Saturday 20 July 2013

A Review Of The Remington Keratin Therapy Hair Care Range - Part 1 - Pro Straighteners And Paddle Brush

I'm a huge believer in giving products a good try out for the blog, I'll always use something several times at least before I post a review. This review is probably taking it to extremes though. I received a huge box of products courtesy of Remington to review towards the end of last year, and this is the first post that I've done, eek I'm so sorry but I can assure you that these reviews are worth waiting for :)

When I look back at pictures from my childhood, I have super long, super straight hair! Okay in the one picture that I have on my laptop I appear to have had it waved slightly but what happened? the length I can explain, over the last 20 years or so I've gone from crop to a bob, and back to my current below shoulder length version, but the texture? really what happened. My hair at best is now super wavy, bordering on curly when it's wet, and in weather like it is at the moment I have serious problems keeping it straight and shiny. I rely maybe a bit too much on my hair straighteners, I'm getting better but if I'm leaving the house 9 times out of 10 I'll use them. 

I've made no secret of the fact that I love me GHD's, I wobbled slightly when I received the Remington Wet To Straights (read my review here) and whilst they remain the first item that I normally put in my suitcase, my GHD's are still my faves, or at least they were until this package arrived in late 2012.

The huge package contained every single product in the Remington Keratin Therapy collection. Using specialist technology every product in the line is infused with Keratin proteins which is one of the key components in human hair .

The Keratin Therapy Collection contains nearly every type of styling product that you can think of but the one I was most interested in was the Remington Keratin Therapy Pro Straighteners.

These lightweight straighteners feature a long length swivel cord, worldwide voltage, and a locking feature so you can keep them closed for travel and storage. They also come with a designer looking quilted storage pouch which folds out into a protective heat mat.

The key selling point of these straighteners is the fact that they claim to be kinder to the hair. The ceramic plates on these straighteners are infused with keratin micro conditioners which supposedly transfer onto the hair when the straighteners are used.

Unlike GHD's and a lot of other straighteners on the market these ones have an adjustable temperature setting. To be honest I'll never understand why this isn't standard in all hair irons, we all have different hair textures and type so what temperature works for one hair type doesn't necessarily work for another. That isn't all though Remington really have thought of everything. If you look at the top ceramic plate on these straighteners you'll see what appears to be some embedded metal strips., these are heat protection sensors. If you press the button on the side of the straighteners to activate this setting then the straighteners will detect the amount of moisture in your hair and automatically adjust the temperature of the irons, to help protect your hair from damage. According to Remington the use of the heat protection sensor and the keratin infused plates can lead to healthier hair that is 57% more protected  from heat damage, then if you'd used a conventional Remington straightener.

This all sounds a bit complicated for most us I guess, and to be honest there is no way of proving whether or not your hair is healthier than what it would be if you'd used another straightener, so I can't say whether their claims are correct or not. What I can say though is that these are really, really good hair straighteners. My hair has been a total frizz bomb lately because of the heat and humidity and these babies have done the business, how about some befores and afters to prove my point - please excuse the facial expressions I'm doing my best rabbit caught in the headlights expression! xx



That's a pretty big difference isn't it - to be fair I could have made it even sleeker but this difference was probably achieved in less than 4 minutes. I really, really love these irons, I haven't touched any of my other sets since I got these. They heat up super quickly, and they stay hot, their light weight, and the cable is super long. The storage pouch / heat mat is a great extra, but believe me you need to use it as they can take a little while to cool down. I am so impressed with how these babies have performed, that if they broke tomorrow I would go and out and buy another pair. They aren't the cheapest straighteners on the market but compared to some of the market leaders they are a bargain. The Remington Keratin Therapy Pro Straighteners have an RRP of £89.99 but they are currently on sale for an amazing £59.99 from the majority of high street retailers and from the Remington website.

As I said earlier I was sent the entire Remington Keratin Therapy range to try out for you guys. The reviews are coming but something that I've been using alongside these straighteners is one of the hair brushes in the range.

The Remington Keratin Therapy Paddle Brush is designed to help create sleek straight hair styles, exactly what I want but not what Mummy Lou wants - she hated this brush despite my warnings that it wasn't for her short, curly style! lol

This is one big brush in the traditional paddle brush style. It features soft rubber grips on the handle which make it comfortable to hold.

The brush head itself is surrounded by a lightweight ceramic which helps quicken dry time, when your using it with a hairdryer. The bristles themselves are on a bed of cushioned rubber and are made of nylon and as you would expect from the name are infused with keratin proteins

I've used paddle brushes in the past and to be honest I haven't been a fan, they've normally been uncomfortable to hold and the bristles have always been really scratchy and have pulled on the hair. This brush was a pleasure to use, it was easy to hold and the bristles just seemed to glide through the tattiest hair. I'm still a huge fan of my Denman brushes but this brush is right up there.The Remington Keratin Therapy Paddle Brush retails at £9.99 again from high street retailers and the Remington website.

Even though I can't make a judgement on some of their more technical claims, these two products are pretty amazing at what they do and they now have a hard earned place in my regular hair care routine, so much so that I actually talked about them a bit more in a recent favourites video which you can see here x

So if your looking for a new paddle brush or a new set of straightening irons, I would definitely recommend that you check out these products from the Remington Keratin Therapy range. To find out more about the range, and for stockist information please check out the Remington website xx

(Both Of The Products In This Post Were Provided For Review / Promotional Purposes)

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