Tuesday 2 June 2009

Upsy Downsy Days

I have had a really odd couple of days. As you may know about a month ago my mum had a hip operation, everything has been going pretty well up until probably the weekend. Her hips, leg and groin became incredibly painful and she was finding it really hard to walk, and stand on the operated side. I quick phone call to her surgeon and her GP lead to an ambulance escorting her to casualty! The big news was that the new joint hasn't popped out (this is common, serious and very painful). So after much poking and prodding, fluid draining and x-rays her surgeon thinks she has probably pulled a muscle or has tried to rush her rehab. So she is going to be in hospital for at least a few days so they can keep an eye on her and make sure doubly sure nothing is seriously wrong - argh!!! Needless to say over the past two days I have been a bit all over the place - less than 3 hours sleep last night means I am pretty wrecked! Still my best friend offered to take me to see my mum so I could take her some clean clothes and things. So for hospital visiting I decided to make an effort dress wise, and I needed to plaster the make up on so I didn't look so tired - hmm - here's what I wore :)

High Waisted Jeans - Oli (My new faves)
White Spaghetti Strapped Vest - La Redoute
Coral, Pink, White and Burgundy Psychedelic, Floral, Chiffon Top - ASOS (pic of pattern)
Black Havaianas
Gold Tone Necklace With Tiny Rings On - ASOS

Black Slouchy Leather Toe - Next
Natural Canvas Shopper - Urban Outfitters via ELLE

Make Up

Laura Geller Balance and Brighten
ELF Mineral Booster - Sheer
Lancome Palette Mix Concealer Kit 01 - Light and Medium Shades Only
Smashbox Blush - Super (part of Super/Model Blush Soft Lights Duo)

MAC Eyeshadow - Gleam (all over lid)
MAC Eyeshadow - Shockwave (Fafi Eyes 2 Quartet - outer crease blended up)
Smashbox Cream Eyeliner - Midnight Brown (upper lid)
Revlon Black Eye Pencil - Black (upper and lower waterline)
Maybelline Lash Stiletto - Black

This sounds a little odd but I got the colour I wanted
MAC Lipglass - Shine Manish (blotted to take away shine and tackiness)
MAC Lipstick - Pleasureseeker (on top of blotted lipglass = perfect, peachy coral)

Nail Varnish
OPI Mod-ern Girl on fingers on toes (bad pic again I need to use my camera not my phone)

DKNY - Be Delicious

Everything today was coordinated around my nail polish -coral - with peach and pink tones - sad, anal who knows - it made me happy and that's whats important :)


  1. Aww i hope your mums ok hun. I love the print on your top x

  2. Thanks hun she will hopefully be out by the weekend - I was quite sad about the top it came in turquoise too so I got both - life was fun when I had money lol


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