Wednesday 31 July 2013

Acquisitions In July - Part 2 - Gifts From Mummy Lou And My Godparents - Primark, Matalan, Tesco, Magazine Freebies And More x

As I said in my last post I have been thoroughly spoilt by Mummy Lou this month. We basically been shopping a lot, we went to the Metro Centre 3 times in one month which is completely unheard of, we didn't stay long but still, we also went to a few local towns and to Durham. A lot of these purchases are holiday related, she treat herself and me to some new holiday clothes, and my to a few homey things, and some things that I wanted to try for the blog. Well start off with the place where we spent the majority of our time - Primark.

First up clothes, as well as buying herself a few tops and a cardigan she also got me a few bits including a couple of these bargain vest tops, which were £2 each,

and this gorgeous open weave jumper which was £8.

She also got me this fab Smurf vest

and this lovely slinky camisole with chain straps.

Next up accessories, and the floral hairband that everyone and their granny seems to have.

I'm not 100% sure that this works on me, it might be fun for my hols tho x

Bobbles! I have gone through so many packets of these I honestly don't know what happens to them - I got a pack of black ones and a pack of mixed neon shades.

Next up beauty - I am addicted to these Primark Tea Tree wipes, at two packs for a pound what is not to love.

I've just had a few highlights put into my hair so along with the heat and humidity it's feeling a little bit frazzled at the moment so I thought I'd try a little bottle of the Hask Keratin Weightless Strengthening Oil. I'll try and review all of these hair products as I use them but for the price they have to be worth a try.

I'm admit it I'm obsessed with jewellery at the minute, I have lots and lots but there is so amazing stuff out there especially in Primark, so my mum treated me to a few bits including this neon necklace, this goes so well with my ebay bracelet from my earlier post, and with a neon and spike necklace that I got for my birthday, and better still it was on the sale rack.

Next a set of earrings, how cute and appropriate are these London themed earrings at the moment. You get 6 pairs for just £2.50. If you like them then don't forget to check out my blog on a regular basis as I may have a set to give away :)

I'm a huge fan of stacking bracelets, I'll mix wood with gemstones, silver, with gold, anything really, but if you want to get the look in an instant Primark have the answer, they have loads of different multi packs of bracelets in at the moment and I chose two, which each have four bracelets for just £2. These ones are a real mix of thread, charms, beads, wood, plastic and glass.

She also got me a multi pack of rings, this set contained ten rings for just £4, and included everything from faux gem stones, to elasticated rings, and metal designs, you can wear them on their own or stacked.

The final Primark things that she got me were home related, first up this cute candle in a ice cream mug which was on a sale shelf

and two packs of these branch lights which were a pretty fabulous £3 each!

On a trip to recent trip Durham we headed to one of the city's retail parks where I got the chance to go to the huge Tesco's and stock up on gluten free goodies! As well as that Mummy Lou also bought me a few beauty bits including some nail varnishes -Collection Lasting Gel Colour - 11 Stormy Grey (more of a nude beige), F&F Nails in Rivet and bd Barbara Daly Make Up Nail Polish in Zest.

She also got me one the VIVO Colour Stain Lip Crayons in Thing Called Love. I'm going to be doing a full review of this baby at the weekend for you xx

She also got me the Tesco Pro Formula Radiance Toner. I was recently sent the cleansing balm from this range to review so since I wanted a new toner I thought I'd get this one to try out alongside it. A full review should be up in a few weeks for you x

After we'd been to Tesco's we ended up in Matalan. Mummy Lou immediately fell in love with a cream and navy dress from the Soon range, but then we noticed that everything in the Soon section was on 3 for 2, so she got me this maxi dress

I love the lime and navy combination and this looks fabulous on, It's definitely going in my suitcase.

So with her dress and my dress, we qualified for the free item, there was nothing else she fancied so I ended up getting this chiffon and sequin layered long skirt, which again looks much better on x Result and £25 saved :)

I think that I've mentioned this before but Mummy Lou is a bit of a bargainista she loves finding a bargain, so every time we pass a Poundland, a Poundworld or a 99p store she is in there like a shot. This month we visited both Poundland, and Poundworld. Poundworld is definitely my least favourite of the two, the stock never seems to be quite as good but I did get a few bits this time including a Sally Hansen Smooth And Perfect Color Care Nail Polish in the shade 07 - Sea, a lovely mint, turquoise shade.

and I also got this cute lantern tea light holder that works perfectly with some of my other room accessories

as does this gorgeous hanging heart tea light holder that came from Poundland - now you know why I needed the battery operated tea lights :) this is currently hanging on my curtain pole and it looks so sweet.

My mum also got me another couple of holiday bits in Poundland including this clip on light for my Kindle and a MP3 pouch. I already have one of these for my iPod touch which I paid a lot more money on an airline and I thought I'd get one for my iPhone, they are really good and they keep it safe from the sand, but at the same time you can still use the touch screen and attach your earphones.

and finally from Poundland she bought me another one of the Milani Glimmer Stripes, this time in Berry Glimmer. I have a full review post coming soon on all of my Glimmer Stripes, so make sure your don't  miss it x

The final store we visited on this months journey was Superdrug where I got the MUA Baked Eyeshadow Trio in Innocence (review coming soon) and another bottle of the L'Oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Water.

