Friday 26 July 2013

Foodie Friday - What I Ate In July

Hi Guys x It's the last Friday of the month, so that means that it's time for my foodie review of the month. Summer finally arrived this month and that's affected a lot of things that I ate and of course that I drank. First up things that I ate to cool me down :)

This has been one of my favourite drinks in July, a smoothie come milkshake, made with skimmed milk, a little bit of natural yogurt, a banana and some frozen berries, all zapped up together in a blender x Yummy, and full of vitamins.

Yes, another drink and this time a little bit naughtier - a Starbucks Mocha Cookie Crumble :)

and it wouldn't be summer without ice cream and this month I've been loving Del Monte Raspberry Smoothies - sorry for the blurry pic but these are sooooo good. I've also been loving Cadbury's Crunchie Blasts. These are honeycomb flavoured ice creams covered in Cadbury's chocolate, filled with popping candy - I'm a huge popping candy freak and these really hit the spot, chocolate, creamy ice cream, and fizz :)

I also had some yummy vanilla and ice cream and some homemade fruit cocktail :)

Another thing that I've loved this month has been fresh fruit vegetables and herbs. My mum went to a local fruit farm and did some strawberry picking :) She made some lovely jam which I haven't had the chance to try yet and we had some strawberries with some lovely Easi Yo Greek, I've had them more than once this month and it's a lovely combination, in fact I would probably go so far as to say that I prefer them with yogurt rather than cream.

As you would expect I've also ate an awful lot of salads throughout July, and some of them have included our own homegrown lettuces :)

We're trying to grow quite a few bits this year, we're still waiting for our tomatoes, and our own potatoes and chillis, but we have managed to grow this monster basil plant.

I've used our home grown basil for a few recipes this month including my Mediterranean Baked Bean Bake (you can see the recipe here).

and of course for homemade pesto - you can read my recipe here x

I used the pesto for a few things including my Creamy Mushroom And Basil Pasta

The other things that I've eaten this month were all super easy to make, essential when it's too hot to cook x So I made some homemade salsa, which I used for a couple of things including cheesy nachos :)

I also made my favourite roasted vegetable dish Nigella's Double Potato And Halloumi Bake - I used feta and mozzarella instead and added some aubergine, and some pickled jalapenos.

You can probably guess from the sheer amount on that baking tray that this was too much for just 2 people and one meal so we used the leftovers mixed with some more cheese, some boiled pasta, and some leftover tomato salsa, to make a quick and easy pasta dish.

Another quick and easy pasta dish that I made twice this month was my Cheese And Marmite Pasta - strangely addictive if your a Marmite fan :)

I only out once this month, and that was on Monday when me and Mummy Lou went to Chiquitos. Yet again I got the Roasted Vegetable And Goats Cheese Salad which is unbelievably good.

So they were my food highlights of the month, have your made or eaten anything new, different or exciting this month? let me know in the comments x

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