Tuesday 28 May 2019

Unboxing Papergang Box No. 39 - May 2019 Edition - Forever Awkward*

I don't know if you follow me on Instagram, you should by the way if you aren't already, but unlike a lot of people I don't have a perfectly coordinated grid filled with beautiful flat lays and pictures that wouldn't look out of place in a fashion magazine, my grid is a bit more random. 

I predominantly use social media to share the things that I love, and the things that make me happy, my family and my cats make me happy, food is my life, I love beauty and home products, and I love stationery.

Ever since I was a little girl, looking longingly at packets of coloured pencils, and rolls of stickers in Fenwick stationery department I've been obsessed with stationery. I can never resist buying more pretty pens, and paperclips, and my notebook obsession is bordering on dangerous - I literally have a large plastic crate full of unused, and untouched, virgin, pretty notepads, but hey there are way worse addictions in life than pretty post it notes!

A few weeks ago now I was spending my requisite 5-10 minutes a day on Facebook, when something popped up in feed in between the cat pictures, and the over sharing type statuses, it was an advertisement  for a stationery subscription box. Now I already probably buy stationery at least once a month anyway, so I decided to click the link and take advantage of the special offer pricing that it promised.

The box itself is called Papergang, and it's from the brains behind the fabulous stationery, accessories and gifting website Ohh Deer. Like all of the beauty boxes that I already subscribe to it's a monthly subscription service with several different pricing and subscription options, an ongoing 1 month subscription is £10.95, an upfront payment of £27.40 will give you a 3 month subscription, and a one of payment of £54.75 will give you a 6 month subscription. Obviously the longer you subscribe for the cheaper it is, but I like the flexibility of the one month option it's much easier to cancel and you are in control. Thanks to the Facebook offer though I got this box for just £5 which was an nice incentive to try it out without too much to lose.

So what is Papergang, in its simplest terms as I said before it is  a stationery subscription box. Every box is themed and contains exclusive designed accessories and stationery items from artists across the globe. The box contents will never been repeated so every month you're getting something new and exclusive. All of the boxes are designed, packed and shipped from the UK, and for every 4 boxes sold, Papergang in association with Tree Aid will plant one tree.

Your products come in a nice flat box that fits easily through most letterboxes. The plain brown cardboard box, is covered with a removable sleeve, that will alter every month. May's box featured a pale pink and hot pink sleeve, with the cut out word Papergang on one side and two bookmarks for you to cut out on the reverse.

Remove the sleeve, open the cardboard box, and you're greeted with a pink tissue wrapped parcel, and an iron on patch.

Papergang Membership Iron On Woven Patch - No Value Given

Now this isn't part of the official box so it isn't given any sort of value. It's an exclusive non retail, iron on patch featuring Drew, Papergang mascot, and it's just a way of welcoming you to the Papergang family.

I love it when things come wrapped in tissue like this, it really does feel as though you unwrapping a present, and I'm all for self gifting.

First of all the parcel contains a little booklet which tells you a little bit more about the theme of the box and a little bit more about the artist or designer behind the items. The contents of May's box was designed by typographical artist and designer, Catherine Ings aka Twin Pines, who is known for her use of bright block colour, and witty phrases. There are quite a few of her items on Ohh Deer if you fancy a look to see some more of her work

Fabric Tote bag - RRP £14.95

The first and biggest item in the box is a fabric tote bag. It's in a gorgeous fresh, summery, mint green / turquoise shade, and it features the words "Don't worry. No one else knows what they're doing either." in a clear and bold white font. It's a nice quality bag and it won't take up to much room in my handbag. The saying is so true too, it's easy to think that everyone else has their life together, when in reality we all have problems and insecurities, some people are just better at hiding them x

Iron On Woven Patch - RRP £5.95

Next up another woven iron on patch - this one is in shades of purple and lilac, and features the words "FOREVER AWKWARD" on it. Story of my life this one, I'm not that comfortable in social situations so I tend to let my tongue run away with me haha - so yeah forever awkward could be my middle names x The contents of the box is exclusive but patches on the Ohh Deer website retail at a variety of price between £3.50 and £5.95.

A5 Notepad - RRP £5.95

At last something papery - this is a really handy, to do list, desk pad, come organiser. It features a to do list, and a really useful when to get things done section, which is divided into hours. It's a nice thick pad, the quality is really good, and it's really useful - who doesn't need to get organised. Again I can't find anything similar on Ohh Deer but they quote a price of £5.95 for this.

2 x Greetings Cards - RRP £5

Something that Ohh Deer is famous for are their greetings cards. There are no boring Happy Birthday's here everything is exclusive and a bit quirky, and these are no different. You get two sealed cards with envelopes - a blue and white type design that features that words "I'll always think of you as someone older." and a yellow card with black type with the words "Happy Birthday you silly sausage" on the front. 

The cards are a really nice quality and who doesn't need birthday cards. If I'd got this box a month or two earlier then I would have known exactly who to send the blue card too! These specific cards aren't available on Ohh Deer, but there are similar cards for sale including some from Twin Pines for around £2.75 each.

Universal Calendar Card - No Value Given

The final item doesn't have a price attached to it and it seems to be an added extra, and a very useful one at that. It's basically a universal calendar card, just write in the month, and the days in the right places, and you have a really handy calendar, that you can just stick in a notebook or in an organiser.

So that was my first Papergang box - For the £5 that I paid it was definitely worth the money, all of the paper items were excellent quality, and who doesn't need another emergency shopping bag. I'm not really a patch person but I am Forever Awkward so I might stick that somewhere and try a bit of fashion up cycling. I'm not sure whether I'm going to become a long term subscriber at £10.95 a box but I'm definitely going to get a few full prices, to get a better idea of the contents and the value, and to give you a better idea of what the subscription offers x I'd love to know if you've tried Papergang and I'd also love to know what your favourite UK subscription boxes are? x So let me know in the comments and let me know if you have any questions x

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