Tuesday 30 June 2009

A Review of The Day

Fooled yah - no not a beauty product review but I couldn't think of a catchy title for this post about my day so this is what you've got (evil giggle) LOL
As you know I had a doctors appointment at an unearthly hour this morning - I am pleased to say it went OK, my blood pressure and ears are fine, and he is leaving my medication at its current levels - wahoo!!! We talked about a few things and I have been left with something to mull over and look into - I am not going to say what it is at this stage because I may decide to take it no further but I have some serious thinking to do on something that could be life changing (or not!- maybe that is one of the biggest things I need to consider whether it would change my life- hmmm).
Anyways maybe more of that to come - I popped into Tesco as planned only to discover the absence of any magazine I wanted - no August issues yet boo :(. Not only that but despite the temperature being really high in Northern England today, the sun wasn't shining and the sky was actually quite dull. Obviously my planned afternoon of sitting in the garden reading a glossy mag just didn't happen today, I may have got some kind of tan even with the sky being dull but it just wasn't appealing anymore, so I spent the afternoon watching Christmas crafting on QVC can you believe it Christmas already!!! argh! I was going to watch some tennis but women's tennis doesn't have the same appeal to me - the Williams sisters dominance and all that grunting to be honest really puts me off :( so QVC it was.
One good thing did happen today though (apart from some yummy strawberries and cream - £1.99 for a punnet of strawberries in Tesco and you get a free carton of single cream :) ) my Avon came, and because I didn't get a magazine my mum paid for it :) I got two tubes of the Skin So Soft Targeted Firming Treatment for £5 (BOGOF :))
I am really persevering with this one these will be my 4th & 5th tubes. I can't see whether its making a real difference yet but it makes your skin so soft whether its down to the product or the built in knobbly rubber applicator which you use to massage the cream in I don't know but there always seems to be some sort of offer on this line so its well worth trying :)
My shopping trip on Thursday is still on up to now and I can't wait - the thought of Superdrug is making me particularly excited at this moment in time -GOSH, Barry M, Sleek - Bring it on!!!!

Product Of The Day - Stila

I was in a bit of a rush this morning due to my early doctors appointment, so my make up was done in double quick time using a lot of multi use products. On my eyes I used a Stila Shadow Pot Eyeshadow Mousse in Honey. I bought this a few months ago and apart from a quick test it has remained unloved since, so seeing as it was something I could just slap on my eyes I gave it a go and I was really impressed with the pretty finish but I didn't find it that long lasting - never mind it is ridiculously hot today and that may be why, so here are some pics - sorry its just a swatch but alas there is none left on my eyes :(

The pretty packaging


The product in the pot probably the most realistic shot colour wise

A swatch on my hand

Monday 29 June 2009

A Good Start To The Week

Big news is I have managed to lose another 2lbs this week. I am really chuffed and so, so surprised. I have had a pretty lousy 7 days with some yucky ME symptoms and lousy PMT - I have felt like a zombie who has wanted to eat for England - yuck, yuck, yuck. Still this is a major boost for me and it makes me want to carry on with it :) Another couple of mini pluses this week are that I am going to the doctors tomorrow - OK you may say that isn't really a plus, true not something I am overly looking forward too even if it is just for a medication check, but I am going to pick up some shopping for my mum whilst I am out and she is going to treat me to a magazine - I don't know what August issues will be out tomorrow but I am looking forward to a small pleasure - hopefully it will be sunny tomorrow so I can sit in the garden with a nice fashion mag :)The second possibly fab event this week may be a shopping trip with financial backing from my mummy. I am getting a little bored and fed up with being couped up in the house (I normally rely on my mum for transport - buses can often be too much with my ME :( ) so she has said she will give me some money to have a little shopping trip if I can manage it, to make up for the one I didn't manage in Durham a few weeks ago. So fingers crossed if I feel well enough I am gong to the Metro Centre on Thursday - the bus journey is shorter than going to Newcastle, and there are a lot more seats for me to utilise when I need a sit down so fingers crossed I manage to go, after all it will be July then, which means a new MAC collection and £30 of my own spending money too. Potentially happy hauling coming up xxx

Saturday 27 June 2009

Another Award!!!!

