Thursday 4 July 2013

Lips Of The Day - L'Oreal Paris Glam Stain Splash - 101 - Lolita

Like a lot of products released lately the name of this baby doesn't exactly roll of the tongue that easily, but I'll forgive L'Oreal on this occasion because I love this product.

Glam Stain Splashes are a lipgloss / stain hybrid, there seem to be a lot of these around at the moment but what sets this one apart is the fact that the formula contains a massive 30% water, so unlike a lot of stains which can dry the lips out this one actually provides the lips with moisture and hydration. I think we currently have six shades to choose from in the UK and the one I went for is 101- Lolita, a gorgeous neutral pink shade with a tiny touch of sparkle

These glosses come with an a teardrop shaped sponge applicator which enables you to get right into the contours and points of your lips.

They have a super smooth texture and the pigmentation is excellent, and they have an almost rose based taste and smell x

It does feel a tiny bit tingly on the lips, I assume it contains some sort of alcohol but the sensation doesn't last long and my lips didn't feel dry or uncomfortable whilst wearing it, in fact they actually probably felt softer than they had before. This product leaves the lips looking super shiny, the initial gloss on the surface of the lips only lasts for about an hour on me but the stain underneath lasts for a  good few hours even through eating and drinking. This picture isn't amazing (I didn't realise my camera lens need cleaning eek) but hopefully it gives you some idea of the glossy finish.

I really like these and I can definitely see myself picking up the shade Romy and from what I gather they are a pretty good budget alternative at just £7.99  to the YSL Glossy Stain Lips, which retail at £22.50! I haven't tried the YSL ones so if you have let me know and of course let me know if you've tried these xx

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