Thursday 12 March 2009

Falling Off The Wagon Big Style

I have came to the conclusion I am just going to have to write March off as far as the spending ban goes. I managed a trip to the Metro Centre on Tuesday (which I am still recovering from - damn you ME!) and to be honest I gave the cash and the cards a bit of a hammering. I got a few lovely bargains in Primark , including this lovely bag for less than £3 but on the whole I remained quite restrained - and spent less than £20 - so far so good you may say- Hmm. I then went to The Body Shop to buy a Mothers Day pressie, but as well as that I bought some cuticle oil and yet another body lotion for myself - OK I got my love your body discount and a free toiletry bag full of goodies and samples but it I still bought things I didn't need. Then I went to Boots - I had a £5 discount voucher for No7 but instead of just sticking to the £5 spend I then bought an under eye concealer, and a facial illuminator - again I qualified for a free cosmetic bag full of goodies and yet another £5 discount voucher which I am still yet to lose. I then confirmed my total and utter collapse by going to the MAC counter and purchasing an eye shadow and another Hello Kitty Lipglass, and going to Superdrug and buying an eyeliner pot and some hair clips. To be fair I hadn't been let loose in a shop for a few months and that's probably why I went a bit mad :( but I'm not finished yet. I got a mailing from La Redoute highlighting their Spring / Summer offers - not good! I then went on to order two halter tops, and a checked shirt from their sale, and a t-shirt with a 20% discount, and I should get a free safari jacket.

Reading this post back has made me realise I am a sucker for a special offer, be it a discount or a free gift I always have to be at the front of the queue - maybe that's my problem. Unfortunately if that's the case even more temptation is going to be coming my way as companies battle for our custom during these difficult financial times :(

As for me well I suppose I am going to start the ban again - avoiding the shops is a good start, and starting my ebay sales will be an even better incentive!

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  1. Special offers are awful aren;t they, i always get sucked in too. Don't feel too bad, you've been doing so well. I can't actually remmeber where the belt in my post is from but i remember it was only about £2! x


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