Yeah - Just received my third blog award of the week from the fabulous Carla at Girl With The Golden Touch - Huge thanks honey - hers was one of the first blogs I read and she is fab - huge thanks honey x


This award is bestowed on to blogs that are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to six bloggers who must choose six more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

Eek this is a hard one I am trying to spread these around a bit so...

Emma from MagpieSparkles - I love this girls work - her you tube vids, her blogs everything - she is having a rough time at the moment so here's hoping this and Glastonbury make her smile x

Holly at iheatmakeup - I love her blog and her you tube videos - she has an amazing zest for life and such a bubbly personality

Perhaps a little bit more famous for her make up blog The Lip Print I am nominating the lovely Stef for her fashion blog Peeptoes and Pedicures - I love all her work especially her make up looks but her fashion blog deserves a look too she has a really good style and I heart her headband collection!

Em from Passion for Fashion - I've said it before and I'll say it again I love Em her style, her hauls - I am such a copycat when it comes to her buys but it only shows what great style and taste she has

Jennie from The Courtroom Of Life - such a sweet girl with a reputation for great hauls :)

The Lovely Lisa from Live.Laugh.Love - I heart Lisa she deals with everything in her stride with such dignity and style. She does some fab hauls and is such a sweetie too. Lisa has personally been a huge help to me with my illness and I owe such huge thanks for that

Again I wish I could give you all one xx

A Tribute

I wasn't the hugest Michael Jackson fan but there is no doubting his contribution to the world of music. Michael Jackson and his music has probably touched so many lives - one of my funniest memories of junior school is a school disco when one of my class mates decided to show everyone how to moonwalk and dance like MJ - a funny memory that has stuck in my mind for nearly 20 years. As a tribute I thought I'd share with you my favourite Michael Jackson song of all time - the lyrics are so poignant even today - I present Man In The Mirror - RIP X

Tuesday 23 June 2009

Product Of The Day :)

I've decided to add another little feature to my blog - product of the day - obviously this is only going to be on the days that I wear make up but I've decided to dig out a different unused or not used often product from my vast collection to wear on my make up days.
Today is a Laure Mercier Powder Eye Colour in Mermaid - To be honest I have probably used this once which is shocking for a product that I probably paid over £15 for :(. Its a lovely summery, slightly shimmery turquoise
Here are a few pics on my eyes sorry for the crap standard of photos here and my wrinkly lids - I look as though I'm squinting with concentration lol - it is so hard to take pics of your own eyelids! I just teamed it with some black mascara and a glossy nude lips

Monday 22 June 2009

Blog Awards :D

A good day not only have I lost another pound but I have my first two blog awards in the one day :)

Thanks to the lovely Lucy for this I love her and her blog and her great outlook and funny stories -


These are the RULES:

1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his/her blog link.

2. Pass the award to other blogs that you've newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

I give this award too:






I love the writing of these girls truthful, stylish and individual :)

I also received this fabulous read award from the lovely Em at Passion for Fashion
http://passionforfashion1983.blogspot.com/ - Huge thanks honey I love her style I love all her buys (I've copied quite a few too :) ) and also the lovely Lisa who deals with everything put in her path with dignity, sparkles and make up http://123-livelaughlove.blogspot.com/


http://lucyluvsgaz.blogspot.com/ - what can I say she nominated me for one and I am returning the favour - a lovely girl with lots of fun stuff to say

http://miss-virtue.blogspot.com/ - for her droolworthy pics of new Mac collections and her lovely Sleek swatches :)

http://romanticdreaming.blogspot.com/I love Laura's honesty in her writings - she seems such a lovely girl with a fabulous style

http://toomuchblush.blogspot.com/ - love love love Em what more can I say :)

http://brandnewbutterflywings.blogspot.com/ newish to the blogging world I love her buys and again her honesty