We're nearly at the end now guys lol hope you've managed to stick with me :) finally Mummy Lou bought me a few magazines, all of which came with freebies. Marie Claire came with an Eyeko Skinny Mini Liquid Liner - Line And Define Black

and Red came with a  Ren Clean Skincare Set which came with a Rose Centifolia Cleansing Gel 15ml Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream 3ml  and Vita mineral day cream 10ml. She also got me InStyle which came with a free mini Rituals mascara (not pictured) x

So that was the lot Mummy Lou spoilt me absolutely rotten, she even got me a few things that I haven't mentioned here, but she wasn't the only one, my lovely godparents went on holiday to the South Coast at the start of the month and brought me back this lovely flower, Y necklace which I love and I've already worn a couple of times already - It doesn't matter to them that I'm still an adult I still get presents :)

I've said it before and I'll say it again I have an amazing family that I wouldn't swap for the world. I have some horrendously bad days but they will always be there to try and cheer me up and make my smile, even when their having a rubbish day too. I really don't know how I would manage without them x I'm truly blessed x If you have any questions or if you would like to see something else in more detail please let me know xx

Acquisitions In July - Part 1 - My Buys - Superdrug, Avon, Ebay And More x

Well guys this is a first for the year - this month's haul post is actually going to be split into two. I've bought a few bits myself this month but I've been well and truly spoilt by Mummy Lou who has bought me a ridiculous amount of stuff over last four weeks. So this post is all about things that I've bought myself and my next post will be all about the things that Mummy Lou has kindly bought for me, and it will also feature a gift that I received from my Godparents x

First up my old friend ebay I've bought a few techie bits this month mainly prepping for my holidays, first up yet another phone case.

Yes I have a kazillion already but look at the butterfly detail how cute it that? It was 99p including postage from this seller x I also bought a protective screen cover for my Kindle Touch, I forgot to photograph before I put it on my Kindle so no pics I'm afraid. It was 99p including postage from this ebayer x

My next ebay buys were both bracelets, this tan faux leather one with silver beads was £1.51 from this seller, and this gorgeous neon bracelet was just 99p from this ebayer.

I'm loving neons at the moment, as I'm sure you'll realise in part 2 of July's haul ;)

My final ebay purchase of the month was a set of nail stickers, I've being playing with my nails a bit more lately and I loved the bows. These were 99p from here x

I also paid for this month's Avon order, I got a few bits including the Color Trend Nail Enamel in Roaring Blue, a lovely, bright pastel blue

and a Nail Wear Pro + polish in Chilling Teal, a shimmery teal.

A warning for you in my order I got a white Natalia Bracelet No pictures unfortunately because it was impossible to close again once it had been opened, and I tried so hard that I snapped the threads. A waste of money as it turned out.

This month meant lots of visits to real shops, including Superdrug, my mum got me a couple of bits which I'll show you later but everything I bought myself was really sensible - well nearly ;) The first things I got were a few minis for my holiday's I always like to plan ahead so I picked up a mini Nivea Pearl Deodorant, a mini Dentyl Active mouthwash, and a mini Superdrug Strawberry and Raspberry Shower Gel which smells amazing. I also picked up a tub of their own brand nail polish remover pads that I love.

Whilst I was in Superdrug I also thought I'd try their version of the large baby cotton wool pads and I have to say that they are just as good as Boots' and they are a little bit cheaper x Check out my instagram feed to see a comparison.

If you follow me on twitter you'll know that I've been looking for a new brow pencil, well a few you suggested Rimmel and I had a couple of recommendations for a similar product from 2True. I had a look at them both and I couldn't see much difference so I went for the 2 True Eyebrow Pencil in Shade No. 1

It looks almost identical to a lot of them on the market, and it's 5 star rated on the Superdrug website, so I thought I'd try it. I'll do a full review when I've had the chance to use it. The majority of the products in the 2 True range are just £1.99 each and this was no exception, but there is pretty much a permanent offer on the all of the £1.99 items where you can get 3 items for £5. It would be wrong not to really wouldn't it so I got the 2 True Be Clear Face Powder in Translucent, too

I'm nearly out of my MAC Blot Powder, and whilst I have face powders in my stash already I fancied trying something new, and this also has a 5 star rating on the Superdrug website. Again I'll review this when I've had a chance to use it x The final item I got was a 2 True Glossy Nail Polish in Shade No. 49, a lovely shimmery, turquoise, blue.

If your from the North East like me you'll know the Metro Centre very well indeed, and I'm sure that you'll be familiar with the Making Faces barrow. Well they've moved position but they now have a much bigger spot and more space, in the sort of pods that seem to be replacing the barrows. It much easier to find things in their new set up as it all seems to be divided up into sections. I of course went to have a look at the nail polish, I was good thought and just went for one nail polish, an OPI colour which was just £3.99.

I Don't Give A Rotterdam isn't that different from I Have A Herring Problem, but since I loved that so much, I had to have this one too.

My final in store purchase of the month came from Poundland, where I bought a pack of battery operated tea lights :) You'll see why in my next post x

I almost forgot I also got the Thinking Slimmer "Get Back In The Swing" CD for just £5.00 - you can find out more about the CD from here and get it from here xx

Kindle Screen Protector - ebay - 99p
Neon Bracelet - ebay - 99p
2True Haul - £5.00
OPI Nail Polish - £3.99
Battery Operated Tea Lights - Poundland - £1.00
Thinking Slimmer "Get Back In The Swing" CD - £5.00
Nail Stickers - ebay - 99p
Butterfly Phone Case - ebay - 99p
Bracelet - ebay - £1.51
Avon Haul - £6.50
Superdrug Haul - £7.19
Total - £33.16
£6.84 Under

Yeah I was under my monthly limit, I've got to be honest and say that this was partly down to Mummy Lou's generosity but it gives me something to focus on, if I've done it one month then hopefully I can do it again x As per usual if you have any comments or questions please leave me a comment and I'll see you in a moment with my July gift haul x