Friday 28 June 2019

Unboxing Papergang Box - No. 40 - June 2019 Edition - Under The Sea*

Happy Friday Everyone x I hope you've all had a fab end to the week and I hope that the sun is shining where ever you are? It's been a gorgeous in my little part of County Durham today and with tomorrow set to be even hotter, there is nothing better than a trip to the beach. Unfortunately I think the farthest I'll be going this weekend is Tesco so I'll try and console myself with June's sea shore themed Papergang box.

I received my first special priced Papergang box last month (read my post here) and I was impressed enough to continue on with my subscription. Alas this box was full price, but I'm really happy with it so I'm not complaining. In keeping with the summer weather and a lot of news stories recently this box has a sea and sea creature them, and as well as the regular donations to Tree Aid, £1 from every Under The Sea themed box sold will be donated to the Marine Conservation Society, who's aim is to protect our seas, coasts and marine wildlife.

The plain brown cardboard box comes with a beautifully designed outer sleeve, featuring the Papergang cut out logo, and a green toned sea creature design on one side, and a blue whale cut out on the reverse.

Open the letterbox friendly brown cardboard box, and you're greeted by a lovely little parcel, all neatly wrapped in a single sheet of bright blue tissue paper, which you can of course reuse.

The first thing that you get in the box is a little information booklet in the same green toned sea creature print. It contains a lot of useful information on how to cut down on single use plastics, and it gives you a little bit more information on the work of the Marine Conservation Society.

The booklet also tells you a little bit about the designer of the box, one of Ohh Deer's in house designers, Jack Carter, and his inspirations, and motivations.

From the first moment that you peel back the tissue paper it's obvious that every single item shares the same theme and the same sea creature design - every item has been designed to work together and I think that's exactly what makes this box so unusual - everything is thought out and nothing seems to be just thrown in to make up the value.

A5 Perfect Bound Notebook - RRP £8.95

The first item in the box is a gorgeous soft backed, A5 notebook. Printed in the UK is features a dark blue / teal cover with a fun brightly coloured sea creature design, with circular foil accents and lettering.

Despite being a soft back it's really sturdy and really good quality. it features white alternate lined and plain pages making it ideal for journalling, or just writing, drawing and doodling. 

Like all of the items in the box this notebook is exclusive to the box so it isn't available separately but similar perfect bound notebooks retail at around £8.95 from Ohh Deer.

Enamel Pin - RRP £5.95

I mentioned in my previous Papergang post that I preferred pins and badges, to iron on patches, so I was really happy to receive a pin in this months box.

It seems as though Narwhals are the new unicorns, they're everywhere at the moment, and as yet I haven't embraced the trend, but with this gorgeous gold tone, black, blue and white enamel raised pin, I can embrace the unicorn of the sea, without looking childish.

Again this pin is exclusive to the box but similar sized pins retail between £4.95 and £5.95 on Ohh Deer.

Sticker Sheet - £1

Something else that I mentioned in my previous Papergang post was my love of stickers, I've loved stickers since I was tiny, and I still get way too excited when I see some nice ones, and these are particularly cute.

With a dark blue, teal green background and bright colours, these stickers are the perfect companion to the notebook. You get plants, starfish, whales, dolphins, narwhals, an octopus, and how amazing is that hammerhead shark? It isn't the biggest sheet of stickers I've ever seen but STICKERS! There are no prices on individual sticker sheets like this on Ohh Deer but packs of four seem to retail at around £4.95.

A5 Art Print - £9

Next up a small art print featuring the same sea creature design as the outer box, holographic foil dots, and the almost familiar phrase now "THERE IS NO PLANET B" in a faded pink typeface. This isn't the thickest of card stock in fact it's actually more of a thick paper but it's a nice print and I think it would like nice either framed or just stuck to a noticeboard, in a lot of settings. I can't really find anything comparable on the Ohh Deer website so I can't really give you any idea of a price other than the £9 price tag that Papergang have quoted.

2 x Metal Straws - RRP £5.50

Okay, look at the item description, and look at my photos - spot the mistake? Yup instead of two metal straws I got three, all lovingly protected in a lovely silhouetted sea creature designed fabric pouch.

I've got to say that I am not the biggest fan of paper straws, they might look nice and be kinder to the environment but in my experience they always go soggy and start falling apart, so I was actually debating on whether or not to buy myself a set of metal straws, but now I don't have too!