I wish I could tag all of you there are so many fabulous blogs out there - you are all a huge inspiration

Saturday 20 June 2009

A Few Changes

As regular readers can see I've made a few changes to my blog. Blog spot backgrounds are functional and practical but at the end of the day they aren't always pretty. So I decided to change it to something that more reflected me and who I am. Anybody that knows me, knows I love flowers and quite hippy type, psychedelic patterns and prints so I chose this cute floral design from Shabby Blogs - much more cheery as you can see :).
I've also been editing my wishlist a bit. I have trimmed a few lout and added some fresh wants. Some particular bits I have had a fiddle with are my wants from MAC Colour Craft - I originally wanted 3 MSF's but I have decided 2 is probably more realistic on my current spending diet, but I have added the 226 Blending Brush after reading positive things about its size and usefulness when like me you have a small crease and small lid space :)I have also added a few more Barry M bits, and some bits from the ELF Studio line which launches here in the UK at the end of July - I am really liking the look of particularly the bronzers in this collection. I've also added a few summer clothing bits all at the lower price end of the spectrum thankfully which I may yet be tempted to buy especially if I do manage a holiday this year. Never mind its remaining exactly that at the moment a wishlist I have about 21p left to spend this month - roll on July :D

Tuesday 16 June 2009

My Lovely Godmother = Body Shop Surprise :)


It's been a good day today, - everyone, and especially my family are being so sweet to me lately . I mentioned to my Godmother the other day that I loved The Body Shop's Yes Yes Yes Tantalising Lip Butter and that because it was a limited edition product it may not be available for too much longer so what did she do, she went and bought me a pot today :D I've already blogged about how nice I find this product, with its creamy texture and gorgeous taste so I am really chuffed to get another one, despite having over half a pot of one left. I really hope that The Body Shop (TBS) doesn't discontinue this product - I have tried so many lip products including other TBS lip butters but this works better than anything else I have tried. I emailed TBS to ask if this was going to be a permanent stock item but they said it was a limited edition product and whilst they sometimes do make lines permanent they could guarantee it in this case - looks like I'll need to stock up on this just in case

Monday 15 June 2009

Thunderbolts and Lightning

Just a quick update on today's goings on
It's been a horrible day weather wise in Northern England today - heavy rain and in the past couple of hours a really nasty thunder storm. I must admit I'm not frightened of thunder but lightning...I hate lightning, especially when you can actually see the flashes - shudder.
Anyways the good news today is that I have managed to lose a pound this week - I know it isn't much but I am really pleased with it especially since I had a bit of a naughty week - I can do this...I must stay strong...

Sunday 14 June 2009

Beauty UK Eyeshadow Collection No. 2 - Swatches

I have had a request for some swatches from this super palette that I got the other day from ebay from the lovely Yinka. The shadows are really smooth in texture with a slightly shimmery finish. I hope you can see how pigmented they are from the pictures, baring in mind though the colours especially the pink and orange are a bit stronger in the flesh the camera seems to have washed these two colours in particular out a bit. Just for reference these shots are on bare skin I am usually an NW15 ish. Any questions please ask x



Saturday 13 June 2009

ME ME ME Poppy Tint Swatches

Big news today I've finally figured my digital camera out and charged it up properly -shock horror it's only took me about 8 months. Anyways that means better pics and hopefully better swatching :) - So if anyone would like better pics of stuff I've already swatched let me know and I'll try to do them for you x

Anyways back on topic - I mentioned ME ME ME Poppy Tint a few days ago in my happiness is thread and I received a question from the lovely Sparkles and Lipgloss , so I've decided to try and answer it here by showing a few swatches. This product like the Benefit one looks pretty scary in the bottle - a super bright Barbie pink shade


The Brush - still pretty scary

Initial application on my hand - I am usually an NW15 (sorry it not on my face I am having a breakout day :( ) - still a bit scary but you can start to see a bit of the blending capabilities


