Sunday 8 March 2009

Sorry , Sorry, Sorry

Lots of apologies and admissions today with a few positives thrown in for good measure

First of all huge apologies for the lack of Hello Kitty pics I promise I will put some more up tomorrow.

Secondly I have broken my shopping ban again :( I was a good girl and sorted out a huge bag for the charity shop, and an even bigger bag for ebay but as a result I discovered my wardrobe was a bit lacking in certain areas. I found I had donated and planned to ebay loads of t-shirts and vests which were either too small or too short. So when found discount codes for La Redoute and Asos this week I thought I would replenish my stocks - I got some lovely longline t-shirts and some fab long coloured vests - perfect for spring / summer and for layering. I also had to place an order with Urban Outfitters to order a friends birthday pressie so to make it worthwhile I ordered myself a nice long navy t-shirt from the sale section - soft and lovely. OK these purchases can probably be justified seeing that I actually 'needed' them and I should make enough money on ebay to be able to afford them but what can't be justified is the other MAC order that I placed! I caved and ordered the little Hello Kitty make up bag I wanted, another eyeshadow, a blusher and a lip gloss. Grr I am so angry with myself for being so weak I was doing so well too. I must do better even though I have a shopping trip planned with my mum sometime in the next few weeks -I am going to try and just buy myself a little treat, and the rest of the birthday and Mothers Day pressies I need to buy - stay strong Louise you can do it!!!
Never mind the past week has had some positives - although it still looks a bit nasty and dry my hand is healing - I have been slathering it with Bio Oil and it definitely doesn't look as angry - I should find out in the next week or so if I am going to be left with a scar hopefully if I keep moisturising it, it should be OK.

Yet another huge positive for me this week was that I managed to get to the football match on Wednesday night :) (See my pic of a snowy St James' Park).Although we unsurprisingly lost to Man United it was the first game I had been to since before Christmas so I am pretty chuffed to rejoin the human race again - even if it was just for 90 minutes!

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