Unfortunately they didn't come with a cleaning brush, but I managed to get one on ebay for 99p so I'm a happy bunny and I will be putting these in my handbag to use with my frappuccinos.

I can't find anything like these on Ohh Deer but you can get them pretty much anywhere now and they are a worthwhile investment.

Universal Calendar Card - No Value Given

Like in last months box, June's selection also contains a universal calendar card, so I think these cards must be a regular item. In keeping with the marine theme but this time in a slightly different shade of turquoise, blue it features the same sea life design, and again spaces for you to customise the card to what ever month you chose. There is no value placed on the card.

As much as I liked my first box, I have to say that I actually prefer this one, it contains stickers, some nice stationery pieces, and a pin that I'll definitely wear. The standout for me though has to be the straws, I drink an awful lot of iced coffees and frappuccinos in the summer months so they will definitely help me cut down on my own personal use of single use plastic. If you fancy trying Papergang for yourself July's box is now on sale and the theme is In Bloom, I love florals so I can't wait for this particular box to arrive - check out Papergang to find out more x 

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Friday 21 June 2019

A Small Primark Haul - Fashion, Accessories And More

Over the last week or so I've experienced a lot of emotions, but I think the one that's made its presence felt more than any other is frustration! I've been a flaky blogger for a long while now, and whilst I seem to apologise for it quite a lot, sometimes other things really are more important. At last though I was starting to feel as though as I could see the light at the end of tunnel. I started post planning, and taking photographs, and I can honestly say that I was starting to enjoy the whole blogging thing again, all be it at my own pace. Then what happens? everything goes belly up! After a pretty nasty rainstorm my land line and my broadband went down - cue a week and a bit of hardly any internet access. Thankfully it was fixed yesterday and I'm back, and hopefully for good this time ;)

So instead of being up to date, I'm playing catch up again with my blog posts, starting with a long awaited Primark haul. Primark trips and to be honest shopping trips in general have been very thin on the ground this year - I just haven't had the energy and as I've said before I'm really trying to buy less and wear more but with a bit of birthday money to spend I decided to take a little trip to Primark. I didn't buy a lot but I bought a few things that will work really well with items that I already own, and I bought a couple of, shall we say experimental things.

I've really gotten out of the habit of wearing dresses, I don't know but over the years I've gone through lots of dress phases, where it's all I've bought is dresses, and then I'll go through phases where I don't wear dresses for month. Style wise I'm not at all sure about this one, it's quite form fitting, but loved the pattern, the midi length, and the slightly stretchy fabric. I'm sure it's going to show off every bulge and bump, but I kind if thought what the hell, it was only £8 and I'm picturing it with sandals, or even with short Converse, I just need to be brave enough to wear it now!

Now something that I've always enjoyed in fashion is layering - from playing with jumpers, tops, and cardigans to wearing shirts as jackets to wearing vests over t-shirts I've always enjoyed experimenting with layers, and teaming different fabrics and textures, and this top just screamed Louise from a more playful, and experimental time. With an almost animal print, tie dye esq design, in a host of neutral tones, on the surface this appears to be quite a 'safe' purchase. Look more closely though and this boxy style t-shirt is actually made of a sheer mesh. If you're being brave, and you're wearing super pretty underwear than this could be a real statement piece, I think though I'm going to take the safer option and wear a vest or a camisole underneath it - whilst you could experiment with colour I think I would personally go for something in nude, coffee or black. Let me know if you have any other suggestions though, I'd love to hear your ideas x This top was £5.

From two slightly brave options, to a quintessential safe Louise option - a striped t-shirt. Although I'm not as brave as I used to be with clothing, I'm a firm believer that any rules about not wearing horizontal stripes when you're curvy should be thrown out with the rubbish - break those rules and enjoy fashion that's what I say!

Apart from the unusual combination of the peach, green, and black and white stripes, I love this t-shirt because it could be something that you've stolen from your boyfriend, it has a great over sized feel, but at the same time it's quite fitted, and as you see from the picture below it's long, and it covers my hips. Primark isn't the worst offender by any means but why are clothes so short at the moment - I know cropped t-shirts are all the rage again but I seem to pick up and put down so many items because they only seem to come 3/4 of the way down my back- what is going on? Is it a general sizing issue or am I just a funny shape? That's why when I find a long vest or t-shirt I buy it in every colour - indulgence or just sensible shopping taking advantage of clothes that actually fit you? Anyway enough ranting - the fabric is also super soft, it was only £5 and I love it!

