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Unboxing Glossybox UK - May 2019 Edition - Trending Beauty*

As the saying goes better late then never and in this particular case I hope that you'll agree - I've already an email about June's Glossybox so I thought I'd better get my finger and get this post up before my to do list gets any longer! It may be late but in my opinion it's one of those posts that been well worth waiting for me - You've probably quite a few posts on May's Glossybox already but in my opinion it's one of the best boxes that I've had in a long while, and although it might not seem like it I've been itching to talk about ever since it arrived.

After the jazzy floral design of April's box May saw a return to the traditional pink and black design with a pink box and tissue, and a black ribbon and black shredded paper. I think there is something really classy about the original design but I've got to be honest and say that I'm more inclined to keep and reuse the limited edition boxes, but even if I don't personally use them I can usually find someone to pass my old boxes on to - my Godmother in particular uses them to organise her jewellery and her beauty products - Glossybox the box that keeps on giving!

Anyways the theme of May's box was Trending Beauty, and it's aim was to embrace new beauty trend with a range of high end beauty treats. Some lucky subscribers got an extra treat in their May box, a la Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, some boxes contained golden tickets, and the prize wasn't a tour of a chocolate factory or even a make up factory instead it was a Remington Curl & Straight Confidence 2 In 1 Straightener, unfortunately I wasn't one of the lucky winners but I after exploring the rest of the box I wasn't too disappointed.

Annabelle Minerals Mineral Blush - Rose - 4g - Full Size - RRP £12.50 / €13.90

Now a know a few people were a bit unhappy that they didn't receive the Dr Jaart mask, but personally I was really pleased to the alternative item a gorgeous blusher from Annabelle Minerals.

Now I wasn't that familiar with Annabelle Minerals so I've done a bit of research and I've found out that they are a polish mineral make up brand. All of their products are based on just 4 natural ingredients, and their good for your skin range is 100% organic, and suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

Designed for all skin types including oily, dry and sensitive, the blusher I received was in the shade Rose, which is officially described as a matte finish, highly pigmented mauve, with pastel pink pearl particles, that is designed specifically for paler skin tones.

Like so many mineral based make up products, it's a loose product which comes in a sifter style tub. When you swatch it quite heavily like I have in the photo above it looks quite dark and almost a little bit more peachy , but it actually blends out into a really natural pink colour.

It wasn't the easiest colour to capture on the skin because it actually matches natural flush of my own skin almost perfectly. If I blush this is pretty much the colour that my cheeks go, and that's the reason I love this blusher so much, it looks so natural on my skin, and it's something that I could probably wear every day, and seeing as it's a loose mineral powder you only need a tiny amount so it will last for ages. The only official retailer I can find is the Annabelle Minerals website where it's valued at €13.90.

Nailberry Oxygenated Nail Lacquer - Love Me Tender - 15ml - Full Size - RRP £14.50

I do love a nail polish, and after a long hiatus I've actually got nails, all be it quite short ones, that I can paint again. Now I've heard quite a lot about Nailberry but it was another brand that I hadn't tried. This polish is part of their Oxygene range of healthy breathable nail polish, that protects and cares for the the nail and allows both air and water to pass through the polish. As well as being 12 free, it's also vegan and cruelty free, approved by PETA, and both gluten free and halal. As well as all that they also claim that their polishes are long wearing, and have an amazingly glossy finish.

This shade Love Me Tender is officially described as a creamy rose, mauve and in real life it's a perfect match to the Annabelle Minerals blush so you can coordinate both your cheeks and your nails should you so wish. It's a gorgeous neutral pink shade, and although I haven't managed to try it on my nails yet, you can see how glossy the swatch is on my nail wheel. It only took two coats to achieve this gorgeous full coverage, glossy finish. As soon as I'm finished the re shot nails of the days that I'm doing at the moment, I'll share a nails of the day post, and a full review.

Nailberry nail polished are available from a variety of retailers including Look Fantastic, HQ Hair, Nail Polish Direct, and Feelunique.