Blended in


Sorry that the last photo isn't the best but hopefully what you can see from this is what appears to be a very scary shade actually blends into quite a sheer glossy pink stain which looks fresh, pretty and quite natural on the skin. To be honest this is pretty much the same idea as the Benefit Benetint and the ME ME ME Pussy Cat Tint alternative, like this they look pretty scary in the bottles and when you first apply them to your lips or you skin but as you blend they actually give quite a sheer colour and finish. I hope this had been useful for you its certainly gave me some camera practice ;) If you've anymore questions give me a yell x

New Purchase and Spending Diet and Trimming My Stash Update

Haven't blogged for a few days due to sheer exhaustion - but after a few days of rest I am feeling a little bit more with it today than what I have been :)


As a few of you may know I have been on the lookout for the Beauty UK Eyeshadow Palette in No2 which is the one with the fabulous bright shades in it. For those of you how haven't tried these palettes may I say why not - used by the likes of hollymae20 in her fab Style Warriors themed look, the are really pigmented and are a real drugstore bargain. Anyways every time I've looked No 2 has always been damaged (a Superdrug trait unfortunately) or out of stock. So I decided to cut my losses and get one from ebay - I paid a little bit more than the retail price but she offered free postage so the way I looked at it I have to pay at least £2 there and back on a bus journey to my nearest Superdrug so it probably worked out about the same.
I am loving the super bright tones in it especially the teal blue and the darkest purple.

That purchase has taken me to just about my limit for spends this month - I am at £29.79 for the month - I can safely assume I am not going to spend anything else this month so I am going to carry over my 21p so I have the grand total of £30.21 to spend next month :D

Even better still, we are nearly half way through June and I have already finished 8 beauty items - OK so only one of them is make up but so far so good I am starting to trim my stash :D

Wednesday 10 June 2009

The Plans of Mice and Men...

Well everything that I talked about yesterday just didn't happen. I woke up at a ridiculous time this morning and felt so rough it was untrue - ME symptoms in full throttle. I felt yuck,and so tired I felt sick and my balance was all to hell. I made the decision pretty much straight away to change my appointment. Thankfully my hospital offers an online appointment system so I managed to change it to a much better timed appointment in a fortnights time. Obviously my shopping trip went out the window which I am disappointed about but my health has to be my number one priority. I went back to sleep for another 6 hours and I have woke up feeling a little better but I think today is definitely going to be a rest day :(

Tuesday 9 June 2009

I Heart My Mummy - Part 3 !!!

As a few of you may know I have an appointment to see the ear, nose and throat specialist at my local hospital tomorrow. My all too frequent ear infections finally got the better of me and I asked to be referred to a specialist :( Anyways my appointment is at 10am tomorrow. Because my mum is unable to drive at the moment I am left to rely on the wonders of public transport - catching a bus at 8.35am to make sure I can get to my appointment 9 miles away by 10 o'clock - hmm fabulous service eh! So to make up for the rubbishness of this (and the fact I am pretty scared I hate people fiddling with me) my mum has kindly given me £20 + plus the price of a travel card so I can have a little look into Durham after my appointment and have some guilt free spends. Durham is a really nice place if you haven't been loads of history and cute little boutiques and high street shops, including a Superdrug ;) It is a little bit touristy and studenty for most local peoples tastes but it will make a nice change for me - I normally go to Newcastle or the Metro Centre (large shopping centre :) ) and I haven't been to Durham properly for ages. So again huge thanks to my mam she really is a star (Oh and I still have £4 of my spending money this month ;))

Monday 8 June 2009

Happiness Is...