I did see a few more nice clothing bits but bar a couple of additions I think I have enough clothes to see my through summer in the UK, especially if the rain keeps up. I did buy a couple of accessory bits though, and who'd have thought it, scrunchie is back! When I was at school I had so many scrunchies that I made my own scrunchie holder out of a kitchen roll tube so I could display them all, sad huh? and wearing about 3 at once? what was that all about? Anyways bar some bad fashion moments scrunchies are pretty practical when you think about, they very rarely get caught on your hair and they definitely cause less of an ouch factor than a conventional elastic bobble, and they don't hurt your head. I've always been partial to a scrunchie and even though they've went in and out of fashion I've still worn them for bed, but I think I can still rock a scrunchie in public so I picked up this pack of 3 for just £2. They're made of a nice textured fabric, and the colours work perfectly with so much of my wardrobe, I love coral, who doesn't need a neutral and you should now by now that I love mustard! Could I wear them all together? Maybe, but I think I leave the 90's and 00's behind, for now anyways!

I had a good look through the jewellery but as I said in my last Primark haul (read it here if you haven't already) I'm feeling a little bit overawed by my jewellery collection at the moment so I'm trying to shop my stash a bit but I thought these earrings were just too cute to leave behind. I don't own a lot of jewellery in rose gold or rose gold tone, and I think that it just complimented the design of these earrings perfectly. Small textured, filigree butterflies with a central crystal stone - I don't always do pretty and feminine but for just £1 these earrings are exactly that.

I don't know whether it's because my trips to Primark are a lot more sporadic than they used to be, but every time I go in now I seem to be more and more in awe of their beauty range, so many new items, high end dupes, collaborations and brands - the latest brand to join the Primark stable is 3INA and whilst some of the eye shadows looked amazing I couldn't really justify buying anything make up wise. Even though I had no intention of buying anything else I took my usual look at the reduced section and whilst it can sometimes be a shelf of broken eyeshadows and stained packaging, I think I found myself a little bargain.

Yes, my make up brush collection is verging on the obsessive but I do love a bargain and this big fan brush was only £1. It wasn't particularly expensive at £2.50 in the first place but come on a £1!

As bargaintastic as it was though, it isn't a bargain if it's no good, and you'll be pleased to know that this is a nice brush, for adding a bit of loose powder or a touch of highlighter. It has an easy to grip, rubberised handle, and super soft, synthetic bristles. Did I need it? Not really but it's decent and I'll definitely use it.

So after a week of frustration I've finally got a post up. It wasn't the biggest of hauls but I think I got some nice and interesting things, I just need to get my experimental fashion, or should I say style mojo back x Have you been to Primark recently ? Let me know your top finds x

Tuesday 11 June 2019

Unboxing Pink Parcel UK - May 2019 Edition*

I know it's only Tuesday but I feel like I've had a really busy week already, I've done a whole load of admin, I've filled in some forms, I've taken some blog photos, and the big news is I've actually managed to get on top of my emails for once. I have two email accounts and the amount of emails that I get on a daily basis is bordering on the ridiculous - I try to skim read as many as I can when they first come in but reading them properly sometimes takes more time and energy than I have!

In the depths of my inbox were quite a few emails from Pink Parcel, and at last it seem as through the promised changes are happening. Their new website launched last month, with a slightly different URL, and the promise of lot of new features including shopping, blogs, and a new affiliate programme. The biggest change though has already happened, and Pink Parcel have introduced a whole load of new subscription options.

Their new "All Of It" box is basically Pink Parcel as was, and contains both your needs and your wants, your sanitary products, and some beauty and lifestyle treats. This is the option that I've chosen and again I've gone for the monthly option which is £11 plus £2.50 postage and packing, you can also chose the 3 month option for a one off, up front payment of £30 and a 12 month option for a one off upfront payment of £100

As well as their "All Of It" box, Pink Parcel have also introduced a box called "The Needs" that just contains sanitary protection and no treats for around £5 for 1 month, or £13 for 3 months, and £60 for a full 12 month subscription. If for whatever reason you don't need sanitary protection Pink Parcel have also introduced a box called "The Wants" which just contains beauty and lifestyle treats and no sanitary products. A 1 month subscription of The Wants costs £8, 3 months costs £22, and 12 months costs £90. An additional post and packing charge is also payable on most of the subscription options. I think that this is a really good idea, especially with "The Wants" box, my periods were quite irregular for a time, and I ended up with lots of excess items, so in future I could switch to this option and still get all of the beauty and lifestyle treats.

