Wednesday 24 July 2013

Changing Your Nail Polish - Cookies, Cream And Caviar - Nails Of The Day

Okay this isn't strictly a nails of the day, it was the nail polish that I wore for the North East Blogger Top Shop Event (read my post here). I'd wanted something pretty neutral to go with my outfit so I went for Ciate Cookies And Cream, which came free with a recent issue of Marie Claire.

It's a lovely pale, nude beige shade, application wasn't too bad and this is two coats.

The free gift also came with a bottle of caviar beads in Shooting Stars. I have a few bottles of the Ciate beads that I got in my mini manicure month kit that I got last December, and I've got a few bottles of random beads that I've picked up from Poundland and for other brands but I'd never actually used them before I did this manicure. The Shooting Stars beads are gorgeous, you get  a mixture of tiny clear,nude, gold, and silver round pearls. These pictures are a little bit blurry but hopefully you can see just how pretty the beads actually are.

 I'm not a huge fan of this look on every nail so I just used it just as an accent nail on both of my middle fingers.

I'm still not sure on this trend to be honest, it's certainly eye catching but to be honest I just found it a bit irritating. You can top coat it but it just doesn't look the same so the beads started falling off within an hour, leaving an all be it very interesting and usual textured effect. I also kept finding the beads in bed which was a bit annoying. I also made a big mistake with removal, instead of using a cotton pad and some remover, I used my Bourjois pot. Not good! it took the polish and beads off no problem but the beads stuck to the sponge and every time I've used it since I get covered in beads, thank goodness it's nearing the end of it's life. I also think that this effect looks way better on longer nails - the beads just made my nails look even stubbier. So yeah I'm still on the fence about the whole caviar, fish egg, beaded manicure look, it's great for updating and changing the look of a polish you're bored off, but for me personally it was okay for a few hours but after that I needed to take it off. Have you tried the caviar bead look? are you a fan or are you on the fence like me? let me know in the comments xx


  1. Lovely post. this looks very lovely dear!

    Into The Blush, a Beauty Blog by Kenny.

  2. WOW! This looks great. I'm rubbish at nails so I keep it plan and simple.

  3. I have tried it, I like the way it looks but the beads kept falling off after a while, the worst was when I almost swallowed some when eating! Think it is best for special occasions! :)


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