behold my laptop then went insane and deleted the best pic argh!!!! ) but this was the eye look I went for today -lots of olive greens, shimmery greens and golds to match my cosy khaki /olive parka lol :)

Products Used

MAC Prep + Prime Eye -Light
MAC Eyeshadow Fresh Approach
MAC Eyeshadow Image Maker
MAC Eyeshadow Sumptuous Olive
MAC Eyeshadow Photo Realism
2True Instant Length Mascara - 01 Black

(All of these products were purchased by myself apart from the 2True Instant Length Mascara which was sent to me by Superdrug for review purposes - see my review here - I was not paid to review it or to use the item in this or any other blog post x )

Monday, 18 January 2010

Hello Kitty Ebay Purchase

Just thought I'd show you something I received from ebay this morning. As you know I got an iPod touch for Christmas but despite how pretty and shiny it looked I realised on Christmas day that the lovely silver steel backing was going to get dirty and covered in finger prints, so on boxing day I won this little beauty -a Hello Kitty iPod touch case on ebay :) It came today which wasn't bad considering it came from Hong Kong - I've used the sellers pics - hope they don't mind :) Cute, kitsch or tacky I don't care I love it and my iPod is now smudge and smear free :)

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Lush Love In + A Giveaway - GIveaway Closed!

Well I knew it would happen -today yes on a Sunday I received both Lush parcels one dispatched on 28th December ,and one dispatched on the 13th January.
The first parcel contained the original Lush order that I placed with Tea Tree Water Toner, Marilyn Hair Mask, Absolute Delight Ballistic, Fairy Tail Sugar Scrub, Ruby Red Slippers and Christmas Eve Bubble Bar and Cupcake Face Mask :)
I also got a free gift package which contained Angel Delight, Snowcake and Porridge soaps, and Think Pink, Honey Bee, Avobath and Big Blue Ballistics
In the second parcel I got everything I originally ordered bar the Christmas items
and I received another free gift box containing the same soaps and last time, Honey Bee, Think Pink, Supernova and Blackberry Bath Ballistics
I thought it was really nice of Lush to send me the second parcel free of charge it's just typical of the postal service that they ultimately both turned up and on the same day -grr
Anyways both of my freebie boxes contained the one Lush product I really can't stand :( so I am going to give two of my lovely followers a Snowcake soap each - All you need to do is be a follower and leave me a comment below saying Enter Me - I'll pick 2 winners using a week today at 2.30pm - Good Luck xx

Edited to add - yes this giveaway is open internationally so itsybitsyknitsy your entered chick x

Blog Sale Hauling - Thank You Cosmetic Candy

As you can see by my sidebar I have gone slightly over budget this month - whoops - It was down to the lovely from the lovely Cosmetic Candy's recent blog sale :) I got the Front Cover Eye Spy Kit for Christmas and I absolutely loved it so when I saw she had another Front Cover kit for sale I had to snap it up :)
I got my mitts on the lovely Inky Eyes kit - perfect for a smokey eye it has 3 baked shadows in a silver grey, and inky purple and a midnight grey, as well as a lilac shimmer pigment powder, an eye pencil and a mascara

I am super pleased with this, huge thanks again and thanks for the extras and the sweeties too x

Yeah The Rest Of My Next

Hurrah the final part of my pre Christmas Next sale haul came yesterday - I already have this dress in red but when I saw the black one was half price I had to pick it up - it's so comfy and easy to wear a real all rounder :)

Friday, 15 January 2010

Please Watch and Please Donate

Over the last few days very few of us will have failed to have seen the devastation inflicted on the Caribbean island of Haiti by an earthquake. Already one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere Haiti is struggling to cope and needs urgent aid. One of our fabulous community You Tuber and blogger Gemma aka Gem's Maquillage has set up a fund through Just Giving so we can make a donation to the DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee) in the UK or through First Giving to Doctors Without Borders if your elsewhere. Please watch Gemma's video and consider making a donation no matter how small, every little really could help x

Donate via DEC
Donate via Doctors Without Borders

Baking Day

It was another nasty day up north so I decided to do a bit of baking - after watching the lovely Sarah's video I decided to make some Red Velvet Cup Cakes

The recipe translated pretty well - I just replaced the flour for Doves Farm Plain Gluten Free Flour and added 1 tsp of Xanthan Gum - I did find though that I needed a tiny bit more liquid as you sometimes do with gluten free flour - but they turned out pretty well and tasted yummy :)-They are much more red irl
Check out Sarah's video for the full recipe xx - Thanks honey x

I also made some yummy cheese scones - a successful baking day me thinks :)

The Rest Of My Boots Sale Haul

It seem like ages ago that I posted about the other half of this haul with my Rouge Volupte but that's the way parcel deliveries have been lately :( Still I can't complain this one came yesterday in the middle of some horrible freezing fog!

