Monday 23 March 2009

Happy Mothers Day

OK it was yesterday but I didn't have time to post yesterday. I was too busy making a yummy mothers day meal for my mam. We started off with a sort of anti pasti with olives, stuffed pepper dews, balsamic pickled onions, baby plum tomatoes and luxury crisps with a yummy garlic and herb dip. We then progressed to a yummy ricotta, spinach and pine nut lasagna with gluten free ciabatta, and a wild rocket salad, and finally a yummy dessert of frozen berries with hot white chocolate sauce - all washed down with a lovely bottle of pinot grigot (spelling?). To be honest it nearly killed me - I had completely overdone it ME wise on Saturday with doing a bit of shopping in the town and then going to the football but she is so worth it. We found out last week that her next operation is going to be much sooner than we thought - she turned down a date at the beginning of April so she will be hopefully going into hospital on 2nd May now for her first hip operation. Understandably I am a bit concerned but it is for the best and it will definitely relieve her pain and make walking easier for her. Fingers crossed I manage with the caring thing though it exhausted me completely last time and I majorly relapsed over Christmas - he's hoping I manage to pace better this time and it isn't as hard :( I'll keep you posted as to what happens x

Mothers Day Craft

Here are a few pics of some Mothers Day cards that I made for my mum and my godmother

Wednesday 18 March 2009

I've Screwed Up It's Official

Oh well - the spending ban is officially a disaster for March :( Yet again I am a sucker for a good offer. I placed an order with Dorothy Perkins - argh!!! OK I have a free delivery code (SPRING if your interested!) and I did just buy some basics - several long t-shirts and vests and some bandeau tops for summer but I've failed again. March is officially a disaster -Argh!!!
On the plus side I managed to lose a pound hurrah - the proper diet is back on track whilst the spending diet is falling around my ears - Ah well at least one balances the other out -NOT!

Friday 13 March 2009

Partial Redemption

Well my La Redoute order came today and you'll be pleased to know half of it is going back ! The checked shirt (see pic) and the star print t-shirt are keepers but the halter tops gave me a mono boob so they are going back -that's over £18 saved- well done me :)

Thursday 12 March 2009

At Last More Hello Kitty Pics

Here they are a last pics of my Hello Kitty MAC Items

On its own is Cute-Ster Lipstick - Its actually a bit paler irl - Apologies that you can't see the Hello Kitty face embossed into the lippy too well in this pic!

The next pic shows all my goodies - the petite make up bag, On The Prowl Nail Polish, She Loves Candy Lipglass, Pink Fish Tinted Lip Conditioner, Mimmy Lipglass, Pretty Baby Beauty Powder (Lighter irl), then in the front Lucky Tom eyeshadow quartet, and my Hello Kitty MAC Mirror Keyring.

I know some people weren't that bothered about the range but I loved it

Falling Off The Wagon Big Style

I have came to the conclusion I am just going to have to write March off as far as the spending ban goes. I managed a trip to the Metro Centre on Tuesday (which I am still recovering from - damn you ME!) and to be honest I gave the cash and the cards a bit of a hammering. I got a few lovely bargains in Primark , including this lovely bag for less than £3 but on the whole I remained quite restrained - and spent less than £20 - so far so good you may say- Hmm. I then went to The Body Shop to buy a Mothers Day pressie, but as well as that I bought some cuticle oil and yet another body lotion for myself - OK I got my love your body discount and a free toiletry bag full of goodies and samples but it I still bought things I didn't need. Then I went to Boots - I had a £5 discount voucher for No7 but instead of just sticking to the £5 spend I then bought an under eye concealer, and a facial illuminator - again I qualified for a free cosmetic bag full of goodies and yet another £5 discount voucher which I am still yet to lose. I then confirmed my total and utter collapse by going to the MAC counter and purchasing an eye shadow and another Hello Kitty Lipglass, and going to Superdrug and buying an eyeliner pot and some hair clips. To be fair I hadn't been let loose in a shop for a few months and that's probably why I went a bit mad :( but I'm not finished yet. I got a mailing from La Redoute highlighting their Spring / Summer offers - not good! I then went on to order two halter tops, and a checked shirt from their sale, and a t-shirt with a 20% discount, and I should get a free safari jacket.

Reading this post back has made me realise I am a sucker for a special offer, be it a discount or a free gift I always have to be at the front of the queue - maybe that's my problem. Unfortunately if that's the case even more temptation is going to be coming my way as companies battle for our custom during these difficult financial times :(

As for me well I suppose I am going to start the ban again - avoiding the shops is a good start, and starting my ebay sales will be an even better incentive!

Crafty Bits

Thought you might like to see this card that I made for my Uncle's birthday

Sunday 8 March 2009

Sorry , Sorry, Sorry

Lots of apologies and admissions today with a few positives thrown in for good measure

First of all huge apologies for the lack of Hello Kitty pics I promise I will put some more up tomorrow.

Secondly I have broken my shopping ban again :( I was a good girl and sorted out a huge bag for the charity shop, and an even bigger bag for ebay but as a result I discovered my wardrobe was a bit lacking in certain areas. I found I had donated and planned to ebay loads of t-shirts and vests which were either too small or too short. So when found discount codes for La Redoute and Asos this week I thought I would replenish my stocks - I got some lovely longline t-shirts and some fab long coloured vests - perfect for spring / summer and for layering. I also had to place an order with Urban Outfitters to order a friends birthday pressie so to make it worthwhile I ordered myself a nice long navy t-shirt from the sale section - soft and lovely. OK these purchases can probably be justified seeing that I actually 'needed' them and I should make enough money on ebay to be able to afford them but what can't be justified is the other MAC order that I placed! I caved and ordered the little Hello Kitty make up bag I wanted, another eyeshadow, a blusher and a lip gloss. Grr I am so angry with myself for being so weak I was doing so well too. I must do better even though I have a shopping trip planned with my mum sometime in the next few weeks -I am going to try and just buy myself a little treat, and the rest of the birthday and Mothers Day pressies I need to buy - stay strong Louise you can do it!!!
Never mind the past week has had some positives - although it still looks a bit nasty and dry my hand is healing - I have been slathering it with Bio Oil and it definitely doesn't look as angry - I should find out in the next week or so if I am going to be left with a scar hopefully if I keep moisturising it, it should be OK.

Yet another huge positive for me this week was that I managed to get to the football match on Wednesday night :) (See my pic of a snowy St James' Park).Although we unsurprisingly lost to Man United it was the first game I had been to since before Christmas so I am pretty chuffed to rejoin the human race again - even if it was just for 90 minutes!

Monday 2 March 2009

MAC Hello Kitty Goodies - Part 1 - Packaging

Just a quick pic of my MAC Hello Kitty Goodies - I'll try and put a pic on tomorrow of the actual colours - I love the packaging and I am really wishing I had bought a make up bag too - Hmmm

Yucky Hand Picture

Just a little update - it drying and healing but it looks disgusting (worse than it does here) and itches like hell :(