Saturday 25 May 2019

Nails Of The Day - Rimmel I Love Fruities Lasting Finish - 053 Apricot Punch

Before I start on a run of unboxing posts - I thought I'd share a quick re shot and redone post with you. Although I said in my last post that my nails were pretty shocking at the moment, after a week and a bit of TLC my nails don't actually look too bad. and whilst they're still quite short, they're long enough to paint.

I originally posted this review way back in 2010, and after looking back at a few older posts, I realised just how bad this one actually was, the pictures were awful and the writing was even worse, so when I rediscovered this polish in a long forgotten make up I thought I'd paint my nails, and take some pictures

Although the weather seems to have turned today, it really feels as though summer is on its way, we've had a few warm and sunny days recently, and this fabulous slightly washed out bright coral, orange seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

Despite its age this polish really impressed me, it was a touch thicker than it originally was but if anything that seemed to make the application even easier. The first coat was a touch streaky but I managed to achieve the full coverage that you see here in just two thin coats.

It dried pretty quickly and most crucially for me the wear time was superb. I really didn't expect much from a nearly 10 year old, relatively budget friendly nail polish. I'm notoriously hard on my nail polish and I managed a good three days with this one even without a top coat. Normally when I'm testing a polish I go without a top coat to test the wear time, but in this case I went without for a different reason.

One of the quirks of this particular polish is the scent, now you shouldn't go around smelling nail polish, it's full of all sorts of things that you probably shouldn't be sniffing, and this one for a time is no different. When you first apply it is smells like nail polish, but when it's dry it has a subtle, fruity apricot scent. Why on earth would you want to smell your nails? I really have no idea, but at some point I obviously thought it was a good idea, and added a few more scented polishes from Models Own to my collection.

Alas given its age this polish has now been discontinued and will be very hard if not impossible to find, but if your can forget the scented element, that I would think that it should be quite easily to find something similar. It really is the perfect summer colour which will look great both with a tan and with all of the bright summer fashions that are now flooding the high street. This polish surprised me on so many levels, I can't quite believe that a polish this old from a drugstore brand could still perform so well, it just shows you that despite what everyone says, you really shouldn't throw anything out, even 10 year old scented nail polish! Please tell me that I wasn't the only one to buy into the scented nail polish trend, let me know if you succumbed as well x


  1. The colour is pretty but I have vowed to buy no more coral items as I know I wont want them in autumn and winter

  2. Beautiful colour :)

  3. I love this colour, perfect for summer


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