Thursday 14 January 2010

Blog Award Central :)

I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to do this post and huge apologies if I have forgotten anyone but recently I have been give a load of blog awards from you lovely people
First of all I got this from the lovely Raspberry Kiss - her own personalised blog award - it was so very sweet of you - please check her out if you haven't already x
I also got this super award from the lovely Peonies and water lilies - thank you honey xx
I am immediately going to pass this on to Raspberry Kiss for her generosity in giving me this
award too - thank you xx
and also this one,Happy 101 who I also got from Em, and Sadie -Thanks girls x


To accept the award you need to post 10 things that make you happy and do at least one of them today. Remember to link to the person who tagged you and pass on to 10 others.
Here are my 10 things in no particular order....

1) My Cats - they always make me laugh at least once a day - today included :)
2) Chocolate - yummy - need I say more I had some Thorntons today too
3) Make Up - I had a lovely play with some new lipglosses today
4) Being With My Mum - done today x
5) Holidays - I love my holidays and especially feel the need for one in this cold yucky weather
6) Reading - I love reading and always have a book or magazine or two on the go
7) Blogging - I really enjoy this and I'm doing it now
8) Sleeping - eek due to my ME I probably sleep to much but I love my bed
9) Baths - I love my bath too full of nice smelly things and bubbles
10)Cooking - made a lovely chilli today and I think I might bake tomorrow x

Eeek a hard choice but I award Happy 101 too...



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Congratulations girls I wish I could have given you all one xx

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  1. Thanks lovely! My first tag!


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