Beauty Kitchen Natural 0% Petroleum Lip Treatment - 20g - Full Size - RRP £2.99

When I first picked this up I thought that this was a tub of Vaseline, and to be honest I think that exactly what that manufacturers hope will happen. If you are a fan of Vaseline but you want a more natural product then this could be something to try.

Vaseline is a cult product and with good reason it does exactly what it promises but if you really think about petroleum jelly, maybe you wouldn't be as keen to slather it all over. This product by UK brand Beauty Kitchen gives you a 100% petroleum free alternative. It's made from 100% natural ingredients including beeswax, Castor seed oil, and carnauba wax. It's suitable for the driest and most sensitive lips and it's fragrance free. The tins themselves are made from 100% recycled tin plate, and are themselves recyclable.

Beauty Kitchen claim that this product is less greasy and more affective than petroleum based product and that it is scientifically proven to moisturise and protect the lips for up to five hours.

If you have really dry or sore lips, then this is a pretty fabulous lip balm, not only does it provide a protective layer on the lips, but it also actually absorbs into the skin and softens the lips at the same time, and it has no real taste or scent so there is no incentive to lick it off! It also adds a nice gloss to the lips, so you could use it over lipstick instead of a gloss. You only need a tiny little bit so this little tin will last for ages.  This balm retails at a very affordable £2.99 and is available directly from Beauty Kitchen and from various retailers including Holland & Barrett

Barry M Cosmetics Cosmic Lights Highlighting Palette - Full Size - RRP £7.99

Now the biggie and the sneak peek that we saw in April box. The May edition of Glossybox Uk contained one of two Barry M palettes, a contour palette or the one that I received the Barry M Cosmic Lights Highlighting Palette.

Now if you remember I said that this was the palette that I wanted, and I was really, really pleased to receive it in my box. Both vegan and cruelty free this palette contains 6 good sized shades, 4 cream highlighters and 2 highlighting powders in various colours from champagnes to a copper bronze, and icy blues and whites.

The palette itself is made from a sturdy cardboard with a magnetic fastening, and it contains a nice sized mirror. It's a good size perfect for travel, and perfect for highlighting newbies.  The powders (the middle shades) are nice and smooth but not too buttery so you don't get too much fallout, and the colour payoff is decent. The creams aren't the creamiest or butteriest highlighters I've ever tried but have a nice feel, and they aren't too creamy or oily. The colour payoff is okay, the lighter colours especially are quite sheer so you might need a few dips to build up the colour, but like the powders they are easy to apply and blend and because they aren't too greasy they wear well.

As I say this is a great palette for travel or for adding a few highlighters to your make up collection. Like all Barry M products this is really affordable retailing at just £7.99. It's available from various retailers including Superdrug and ASOS and direct from Barry M.

Mudmasky Aftermask Vitamin Serum - 30ml - Full Size - RRP £34.19 - £51.72

The final item in the box is a product from a brand called Mudmasky. I've had a few of their products from various subscription boxes, but I'm ashamed to say that I haven't actually tried any of them yet, and nor have I tried this product.

Although they are famous for their various face masks this product is something just that little bit different. It's an innovative and original product that is specifically designed to be used after any of their face masks to nourish the complexion and add vitamins and minerals to the skin. Containing a host of vitamin infused natural ingredients including dulse seaweed, sea fennel, brown seaweed, rice starch and rose water, it claims to be smoothing, anti ageing, feeding, protecting and nourishing. It's also cruelty free, and PETA approved. 

This tiny 30ml tube is actually the full size and the retail price online varies between £34.19 and £51.72 direct from Mudmasky. It's one expensive little tube either way so I'm definitely going to hunt out some of my Mudmasky masks and give this a go.

So that was a very late review of May's Glossybox, and I have to say that it was my favourite ever boxes by far. I will use everything in it no exceptions, I love all of the products that I've tried and whatever way you look at it the value is superb, and it looks as though June's box could be just as good as it contains a primer from high end skincare brand Avant. If it's even half as good as the night cream that I received in January's box then it will be well worth trying x Let me know your thoughts on this box in the comments x Was it worth waiting for? Let me know x 

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