First of all I got this cute, Celia Birtwell bag which was a free gift when you bought any premium make up product (eg. a YSL Rouge Volupte :) )



and I also got this Benefit Glitz, Glam and Gloss 6 shade lipgloss kit for £13 instead of £19.50 :)



I was going to do some swatches for you but it's still rank outside - at least the snow is melting a bit but it's so foggy at the moment it looks like something out of a horror movie -so if you want some swatches please say in the comments box - most of these glosses are from the mainline so it may be useful to some of you x

So that's one parcel down quite a few to go - I was actually so worried about my Lush order since its being nearly a month since I ordered it, that I emailed them - they are going to resend my parcel with what they have left ie. no Christmas stuff :( but with freebies, and they'll refund me with the cost if the missing items and if I receive the missing parcel in the meantime I should just keep both - very nice of them I'm sure you'll agree so fingers crossed at least one of them comes - come on Royal Mail you can do it !!!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Blog Award Central :)

I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to do this post and huge apologies if I have forgotten anyone but recently I have been give a load of blog awards from you lovely people
First of all I got this from the lovely Raspberry Kiss - her own personalised blog award - it was so very sweet of you - please check her out if you haven't already x
I also got this super award from the lovely Peonies and water lilies - thank you honey xx
I am immediately going to pass this on to Raspberry Kiss for her generosity in giving me this
award too - thank you xx
and also this one,Happy 101 who I also got from Em, and Sadie -Thanks girls x


To accept the award you need to post 10 things that make you happy and do at least one of them today. Remember to link to the person who tagged you and pass on to 10 others.
Here are my 10 things in no particular order....

1) My Cats - they always make me laugh at least once a day - today included :)
2) Chocolate - yummy - need I say more I had some Thorntons today too
3) Make Up - I had a lovely play with some new lipglosses today
4) Being With My Mum - done today x
5) Holidays - I love my holidays and especially feel the need for one in this cold yucky weather
6) Reading - I love reading and always have a book or magazine or two on the go
7) Blogging - I really enjoy this and I'm doing it now
8) Sleeping - eek due to my ME I probably sleep to much but I love my bed
9) Baths - I love my bath too full of nice smelly things and bubbles
10)Cooking - made a lovely chilli today and I think I might bake tomorrow x

Eeek a hard choice but I award Happy 101 too...



Alice in a New Wonderland

Computergirl's Musings

Desi girl does make up

Eliza - Make Up Junkie

Emerald Green 88

Hannah Louise Beauty Make Up Lover

Live Laugh Love

The Post Colonial Rabbit

Congratulations girls I wish I could have given you all one xx

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Soap & Glory The Fab Pore Review

PhotobucketI'm sorry it's taken so long to complete this review (so long I am actually nearly finished the pot!!) but I suppose I wanted to give it a proper and through test. I bought this quite a few months ago now after reading several positive reviews and raves from you lovely bloggers out there.
Hello my name is Louise and I have open pores!!! - yup that's right I am lead to believe they are inherited from my grandma, I wasn't aware you could inherit open pores but I seemingly have along with an oily, spot prone skin even at 31.
This product - Soap & Glory The Fab Pore 15 Minute Facial Peel comes in a 50ml tub, sounded like the product I had been looking for. This product contains Soap & Glory's exclusive PORESHRINK-R-COMPLEX with mushroom extract, salicylic acid, kaolin and antioxidant vitamins E and C.
The product itself is a pinkish cream which is in the clay mask type creamy texture, the mask contains tiny green beads
You can use this mask / peel in two ways either massaging the product onto your face (making sure to burst the beads) concentrating on areas prone to open pores such, as your t-zone -nose and chin, and leaving it for 5 minutes before massaging and rinsing off or you can use it as I tended too as an intense facial /face mask, leaving it for around 15 minutes before rinsing (Excuse the scary pic!!!).
The product had a nice texture and it was pretty easy to apply it to the skin, and the beads were pretty easy to burst. It has a nice fresh smell which reminds me of something but as per usual I can't remember what - lol!. I found it quite easy to wash off either using and sponge or a muslin cloth, but the interesting thing about this product is that it doesn't actually dry or set hard which is great if you don't like masks that tighten on your skin.

Does it shrink your pores - I have to say in my experience not really, when you remove the mask / peel your skin does feel super soft and toned but despite pretty consistent use I haven't really noticed a change in the size of my pores. Having said that I think it did generally improve the texture of my skin and it certainly helped to clear up some of the spots and pimples I had on my chin (probably down to the salicylic acid a known spot clearer) Would I buy this again, yes I probably would although I don't think it's the pore shrinking miracle I hoped it would be - it's certainly made my skin a bit clearer and that can't be a bad thing. You can buy this from Boots for around £6. Any questions please ask x