So more changes are afoot again with Pink Parcel, including the long awaited new box design, I know this box looks quite different from any of the previous Pink Parcels I've shared but this isn't the new design, this is in fact a Betty Box. To avoid any waste Pink Parcel are using up all of their old packaging and boxes before they introduce their new box style later this year, and in May I ended up with a brightly coloured Betty Box, which was a box from their subscription service that was geared more towards teenagers.

Although the packaging may be different, the contents and layout was exactly what I've come to expect from Pink Parcel, a few advertisements, a pouch and a box of Musts, and a box of Wants.

I've had quite a few boxes lately that have contained panty liners and sanitary pads so I decided to switch and in May I got a mixed box that contains tampons, panty liners, daytime pads, and nighttime pads. Compared to my last couple of boxes that have beens pads only I did receive a few more items this time round I received 27 items in total. I've switched back to a pads only box for June, so we'll see what I get this month.

Despite all of the emails that I've had from Pink Parcel over the last month I didn't get one which explained the boxes theme or that gave me any product information so I've had to do my own research. For me this seems to be a general well being box, with lots of skin care, and some self care items. Bar the chocolate I haven't had a chance to try anything in the box yet so no proper reviews I'm afraid x

Daily Concepts Your Facial Mini Scrubber With Smart Technology - Full Size - Est. RRP €6.95

First up, the little sister or brother of one of the items that I received in April's Pink Parcel. April's box contained the Daily Concepts Exfoliating Body Scrubber, and May's box contained the smaller facial version.

With exactly the same technology as the body version, this exfoliator contains a cotton base layer, with a soft cotton towelling texture and a finger pocket on one side, and fine nylon loops on the the other size. Again the inside of the exfoliator is made up of a soy based foam which helps you skincare products to foam, and it also has the same smart technology on the hanging loop, which lets you know when it's time to replace your scrubber. I'm looking forwarding to giving this a try, the exfoliating nylon loops are a lot softer on this product than they are on the body version so fingers crossed it should be gentle enough to use on my face.You can buy this mini scrubber directly from Daily Concepts for around €6.95.

Cougar Rooibos Tea Face Mask - 100ml - Full Size

I've seen this brand floating around online for a few years now but bar a fab lip colour that I got in a previous subscription box, I didn't know too much about the brand, but from what I can gather it's an environmentally friendly, and cruelty free brand and all of the products are both made and packaged in the UK.

This mask contains Rooibos, which is a South African plant that's predominantly used in tea and herbal remedies, containing antioxidants, flavinoids, vitamins and minerals it is anti bacterial and it's particularly effective in preventing skin disorders.

Perfect for all skin types this 5 minute cream mask is designed to balance, detoxify, energise, firm and nourish and to reduce inflammation. It sound like it pretty much does everything and once I've finished testing a few skincare products I'm going to give this a go. If you're interested in trying this one out for yourself beware there are some pretty big price variations online. It retails at £17.99 direct from Cougar, at around £17.49 from Amazon and at £3.50 from Fragrance Direct. That is some variation - seriously though don't pay £17 for this - why spend more when you don't have to!

Vitamasques Egg Sleep In Mask - 1 x 4g Mask - Full Size - RRP £3.99

Another face mask and quite an unusual one - I've tried quite a few masks from Vitamasques now but this one is completely different from anything else that I've tried. Containing egg, Persepolis extract, licorice, ginger root and camellia, this is a sleep mask.

All you do is remove the plastic insert from the cardboard outer and your greeted with a sealed egg and spoon. Using the little spoon you mix the gel and cream textures together (the egg white and the yolk) and then you apply it to face at bedtime. There is no need to rinse or wash it off you just leave it on overnight and let it do its thing. Ideal for dry skin, it claims to tighten pores and give the skin a smooth and plumper appearance. 

I haven't tried this yet but I'm excited to try it, thanks to the Dr Botanicals Po Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask, that I received in April's Glossybox I'm now a sleep mask convert and yes I admit it I'm also pretty excited to open it up and start mixing the formulations together with the little spoon - it doesn't take a lot to excite me these days :) If you want to try this particular mask for yourself then you can get it directly from Vitamasques.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day (PHD) Night Cap Overnight Perfector - 30ml 

Now I do love a hair mask, and after reading about this one I think it's just what my hair needs at the moment. Created in association with biotech scientists from MIT (Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, don't you know!), this range is crammed full of technology, and scientific, proven formulations. 