I have had a really stressed week and a bit what with one thing and another but some things have still made me happy so I thought I'd share them with you

Fresh and Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables - A bit of an odd one to start with but this week I have really been enjoying some gorgeous fresh fruit and veg. Unusually for a snackaholic like me in the past week I have turned to juicy English strawberries and blueberries, and fresh pea pods to stem my hunger pangs and do you know what I have thoroughly enjoyed them - nice fresh fruit and raw veg is the way to go

Weight Loss
- It might not sound a lot but over the last two weeks I have managed to lose 3lbs this is really good for me considering I have been so stressed out and when I am stressed I eat so the fact that I am still making progress is a huge plus point for me and a huge motivation to keep going


The Body Shop MTV Yes Yes Yes Tantalising Lip Butter - To be honest when I got this a few weeks ago I didn't really need it but now I am so glad I picked one up - It tastes amazing which is supposed to be down to the dragon fruit extract - I don't know what a dragon fruit tastes like but this has an amazing tropical passion fruit or mango type taste and it's moisturising without being sticky or too greasy - A huge thumbs up for me I am only hoping it isn't a limited addition. Even better than that though all the proceeds from this product go towards raising funds for AIDS and HIV awareness - Read More Here

MAC Brave New Bronze Lipstick - Need I say more about this fabulous lipstick from the MAC Style Warrior collection - I absolutely heart it - I am obviously not the only one since it has already sold out on the MAC UK website. If I can get to a store before they disappear completely I am definitely buying a back up spending ban or no spending ban

Tilquhillie Pure Oat Muesli With Cranberry
- As you may know I am Coeliac I can't eat wheat or gluten containing products. Up until recently the only gluten free muesli you could get contained all sorts of bits like millet flakes and so on and to be quite honest it tasted like bird seed not very nice at all. Then I stumbled on this product containing clean oats. The majority of cereals tend to be mixed up so even some oats can trigger an allergic reaction thankfully these oats have been tested to Coeliac UK's standard as being pure and are therefore safe for the majority of people with gluten allergies to eat. Yum proper muesli at long last :)


ME ME ME Poppy Tint - I bought this product from Superdrug a few months ago and haven't really touched it until this week. It's basically a pretty good dupe for Benfits Posie Tint i.e. a lovely bright barbie pink lip and cheek stain. To be honest it scared me a bit as it looks a little bit bright but I tried it this week and I am so impressed. It actually goes on quite sheer and looks especially good on the lips when blotted down a bit with some clear or pink toned gloss over the top - another drugstore winner :) (sorry for the crappy picture).

My Mum Being Out Of Hospital After a ridiculously stressful few days involving casualty, ambulances and occupational therapists my mum is home recuperating again. I was so stressed at the beginning of last week but I am at last starting to calm down and feel secure again

My Family and My Friends - Its always at stressful times when you find out who really will be there for you and I certainly found that out this time. My best friend Dawn is exactly that - 2 and half hour phone calls and lifts to the hospital she is a real star and I am so lucky I know her. Several family members also came up trumps and really helped me out x

You Lot - Huge thanks to all my new and existing followers I really appreciate your support - Also huge thanks for producing such fabulous blogs, tweets and you tube vids which have really helped me relax in a tough week - Thanks peeps x

Lancome Juicy Tube Help Needed

I'm just wondering if any of you fab blog readers and followers can help me. I have a Lancome Juicy Tube that is nearing the end of its life and I am starting to have trouble squeezing the gloss out, although there appears to be loads stuck on the sides of the tube. Is there any way to loosen it or get it out apart from cutting the tube in half. Any advice appreciated x

Friday 5 June 2009

MAC Style Warriors - Brave New Bronze Swatches

I received my MAC Style Warriors bits today despite paying ordinary delivery - thanks for the upgrade MAC UK. I have to say I heart both bits tempting is everything I thought it would be but Brave New Bronze wow! I am so disappointed that I can't get a back up of it because of my spending diet - I heart this colour it is simply the most gorgeous shade of nude I have tried and believe me I have tried a lot. I've tried to do a few pics but I am not sure how realistic the colour is with my lousy mobile camera. Just for the record I am an NW15 - 20, and the pics were taken without a flash.



Thursday 4 June 2009

Last Pre Spending Diet Haul - AVON


I received my AVON haul today (which was ordered before my spending diet started so it doesn't count ;p)I got...

