Friday 1 January 2010

2009 Stashes Trimmed and Spending Bans - A Summary and A Look Forward

Happy New Year Everyone :)
Well 2009 that was the year that was. As you know in 2009 I attempted first of all a spending ban and secondly a spending diet I have to say on both counts the only word to say is FAIL ! An out and out spending ban was destined to fail from day one -to buy nothing at all must be damn near impossible especially for me. The spending diet was slightly more successful but still a big, fat FAIL over all. The big news is that in 2010 I will be resuming my spending diet - I am going to be a bit more realistic this time though, £30 over the course of a month just isn't feasible for me personally so my limit will be £40 per month with the + and - carrying over each month. I really do need to stick to it this year as my finances are rapidly running lol so I will be taking on Gok Wan's philosophy of buy less, wear more! I am going to try to actually utilise my wardrobe better this year and actually wear more than the 20% of it that I currently do now so look out for some wardrobe gems on my blog that I will no doubt pull out over the year :)
The same is also going to apply to make up and smellies I am going to just try and replace what I use up or what I feel fills a genuine need in my collection -like most people have said especially with MAC collections they have bought for buying sake and I have definitely done the same - if its something different from what I have got fair enough but if its not no go ;) I am also making a huge ploy this year not to buy any Mascara till I have used up what I have got or Nail Polish (bar George - Superstar) as I probably have more bottles than an average nail salon lol (not including nail treatments e.g nail envy, or lash growth stimulator's)Eeek ! I am also going to be persevering with my Trimming My Stash - I have been doing pretty well with this one to be honest - in December I finished 14 item

Leighton Denny Slick Tips Nail Oil
The Body Shop Soft Hands Kind Hearts Hand Cream
Backscratchers Stripr Non Acetone Nail Polish Remover 473ml
Dove Triple Moisturising Beauty Care Body Wash
The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Toner
Nivea Pure Invisible Deodorant Spray
Avon Perceive Body Spray
The Body Shop Raspberry Shower Gel
Models Prefer Concealer - Medium
Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser Normal / Combination
ELF Sheer Mineral Booster <3

This makes a total of 118 items since June - this comprised of

Bath and Shower Products - 25
Body Moisturiser Products - 18
Hand and Feet Products - 18
Facial Skincare -34
Make Up - 8
Perfumes / Deodorants 4
Hair Products - 11

I am really impressed with that obviously some areas eg make up need some work but not bad -my challenge therefore is to see how many items I can use up in 2010 !

Obviously because of my blog is going to change a little bit because of this so expect slightly less hauls (after all my sale goodies come obviously I'm not counting those as they were ordered in December;) ) and more NOTD, OOTD posts, more reviews, and some other more personal focused posts
I hope you'll continue to follow me throughout 2010, thanks for your contributions, comments and support in 2009 which I hope will continue into the next decade xxx


  1. i am definetely going on a spending diet!!!
    I have so much stuff i've used once and then never again!

    Will be interested to see how you get on

  2. Thanks honey - good luck it isn't as easy as it looks as I found last year lol xx

  3. I have a problem with spending in primark - it needs to stop :|

    But since my resolution is to lose weight - clothes shopping will properly resume then.

    I've already ran out of room to keep all my products :\

    Hope 2010 goes well for you xxx

  4. Well done for finishing so many products!

    Despite starting in Januaey I didn't even make 100, going to carry on this year though so hopefully my stash will get even smaller.

    Good luck with your spending ban x

  5. @Laura Jaye - same to you honey x
    @Peonies and Water lilies - hey you've still done good don't give up - to be honest most of mine were probably things that were only about half full - I used to never finish things but I'm getting better :)

  6. Well done Lou, i think you've done really well with getting rid of your stash. Good luck with the new year! x


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