I only have one other product from this range which I haven't tried yet so this brand is pretty new to me, and so is this type of product. Like the Vitamasques mask this basically a sleeping mask for your hair. Simply apply it to damp or dry hair before bed and then style or wash it out in the morning, and you're left with manageable, vibrant, shiny hair, that last for up to 5 washes! Containing a patented healthy hair molecule, which releases slowly into the hair, the formulation absorbs quickly and it doesn't leave any marks or staining on your pillows. Suitable for coloured and chemically treated hair, it is cruelty free and it's also free from parabens, silicone's, and phthalates.

Now my hair normally takes too long to dry to wash it in the morning, so I'm either going to have do this on a day where I'm not leaving the house or I'm going to have to leave it on all day, either way I'm looking forward to trying and looking forwards to weeks of shiny hair. I can't seem to find this travel size online which is a shame because I think that this would be an ideal products for holidays, but the full 118ml size retails at around £30 from various retailers including Marks and Spencer ,Look Fantastic, Selfridges and direct from Living Proof.

Macacha Peace Vanilla Plant Protein Shake - 33g Sachet - RRP £2.99

Okay I admit it I'm not really the protein shake type, give me a iced coffee any day, but I like trying new things and I'm always willing to be surprised. Containing holy basil and lavender, this is a sachet of vanilla flavoured plant protein shake mix. Simply mix the sachet with water, or nut milks, or blend into juices or smoothies. It's vegan, caffeine free, raw, and full of amino acids, iron, and iodine, and apparently it will promote feelings of calmness, relaxation and serenity. I could certainly do with that I just need to get past the lavender thing and give it a try. If you fancy a little bit of protein and serenity in your life then you can buy it directly from Macacha at £29 for 10 sachets or in sachets and tubs from various retailers including Holland & Barrett, Amazon and Planet Organic.

Dilmah Chocolate, Tumeric, Ginger And Almond Rooibos - 2 x Tea Bags 

Well this box has pretty much covered all bases, you can put Rooibos on your face and you can also drink it. I've had one of these bags before in a Pink Parcel buy you know the story Mummy Lou got there first. The name says it all really almond, chocolate, and ginger with a base of Rooibos. As you probably know I have an intense hatred of bitter almond, so one of these bags is going straight to Mummy Lou, so she can test for marzipan, and amaretto flavours. Fingers crossed that I can drink because the combination of flavours actually sounds really nice. You can buy this infusion direct from Dilmah for around £2.19 for 20 bags.

Choc On Choc Be Kind To Yourself Mini Milk Chocolate Bar

Although it may look pretty big in my photograph, this was actually a tiny, little square of chocolate from UK based company Choc On Choc who are known for their high quality chocolate gifts and creations. They do a lot of corporate items for companies and organisations so that may be what this little chunky is from. I'm not going to lie I ate this straight away, and although it was teeny tiny, it was a really good quality milk chocolate. I can't find anything like this on their website but I would recommend literally anything from their line - their salted caramel truffles are particularly good - go on treat yourself you know you want to ;)

So changes are again on the horizon but this was actually a pretty decent box, there are quite a few things that I can't to try, mainly the hair mask and the sleeping mask, so no complaints from here, and I can't wait to see what June's Pink Parcel has to offer. Have you tried any products in this box? Let me know your thoughts in the comments x 

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Saturday 8 June 2019

Trimming My Stash - May 2019 Edition - Empties And Mini Reviews*

I know time seems to be flying by generally, for me at the moment, but May seemed to go particularly quickly, admittedly I had a pretty busy, as well as welcoming our new kitten Max into the family, I also spent a lot of time with my family and friends, and I celebrated my birthday - all I seemed to do was blink and it was all over, and scarily June seems to be heading in the same direction!

Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater & Pink Peppercorn Hydrating Hand Therapy - 25ml
Soap & Glory Clean On Me Creamy Moisture Shower Gel - 500ml
Vitamasques Tea Tree Face Mask - 1 x Sheet Mask - 20ml
Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel - 100g

Total - 4 Items

When it comes to trimming my stash, May wasn't the best of months, it seemed as though it was over before started and every product that I thought that I would finish seemed to miraculously go on and on, a bit like my own personal beauty version of The Magic Porridge Pot. I was a touch disappointed that I only managed to finish four items but I did manage to finish something that I was actually sick to death of seeing in the bathroom, so maybe it isn't all bad.

1. Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater & Pink Peppercorn Hydrating Hand Therapy - 25ml

The first product is one of two items in this post that I'm quite sad to see the back of. This hand cream was behind door number 19 of the 2018 Glossybox All I Want Advent Calendar, and it's something that I put into use straight away. You can read a full review here but this hand cream was crammed full of moisturising ingredients including ceramides, Shea butter, glycerin and macadamia seed oil, and whilst it was really rich and creamy it absorbed really easily into the skin and left them feeling silky smooth. It was a really nice hand cream texture wise, and results wise, but for me the big selling point was the scent. Containing rosewater, it had a gentle, real rose scent, combined with warm and spiciness of pepper. 

I really enjoyed using it and even though I can't justify a repurchase at the moment, when I've used up some of the many hand products in my collection I'll definitely buy it again and maybe some of the other products in the Rosewater and Pink Peppercorn range. This 25ml travel size retails at around £8, and the full 100ml size retails at around £18. You can pick it up from various retailers including Crabtree & Evelyn direct, Look Fantastic, Escentual, and Fragrance Direct.

2. Soap & Glory Clean On Me Creamy Moisture Shower Gel - 500ml

I'm going to start talking about this product with an apology, this is probably one of the grossest empties that I will probably ever show you, but this is what happens when a bottle seems to live in your shower caddy for what seems like a life time. An almost constant stream of water had faded the label, and done goodness what else so I apologise!

I don't honestly know why it's been there so long, I actually really like the product, for some reason though I just haven't reached for it in a while. To be honest I got a bit sick of seeing at there so last month I made a concerted effort to try and finish it. 

This is a gorgeous, creamy moisturising shower gel with that familiar Soap & Glory fragrance, you any need a tiny amount so this half litre size lasts for ages. I do like it and it's something that I'll happily use but it's not something that I would actually go out and purchase on it's own. I'm a huge fan of the Boots Soap & Glory Star Gifts at Christmas, and that, bar the odd purchase, tends to be how I get my Soap & Glory fix. If you are interested in giving this a go though then Boots is the place to go,  this 500ml size retails at £6.50, with a handy 75ml travel size retailing at £3.

3. Vitamasques Tea Tree Face Mask - 1 x Sheet Mask - 20ml

Most of the sheet masks that I seemed to have tried over the years have came in beauty subscription boxes, and I think this one may have came in either a Glossybox or a Pink Parcel. I'm normally a fan of Vitamasques face masks but this didn't wow me. Containing antibacterial, pure tea tree oil, this vegan friendly mask is designed to help balance oily, and acne prone skin. I used to have very oily skin, but the older I get the drier my skin gets, so maybe that's why this didn't really do it for me.

The mask itself wasn't the thickest and it tore quite easily, it was very, very wet though, and the liquid had a tendency to run down my face and into my eyes, which was a bit stingy. It had a slight tea tree scent but nothing to harsh or too strong. When it was on my face it felt nice and cooling, after around 20 minutes I removed the mask and there was still a lot of liquid on my face. As per the instructions I massaged the excess in. It felt a bit tacky and sticky but it did eventually absorb into my face and neck. There was no redness on my skin, it just looked a bit fresher, but other than that I didn't notice any real change. If you have more problematic skin then I would give this a try but on my skin at the moment, it didn't really do very much. This mask retails at around £3.99 direct from Vitamasques and Look Fantastic.

4. Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel - 100g

Although it doesn't have the most Christmas scent and the colour isn't really very Christmassy (unless your Barbie that is!), this is probably the quintessential festive shower product. Every year its arrival is eagerly awaited by thousands of Lush devotees, and I'm one of them.

Bright pink in colour and crammed full of iridescent sparkles, it basically smells like a sugar overload, think bubblegum, candy floss, and pick 'n' mix, all rolled into one. A small amount produces beautiful creamy bubbles and a bathroom that smells like a sweet shop!

I don't know if it's just me but I am finding Lush's shower gels and shower products a little bit drying at the moment, but to be honest I can live with that because nothing beats the scent of Snow Fairy drifting through the house even in June. I'm hoping that I have another bottle hiding away somewhere but if not, roll on Christmas 2019!

After two good months in March, and April I was a little bit disappointed to only 4 items in May but it was better than nothing, and hopefully June will be a more successful month. Let me know your thoughts on the items that I finished, and I'd love to know you tips for using up beauty products x Let me know in the comments if you have x 

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