Spectra Lash Mascara - this looks really interesting - 3 looks in the one tube - the tube and wand seems a bit bulky but we'll see how I get on

True Colour Eyeshadow Quad - Purple Haze
- I can't believe how Chanel a like these look - very, very similar palettes and a similar layout- see for yourself

The AVON Palette (the colours are truer in the full haul pic)


The Chanel palette (pic courtesy of Boots


AVON Nail Expert Cuticle Balm

AVON Brazil Beat Body Mist

Bronze Sun Protection Anti Shine Face Cream and Sun Screen Stick

Also included a pic of my Benefit A Little Bit Bad Gal Lash Mascara

I Heart My Mummy - Part 2

Some good news today my mum will hopefully be out of hospital tomorrow - her physio has been out to assess the house and will be providing us with some things, e.g. chair heighteners, bath boards and so on to prevent this happening again while her hip heels :)She has been warned though, she isn't to do anything!!! Anyways my mum asked me to do a bit of shopping before she comes out and she said if I wanted anything such as magazines, DVDs, etc. to keep me occupied or to cheer me up (she knows how stressed I have been) just to pay for them with money she left me for shopping. I couldn't no matter how much I wanted to let her buy DVDs for me (as much as I want to see Slumdog Millionaire) so I settled for a couple of magazine and used the rest to buy her a bouquet of flowers for when she comes out. I got this months GLAMOUR and Marie Claire both of which came with a fabulous free gift. Marie Claire came with a novel by Cecelia Ahern, author of the fabulous PS I Love You, and even more excitingly GLAMOUR came with a free half size (4g) Benefit Bad Girl Lash Black Mascara worth £9.50- hurrah.
I am a happy and relieved LouLou tonight :)

£26 Spent Already - Whoops!

As I said in my last post I made my first purchase of the month yesterday -£2 on a magazine! I always new today would be harder with the launch of a new MAC collection - Style Warriors. Although I wouldn't have minded another lippy and some nail polish I was a good girl and stuck to just the two items I had planned to purchase

The first thing I've ordered is Brave New Bronze Lipstick - Although I love the look of Sunsational - it had to be Brave New Bronze - a nice deep nude which is hopefully a little bit darker than the ones I already have - really can't wait for this to come :)


From L-R - Brave New Bronze,Purple Rite, Sunsational, Tribalist

I also ordered Tempting eyeshadow - I have wanted this for ages after seeing it used in loads of YouTube tutorials (YouTube is dangerous - lol) so I thought I would get it in the limited edition style warriors packaging (I don't depot my shadows - I prefer portability)

My pictures are courtesy of the fabulous Temptalia Her site is well worth a look especially for the drool worthy MAC collection pics :)

Well there you go 4 days in and £26 spent - £4 to last me the rest of the month and one magazine still to purchase- hmm this is going to be harder than I thought - damn you MAC collections!

Wednesday 3 June 2009

More Pre Spending Ban Purchases


Sorry for the pretty bad photos as per usual but my necklaces came -sorry they aren't too clear, and my earrings but they seem to have sent me a coral orange pair instead of the creamy white I ordered. I wasn't sure about them initially but they are really growing on me, they look lovely and summery and coral is right on trend for this season a definite keeper :)

I also got my super metallic reddy, orange havaianas from Powder Rooms Havaianas are probably the comfiest flip flops known to humanity I have quite a few pairs (erm about 10 :) )in all sorts of different colours - they are really fab. I tend to buy mine from Powder Rooms, the owner Soraya has really good prices and really good selection of colours and styles, including children's. Her shop sells some really quirky fashion, home, and beauty goodies, including brands such as Lola Rose, Ciate (the pic also features a Ciate cuticle oil pen ;) ), Billy Bag and Kings and Queens. Everything is always beautifully wrapped in tissue, and you usually get some Powder Rooms candy rock sweeties. Highly recommended and well worth a look :)

I also made my first purchase of the month today - £2.00 on Red magazine in Tesco (£3.50 if bought anywhere else this month)It also came with a free cute Cowshead Make Up Bag (also pictured)which is available in black and also in white :) - Fab - only £28 left to spend this month -argh!!!!

