Friday 8 January 2010

Clynol Hair Product Review

A few months ago I was lucky enough to be sent a bunch of hair products by top salon brand Clynol to try and review for you. I must admit I have used this product in the past mainly the Dream Hair leave in conditioner and I have to say although I repurchased it and some other items the products were OK but nothing special- so I was interested to see if any of their new formulations were any more impressive.
Clynol have recently revamped the ingredients, product design and packaging of their hair care range and I was lucky enough to be sent 4 products a shampoo and a conditioner and 2 styling products from their new Care and Style ranges - I have tried these products for over two months now to give you a through review.

Clynol Revive Repair Shampoo
First of all I was sent this shampoo from the Repair range. This shampoo is for dry, damaged and brittle hair and contains Clynols exclusive Pro.Repair.Complex with amino acids and wheat protein. The shampoo came in a sleek, white 300ml bottle with a flip top cap. It's a slightly, runny, pearlised white liquid with a fresh smell.
Despite the presence of the foaming agent Sodium Laureth Sulfate, I did find you needed quite a bit of the product to produce a decent lather. Having said that though it produced sufficient lather to make my hair feel clean and it rinsed out easily, and I didn't feel as though I needed to shampoo it twice. All in all it was a pretty good shampoo but I didn't think it was anything spectacular. This retails for around £8.45

Clynol Recovery Repair Conditioner
Alongside the shampoo I was also sent the matching conditioner from the Repair range.
This product again comes in a sleek white bottle, which this time is 250ml in size. It has a pump action dispenser which personally I love - its much easier to use when you are in the shower and so on and you get exactly the right amount of product. It dispensed easily and was of a good, not too thick not too runny consistency, and was white in colour - again it has the same fresh scent as the shampoo
I felt it massaged easily into my washed, towel dried hair but again I felt I needed to use a lot of product to cover my just below shoulder length hair. After leaving for a few minutes the product washed out easily and left me hair without too many tangles. According to Clynol this conditioner "Protects the hair surface, gives strength and shine. Gently restructures hair by repairing damaged areas." These are big claims as I have said on several occasions I don't believe products can repair split ends or damaged hair but to be fair this product left my hair, soft, and tangle free which was no mean feet considering I had it coloured (yes OK bleached!) during this trial. Obviously in its current condition I think my hair needs a little bit more help than this product but it's a pretty decent everyday conditioner. This product retails for around £9.45

Clynol Smooth Flatter Iron Spray
As I said I was also sent two of the styling products from the Smooth range. The first one I was sent was the Flatter Iron Spray. Been a compulsive (although hopefully less in 2010 :))hair straightener and user of flat irons I already currently use a heat protector spray so I was interested to try this one out. The product comes in a silver /blue tone pump action bottle which is 300ml in size. This product contains Clynol's exclusive Pro Protect Complex with moisturising silk protein, which supposedly protects the hair during styling and moisturises and smooths hair. Nothing new here I suppose most heat protector sprays on the market make similar claims. Since I don't blow dry my hair I used the product on my dry hair before using straightening irons. The product dispensed easily in a fine mist. The spray though didn't smell that great there was no nice scent like my usual product instead it had a quite chemically and not that pleasant smell. There was no problem whilst I was using no scary hissing or any increased dryness of my hair but I did find that it made it quite stiff with product, a bit tangled and not as smooth as I would have liked. Would I buy this particular product again - no definitely not - this item retails for around £9.50 and my preferred flat iron spray costs only a third of that, gives just as good results and smells lovely :)

Clynol Smooth Silky Frizz-Free Serum
The final product I was sent was a hair serum from the smooth range.It comes in 150ml bottle with a pump action dispenser.Containing the exclusive Pro Sleek Complex with Macadamia Nut Oil this serum according to Clynol gives you "long lasting, frizz free manageable hair with a silky shine and a glossy finish ". After drying and straightening I dispensed some of this fresh, fruity clear serum onto my hands and smoothed it over my hair. I loved the smell of this product which lingered on your hair - the serum was non greasy or sticky and was easily applied to my hair although as you can see in this picture it is a little bit runny
It left the hair with a noticeable shine, and no stickiness, and without knots
I have to say though as much as I liked this serum I don't think the effects really lasted that well - I must admit the current snowy, cold weather probably isn't the best test for this serum but the smooth finish lasted no more than a couple of hours on my hair. Despite that as I say I was pretty impressed with the product I especially loved the smell and the glossy (not greasy!) finish it gave. This retails at around £9.50

I hope you have found this review of some of the new Clynol hair products to be useful - if you would like any more information such as stockists, or to find out what products would be suitable for your hair type please check out the Clynol website If you have any questions on these products please don't hesitate to leave a comment below

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  1. Why did Clynol feel the need to change their products? I used both the Shampoo & Conditioner for coloured hair and have done for a few years, plus other products because I adored the smell. No other shampoo and conditioner comes anywhere near these products in my opinion, and I am totally devastated they are no longer available.


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