Friday 8 January 2010

My MAC Goodies Beat The Blizzards + A Rant

Hey all - If you follow me on twitter you'll know that I have been monitoring my MAC parcel for the last few days - after several days of coming up as "Undeliverable Due To Adverse Weather" - my parcel was eventually delivered this afternoon. I am not saying that conditions have improved outside because they 100% haven't in face the poor woman that bring a lot of my deliveries had to dig herself out of drifts twice whilst doing her route- would you believe it she couldn't make her bosses at DHL understand quite how bad some of the minor roads are in my area -it really is getting ridiculous the council no longer have enough grit to do any roads bar the A and main B routes let alone the pavements. A few of my neighbours have being trying to dig sections of the street out but to be honest they are fighting a losing battle, every night they are getting more snow and a thick layer of ice over the top of what they've cleared :( We really feel a bit marooned public transport is hitty missy, only priority mail is coming through i.e. none! , and I still have parcels stuck at various delivery depots. I feel sorry for the poor delivery people the council really shouldn't have let it get in this state in the first place - I know its the worst snow and weather for a long time but god knows what we would do in a real crisis!
Anyways happier things poor Angela (my DHL woman) got my lovely MAC parcel to me this afternoon (I did make sure she knew how grateful I was). If you follow me on twitter you'll know that I was a really good girl and only ordered two items from my wishlist (although several items tempted me :)
So what did I get - no surprise with the first one By Candlelight MSF - OMG I love this - I didn't discover the wonder of MSF's till last year and this one truly is a beaut - I won't swatch it because there are loads of those around in blogland but its a gorgeous peachy, gold colour - my new fave MSF
I also ordered the Tinted Lip Conditioner in Feelin' Good - a true nude shade a little bit sheerer than I originally though but its lovely and moisturising - quite fancied the other one too but this one will have to do :)

So there you go a tiny MAC haul - any questions please ask x


  1. We haven't had snow for a week but it's still here! It hasn't melted yet because it's still so cold. Lots of the main pavements by the local shops here are thick with ice, I'm really worried a little old lady could slip and hurt herself or something!!
    I think I'm going to a MAC store on Sunday, can't wait to check out Warm & Cozy if there's anything left!

  2. The poor DHL Woman. Glad you have go soething to play with though.. I'm starting to get a bit bored of being indoors... Roads are getting a bit better in places..but...

    Great products :)
    Emma x

  3. That's terrible about the snow! Thank goodness we have hardly any down here. I get really scared driving on icy roads. The MSF sounds lush! I am also a big fan of them.


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