Tuesday 2 June 2009

New ELF Haul

Took advantage of yet another ELF code a few days ago to get a few more bits before my spending diet started :)

Travel Brush Kit With Pouch - first impressions are pretty good on this, the brushes generally feel pretty soft and workable but we'll need to see how they perform, plus the case is pretty cute - The only problem seems to be with the blush/powder brush. It doesn't feel quite as soft as the other two and there was a bit of glue on some of the hairs (thankfully its washed off) but again I haven't tried it yet so I can't really judge it

Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF 15 - 2806 Pink Kiss - A lovely neutral pink

Brightening Eye Colour Quad - Ivy - I heart green eyeshadows - again haven't tried it yet but they feel nice and soft

Sheer Foundation SPF 15 - 6001 Tone 1 - I have heard good and bad reviews about this product but for £1.50 I thought I'd give it a go - I like tinted moisturiser during the summer months and this is supposedly more like a tinted moisturiser than a foundation

Just my AVON to come now and that's all my pre spending diet goodies :)

Upsy Downsy Days

I have had a really odd couple of days. As you may know about a month ago my mum had a hip operation, everything has been going pretty well up until probably the weekend. Her hips, leg and groin became incredibly painful and she was finding it really hard to walk, and stand on the operated side. I quick phone call to her surgeon and her GP lead to an ambulance escorting her to casualty! The big news was that the new joint hasn't popped out (this is common, serious and very painful). So after much poking and prodding, fluid draining and x-rays her surgeon thinks she has probably pulled a muscle or has tried to rush her rehab. So she is going to be in hospital for at least a few days so they can keep an eye on her and make sure doubly sure nothing is seriously wrong - argh!!! Needless to say over the past two days I have been a bit all over the place - less than 3 hours sleep last night means I am pretty wrecked! Still my best friend offered to take me to see my mum so I could take her some clean clothes and things. So for hospital visiting I decided to make an effort dress wise, and I needed to plaster the make up on so I didn't look so tired - hmm - here's what I wore :)

High Waisted Jeans - Oli (My new faves)
White Spaghetti Strapped Vest - La Redoute
Coral, Pink, White and Burgundy Psychedelic, Floral, Chiffon Top - ASOS (pic of pattern)
Black Havaianas
Gold Tone Necklace With Tiny Rings On - ASOS

Black Slouchy Leather Toe - Next
Natural Canvas Shopper - Urban Outfitters via ELLE

Make Up

Laura Geller Balance and Brighten
ELF Mineral Booster - Sheer
Lancome Palette Mix Concealer Kit 01 - Light and Medium Shades Only
Smashbox Blush - Super (part of Super/Model Blush Soft Lights Duo)

MAC Eyeshadow - Gleam (all over lid)
MAC Eyeshadow - Shockwave (Fafi Eyes 2 Quartet - outer crease blended up)
Smashbox Cream Eyeliner - Midnight Brown (upper lid)
Revlon Black Eye Pencil - Black (upper and lower waterline)
Maybelline Lash Stiletto - Black

This sounds a little odd but I got the colour I wanted
MAC Lipglass - Shine Manish (blotted to take away shine and tackiness)
MAC Lipstick - Pleasureseeker (on top of blotted lipglass = perfect, peachy coral)

Nail Varnish
OPI Mod-ern Girl on fingers on toes (bad pic again I need to use my camera not my phone)

DKNY - Be Delicious

Everything today was coordinated around my nail polish -coral - with peach and pink tones - sad, anal who knows - it made me happy and that's whats important :)

Monday 1 June 2009

I Heart My Mummy!

Well my spending diet starts today, so typically what happens, the QVC TSV today is a super cute, gorgeous OPI set with mini designer series polishes. I was so mad because purchasing it would max my months money out before I have even started but my fabulous, lovely mummy ordered it for me as a present for looking after her after her operation. So hug , huge thanks to her - one day down no money spent :)